Dear Future Self,

Did they ever figure out how to fix climate change? How about the political situation? And how about world peace? Eh…that’s probably a little TOO optimistic.

by Anonymous

dear Mohammed,

Take a breath. Look down at your two feet. Where are they right now? Look around you. Do you see nature? Go touch the leaves. Pick a flower and deeply inhale its beautiful fragrance. Do you hear birds? Stop and take a moment to go listen to their music, because not everyone is so fortunate enough to be able to hear and enjoy that experience.

by Anonymous

Dear ‘Roxy’ (Aliyah),

Most importantly and I mean MOST importantly, spread peace, love and positivity.

by Kris Pierce

Dear Future Children,

I do believe that there is hope for a better tomorrow, a better future for you and the people in your life, and all around the world.

by Anonymous

To my girls, Loren and Alex,

The world is in a strange and troubling place right now, not only in terms of the health of the planet. I want to take action to ensure you have a safe and healthy world to live in, to grow in, to experience, and to share with your own loved ones.

by Anonymous

Dear future society,

I’m afraid to grow up.

by Cynthia Gray


We Love Hope

by Angela Harris


Dear Jeremy,

We had a lot in common obviously, and our concern for the planet we live on was one of the many things we bonded over.

by Anonymous

Dear future generations,

I want you to be able to see snow in Lake Tahoe, play on the beautiful shores of Santa Cruz beaches, and be able to breathe outside without a mask on due to mass amounts of pollution.

by Vivian Nguyen

Dear Future Zach,

You know you can do better environmentally.

by Anonymous


Future generations

I promise to walk or take the bike whenever I can and if it’s far to take public transportation, to help minimize the amount of carbons polluting our climate, for a healthy life and a healthy world.

by Nayera Saad

Dear beautiful person,

I think that leading my life according to this broad goal will anchor my future actions in a more sustainable direction.

by Anonymous

Dear little Greg,

I pledge to leave this world better than I found it so that in 2050 when you’re 36 years old do you have a clean planet to live on.

by Michael Noonan

Dear Future,

I hope that all of those who are a part of my future understand that there needs to be more self-reflection and consciousness.

by Camila Cortez

Dear Tomorrow,

greener living gives back for
all generations

plant a raised garden
replace grass with native plants
delight all nature

by Anonymous

Dear Future US Citizens,

Hopefully, you have learned from the mistakes we made and the actions we failed to take.

by Anonymous

dear me,

I promise that I will do my best in the present. I love the Earth, and I’m trying not to make the environment worst. 

by Anonymous

To Future Me,

It’s all anyone can think about.

by Anonymous

Dear future self,

I hope that you are living in a world that is better than what it is now.

by Anonymous

Alone forever with the stars,

Cuando era pequeña podía ver muchísimas mas estrellas, la cantidad ya no es la misma, y se que pronto se reducirá aun mas, y en algún momento no llegaremos a ver ninguna.

by Anonymous

Dear Yo,

Espero ayudar al medio ambiente reduciendo el uso de plástico.

by Anonymous

To my beloved grandchildren,

Plant a tree for me, name it after me (my name is Chaben) and give a good care to your beautiful planet earth.

by Anonymous

Dear future me,

I would also hope that our government has realized how damaging the effects of climate change has on our environment and has taken the steps needed to protect our lives and the wellbeing of our planet. But I would hope that by this stage, the most important part is that I am still alive and healthy while pursuing the things I love to do with the people I love by my side.

by Anonymous


Cher Laurent,

by Mousad-Youssef Kassa

Dear future generation,

I hope that one day the whole world will stop using oil and natural gas as energy sources.

by Adrian Contreras-Abrego

To My Children,

I write you this letter in hopes for a better today, tomorrow, and future.

by Michelle Giron Morales


Dear Adam,

I promise to start walking more on my lunch break.

by Danielle Gordon

Dear children of the future,

I promise that I will leave this world in better shape than I found it.

by Anonymous


To my daughters,

In order for you two be happy and healthy, we all need to work hard to prevent climate change.

by David Bradwell

dear future family,

i promise to care for this planet and take care of it.

by Anonymous

Dear my next generation, my friends and my family,

God has given us what we need, so we should take care not to damage it.

by Anonymous

To Rahima,

I feel safe when we are looking after our planet.

by LAMYA Akther

dear future,

i promise to protect the environment and help those less fortunate so that by 2050 the number of those living in poverty have severely decreased.

by Anonymous

Dear Future,

How is the world in 2050?

by Oliver Assefa Puck

Queridos filhos,

Nossa tecnologia avança cada vez mais e ninguém para pra pensar o que acontecerá sem água.

by Maria Rita Garcez


Dear Lila

So today, my strong and spunky girl, I promise you this: I will stay vigilant and flexible. I will spread the word.

by Julie Hantman