Dear future me and the kids,

As a child I would always go outside and see a vast amount of plants and life around me.

by Anonymous

Meu filho,

Temos tido muitas campanhas para diminuir a poluição, preservar água, além de retornar às origens, consumindo apenas comidas orgânicas, que não utilizam agrotóxico.

by Samantha Bittencourt

Dear future self,

Future self, I commit to fighting this climate crisis with everything I got.

by Anonymous


Dear Isaac,

I promise to do everything in my power to bring you a safe and happy future, where you can focus on making your dreams come true. Mom

by Carolyn Lebel


I will always stay green by not making more promises (enough said) but do it and stay calm.

by Avinash Bhambhari

Hoje é véspera de Natal do ano de 2015

Hoje é véspera de Natal do ano de 2015, e por um instante comecei a pensar que tipo de pessoa eu quero ser e que mundo eu quero.

by Anonymous

Dear future children,

I believe the people of this country will begin to realize that ignoring this problem is not an option.

by Anonymous


Dear Sophia,

by William and Camille Vanden Dries


Dear Eleanor,

You are so small. So innocent. So beautiful. For you and for everyone else, I will try harder.

by Trisha Shrum

Dear Veronika,

I hope you feel that you did your part.

by Veronika Fusare


Bricelyn, Bastian, Justin, Jayden,

I promise to live a life of compassion to all Animals, Vegetables, and Minerals of Earth.

by Lee Schweitzer

Dear Future Generations,

I’m sorry. I am so, so sorry for everything we have done. And everything we HAVEN’T done.

by Skyler Griswold

Dearest Summer,

I think it is a beautiful thing to be passionate and to stay motivated, and the only way to do that is to do what you enjoy doing!

by Anonymous

Dear Future Self,

I want you to know that I am going to do my best to do my part in lessening human impact on the climate.

by Anonymous


I love you Earth.

by Kaleb Findley

Dear future generations,

I am sorry for all the climate change.

by Lacey Burns


I will continue fighting to stop the hurtful actions of this administration and will continue to do + encourage all those around to SAVE OUR PLANET!!!

by Anonymous

Dear Future Son or Daughter,

When I think of these nature-rich areas of my childhood, I feel absolutely overjoyed, and I want you to have the same connection with the outside world as I had.

by Maya M.

To future self,

How can these so called “more important” issues be addressed if there is a possibility of no tomorrow?

by Anonymous

Dear Future,

I promise to do my best everyday to live more sustainably and conserve this beautiful earth that I live on.

by Jill Skerchak


Dear tomorrow,

I support sustainability because one day we’ll understand that they Earth doesn’t only belong to us!

by Anonymous


Dear Nuriel, Eliran, and Rotem,

Sometimes I think we will never make it, but I know we must keep trying.

by Andrew Deutsch

Dear future children,

Even though the world may look bleak there is always a spark of hope that you must always hold on to in order to get through the chaos.

by Anonymous


Greetings 2050 earthling,

Starting in 2015 I committed my life to sustainability.

by Celia Castellano


Hey Kiddos!

My hope for you is that all our legislative efforts and care for the environment makes a difference so that we can wipe asthma out of our family.

by Alexandra Eidenberg

dear son,

Just make sure you bail me out after I chain myself to the railroad tracks when the oil trains pass by.

by jody guth


Dear Josh, LeeAnn, & Jessica,

I am very proud to know that You will treat Our Earth, Our Natural Gift, Our Playful Backyard with the same Awesome Respect that We give to each other, as a Family – Knowing that Our Earth, is Your Child Now.

by Robin Garlish


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise I will use less fossil fuels.

by Anonymous

Querido amanhã,

Eai, poxa eu tenho só 17 anos mais achei legal essa ideia e tive que vir aqui deixar minha mensagem.

by Anonymous

To the dreamers of tomorrow,

Deeply rooted within you, you have a connection to the world around you that many previous generations have neglected or written off. Trust it.

by Tyler Allen

Dear Future Kids of America,

 The world is in your hands.

by Anonymous

To my future kids,

It is time to make a change. Time for people to be educated on a topic that is easily disregarded but has the future in its hands.

by Anonymous

Dear Tomorrow,

Make no mistake – we were aware of these problems you no doubt realize today.

by Anonymous

change yourself and the world will change for you,

by luca cristiani


Dear Granddaughter Rosalia,

This is my heritage for you my beautiful cacheticos de melon.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Generations,

I hope that you are reading in your history textbooks about how everyone got together despite their differences and cleaned up their polluting habits.

by Anonymous