Dear people: today and tomorrow

Together we can do our part to leave a cooler planet for our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

by Anonymous

To my future grandchildren,

We really are doing our best efforts to right the wrongs our grandparent’s generation caused.

by Joanna Acevedo


We will recycle

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to stop using a plastic straw.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Family Generations,

Always help the people who don’t have as much as you do, as my mom says.

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to clean the earth.

by Angela Rees

Dear Future Child,

I imagine that depending on your income level you will be significantly impacted by climate change. I hope it isn’t so bad as I anticipate. I think about climate change once in a while but it is something. All my love, Me

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

No plastic straws, no water bottles, shop local, no meat.

by Anonymous

Hi Future,

I hope that every human will have a good life quality and that we’ve saved this beautiful planet together.

by Anonymous

Dear blank Saward,

I was interested and passionate, but it all seemed too abstract and far away and I wasn’t sure what I could do.

by Anny Fenton


Dear Future,

I promise to stop creating water bottle waste.

by Anonymous

To anyone who may read this,

I hope that the government has improved regulations on carbon emissions and began taking steps to move away from fossil fuels.

by Anonymous

dear people of 2050,

I will protest for climate change.

by Anonymous

Dear child,

Barriers can be overcome through more lobbying of congress members and educating people about sustainability.

by Anonymous


Dear Future Explorers,

I am often faced with the question: why do I care so much about this pale blue dot that we inhabit?

by Nicole Granados


For those who come after us,

This is for the countless children I already see suffering the impact of climate change around the world, and the generations to follow.

by Amber Webb


Dear Mom and Dad,

I am not perfect but I’m trying my best. I’ll go to school and make a difference to the environment. Even though you are not here to see me achieve my goals, I’mm make sure to save the planet you once lived in. Climate change is real, its time to help this planet and clean […]

by Fred Parker


I promise to effective electricity utilization and bio friendly disposals.

by Anonymous

Dear Family,

by Eduardo Herrera

Dear Future Self,

Remember that even a little action can make a big impact.

by Anonymous

Dear tomorrow’s people,

I hope you understood you are nature and nature is you.

by Rosalia Cruz


Future me (quincy),

I promise to be a paleontologist.

by Quincy Kofi

Dear future,

I pray that ice caps melting and sea levels rising won’t be so much of an issue as it seems.

by Anonymous

Dear Future World,

Right now its 2020 and the world is in shambles. We have not prioritized our environment despite the warnings that we are running out of time to do so. Despite there being a global pandemic, the administration in the United States is trying to roll back so many of the policies people have spent years fighting for.

by Anonymous

Dear citizen of 2050,

In 2050, I would see more social and economic equity across nations

by Anonymous

Dear world,

We need this world, and we need to save it, for love can’t last when it’s forgotten.

by Anonymous

To future generations,

I hope electric cars are the new normal and deforestation, pollution, and non-biodegradable material is made illegal.

by Anonymous


Dear Lalo,

I hope whatever happens, whatever I can’t imagine that you may face, that you will continue to seek light.

by Carolyn Norr

Dear Maria-Jesus Rojas,

I promise to try and make a difference to prepare this world to be at its best for you 30 years from now. I will talk to our parents about powering our home with renewable energy, reduce water waste, buy better bulbs, and unplug things when they aren’t in use. I am determined to make this Earth one you can live on to read this letter.

by Trini Rojas

Dear future family,

I will do my part to help the world

by Anonymous

Letter to the world’s children,

If we do not stop global warming, rising sea levels, declining freshwater reserves and the pollution of the seas, among others, there will be no place on the planet where you can live better than we do today.

by Arturo Pino


I promise to walk more + drive less. I promise to avoid plastic bags. I promise to vote for candidates who support science.

by David Mooney


Dear Friends,

I promise to work together to find as many ways as we can live harmoniously and in balance with one another and with all the creatives + beings on the planet, and with the planet! Lets listen to the plants and honor, respect and revise our resources and energy. I promise to be kind and […]

by Jennifer Danielsson

Caro futuro,

Chissà magari avrò la “fortuna” di assistere e partecipare ad un cambiamento più pulito del mondo.

by Anna Tresso

Dear Future Generations,

When I look back on the progress our country has made in thirty years I hope we are able to mitigate the worst impact of climate change and human degradation on the planet and the limited resources it holds.

by Blake Allen


Dear my 103 classmates,

I promise that I will take the (public) transportation day by day. Benjamin and David.

by David Lien