Dear Future Generations,

Our culture is filled with disposable coffee cups and take out containers, fast fashion, and meat consumption.

by Anonymous

Dear Paige,

I want to believe that things will get better, but our environment is changing and our habits need to as well.

by Anonymous

Dear Maggie and Lily,

I want you to always fearlessly swim in water free of pollution and debris.

by Anonymous


I promise to make this guy recycle.

by Zachary Mueller

Dear People of Tomorrow,

I hope that we are a unified nation that not only acknowledges climate change, but also combats it and has even even repaired the damage that our generation has caused.

by Anonymous


Dear Eleanor,

It seems silly to saddle yourself with guilt for something that hasn’t happened yet. I don’t want to do that. As of today, I don’t really feel guilty. I guess I just want to make sure I keep doing more, so that when you read this, and ask what I’ve done since then, I can still feel good about my efforts.

by Andrew Myers

To Those Who Pray the Price,

Don’t forgive us for what we have done to you

by Anonymous

Dear Future Me,

Today is November 15th, 2018. The air quality is so bad this week.

by Anonymous

Dear old dude Mårten,

I know that the 2019 version of me (today that is) wished and hoped for that I did all within my power to turn the world around without loosing sight on the beauty of being alive.

by Mårten Thorslund


Cari nipoti,

Siamo nel 2017 e vi assicuro che sto facendo tutto il possibile per rendere questo pianeta un posto migliore.

by Giulia Fucile

Dear future generation,

I promise to fight for the world and its inhabitants and to protect the animals and environment!

by Anonymous

To my Children,

And to make sure that you know the true value of what you can see but not own.

by Clayton Davis


Dear Jack, Hannah, Mia, Aisling, Isobel, Maeve, KC, Aris, Rachel, James + Karlo!

Will keep walking the road for climate justice for you.

by Maitet Ledesma

Dear Andrew,

Only action and communication will lead to change, and I continue to put all possible efforts into increasing communication and action to bring about the biggest change possible for the sake of you, your family, your children and grandchildren if you choose to have them, and future generations.

by Catie Markesich

To my beloved grandchildren Sam, Carlo and Price,

I was not a politician and could not accomplish sweeping changes but I knew that each individual action taken counted.

by Marilyn Price

Dear Quinn,

And I promise, that I will work tirelessly to promote a vision of this world that is suitable for my beautiful niece to grow up in.

by Jailyn Sronkoski


Dear Elliot and Alana,

But being truthful, I know we are not yet on the path that will lead to the change that is needed; but it is visible.

by Harriet Shugarman, Climatemama

Dear Future Generations,

It is time for the human population to take immediate action and make changes, so we can potentially live on a healthy planet.

by Anonymous


Dear Lalo,

I hope whatever happens, whatever I can’t imagine that you may face, that you will continue to seek light.

by Carolyn Norr

Dear Josh,

I hope that people started realizing by this point how important saving our climate is so unbelievably crucial to the survival of the human race.

by Joshua Philips

Dear me,

I know life is throwing a fit of problems but I know you can handle it like you handled last year’s hurricane.

by Kate Ramos

My Dear Little Ones,

You deserve a planet that is made of nature and not plastic.

by Jason Gilmore


I promise to clean the Earth by recycling.

by Damaris Roxana

Dear future,

We’re living in a beautiful planet Earth, but we are also destroying it gradually with our actions and ignorances.

by Anonymous


No heredamos la tierra de nuestros ancestros, la tomamos prestada de nuestras hijos. Cuidemosla!

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to be creative – make art!

by Anonymous

Dear Dylan,

Then you were born, and something happened to me – all of a sudden I realized it was your world, and (maybe, if you want them) your children and children’s children, that I’d been using all these years.

by Anonymous

Dear Tomorrow,

I hope that the people of my generation have begun considering your lives more closely than their own.

by Anonymous

Dear Future,

I promise to do my best everyday to live more sustainably and conserve this beautiful earth that I live on.

by Jill Skerchak


Dear Tomorrow

by Florida Gulf Coast University

Dear Anonymous,

The universe is a big place.

by Dominic Montesino

Dear future me,

I hope that we learned to love this world the way it loves us.

by Anonymous


Dear ACS, LG, CM, MCD, AH, MS, AS, GL, and ERD,

I commit to demanding that politicians that want my vote, my time, my substantial help and expertise are people who seek to address climate change seriously and talk about it boldly.

by Georgia Hollister Isman

Dear wonderful children and grandchildren,

In the past humans thought Earth’s bounty was endless. Not so.

by Anonymous

dear future family,

i promise to not litter and put my recycling in the recycling.

by stuie pellett


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to recycle my waste.

by Anonymous