Dear Child,

The year is 2020 and climate change is getting worse and worse. The government has taken little to no action towards helping the stop global warming and climate change.

by Tatianna Vidakovich


To my son,

We must consciously build the future. The earth must be saved by the soul of peace, your soul…

by Clotilde Y J Guyot-Lindh

To the children of the world,

DearTomorrow poem: To a Child of the Anthropocene

by Anonymous

Dear Henry Nguyen, my #3 best friend

The year is 2030 right now, and ten years ago, remember the coronavirus lockdown we had in 2020?

by Anonymous


Dear Dylan and Drew,

by Theo Tupaz


Dear kids of America,

Please eliminate plastic everything

by Anonymous


Wine Not Oil


Dear Future self,

Most of all, I hope that you still have hope for the world moving forward.

by Anonymous

To my future self,

Please please please be involved in at least something related to climate change.

by Anonymous

Dear children of tomorrow,

Wake up world, it’s 2019.

by Anonymous

Dear Family,

by Eduardo Herrera


Dear Sophia,

by William Vanden Dries

To the future younger generations:

The temperature is increasing, the sea level is rising, and the sky is getting dirty.

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to research alternative energy sources for innovation.

by Katherine Li


Dear Earth!

I promise to ride my bike to work!

by Anonymous

To my Future Loved One and Children,

I could feel my heart break.

by Anonymous


Salutations to whoever may be reading this,

I promise to do my part. I promise to be the change I want to see in the world, and I hope that you, reader, will do the same.

by Ivanna Milian


Dear Earth,

I will keep the air clean so everyone can see the sunset.

by Siddharth Sussman


dear future children,

As I write this, our world is slowly giving way to climate change.

by Grace Berent

Dear _______,

I hope—I pray—that we’re able to replace these empty human shells with lively, caring, ethical, and determined people.

by Anonymous

Dear Tomorrow,

I will start using more efficient methods of energy that help our planet and will be more mindful of my actions.

by Neal Patel


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise composting in my house and getting an EV for my first car.

by Anonymous

Dear Future,

Remember the beauty in this earth and remember how it can be taken away if we are not aware of our actions and consequences.

by Anonymous

to future me,

i know you will be helping the world.

by Anonymous


Dear people,

I want to be present because so I can make everyone free forever.

by Maelin Shirley

Dear Mother,

I hope you are okay in these times also.

by Anonymous

Dear mom,

Many solutions that are good for us Europeans are a huge problem for other people in developing countries.

by Max Mustermann


Dear Future:

I promise to continue to educate and install renewable energy.

by Mark Goyke

Oi meus lindos filhos!

Mas fiquem tranquilos, pois quando vocês nascerem, vos ensinarei direitinho como usufruir a nossa bela natureza sem danificá-la.

by Giovanna Moreira

Dear Peanut,

Our planet is on track to warm 3-5°C by 2100 and with that change comes the end of many of the things that make life here so magical; things that I want, selfishly, to preserve so that I can enjoy them with you.

by Kenna Karjala


I promise to be part of the total solutions of stormwater management.

by Susan Chang

To My Future Descendants,

Even as I write this, people from the parts of the world that will be the most affected by the coming cataclysm are rising up to try to take the power they need to fight back.

by Grant Hallee

Dear Future Me,

In this moment, November of 2018, past you is worried about a few things: finals week, what will happen after graduation, how the Holidays at home will go, and how I am going to be affecting the future.

by Neal Taylor


I promise to work to raise awareness of the problem of climate change, while reducing my own carbon footprint.

by Daniel Sleator

Dear my future children,

I haven’t met you yet but make sure you help the planet in some way or another.

by Anonymous

Dear Willow,

I wish for you to know a world where you can live in a world where there is still good things and good people

by Betty Song