Dear Michael,

I pledge to do everything I can to improve the environment so that you can be excited for the future, and not scared.

by Anonymous

Dear Mom,

The evidence is overwhelming and evident. However, I am hopeful.

by Anonymous


Dear Future Generations,

We promise that we will never buy again products with palm oil. Love, Sandra and Patrick

by Patrick Pürro

Dear Monique, Molly, Helen and Luke,

Life is the most precious gift, only sustained on earth. I pledge to work to mitigate against climate change. Transportation – less flights, less driving. Less waste, less shopping, more nature, more learning, more celebrating the best, helpful efforts. More conversations.

by M MCCormack


Dear My Future Child,

I want to sculpt a world for you where you can play outside without gas masks, an ocean to swim in without toxins, and a thick lively forest for you to wander.

by Kelly Russell


Dear Tomorrow

by Florida Gulf Coast University

Dear Students,

My hope is that I inspire you to take action to protect the beauty of our world. You have a voice, and you deserve a future that is not burning.

by Anonymous


dear future children,

As I write this, our world is slowly giving way to climate change.

by Grace Berent

To Me When I’m 50,

I know I feel meaningless now, but the fact that I’m even writing to you tells me I have a little hope buried in myself.

by Christine Nguyen

To the Future Generations,

I want you to know that people cared and are learning to change.

by Anonymous

To Annika, Anders, Stella, Eva, and Mickey,

In writing to you, I realize that I don’t want you to be hard on yourself if you choose to not make this your cause. But it is mine, so I hope that you hold me accountable to some of what I wrote here.

by Anonymous

Dear Chenoa,

We’re at a tipping point in society, and by the time we’re at 2050 I envision a society where maybe we’re less rich, but more happy– where we take delight in experiences more than things. We are traveling less, but enjoying life more.

by Anonymous


To My Grandchildren,

by Cindy Purvis


Future me (quincy),

I promise to be a paleontologist.

by Quincy Kofi

To my descendants,

I personally need to do more and as I learn more about what I can do, I promise, I will.

by Marni Richards

Dear Future Self,

I hope the world you are in is safe and that you are happy and surrounded by like-minded people who care for the earth as much as you.

by Danielle Baez

Hi future Christine,

I also promise that I will talk about it more with my peers, so they will learn and understand what climate change is.

by Christine Guiao

Dear future people,

As of 2020, we are dealing with a major pandemic of the deadly coronavirus. Because of this, it has taken a major effect on climate change and we fear what will happen for the future.

by Anonymous


We Have a New Solar Array

by Anonymous

Hola hij@/ niet@

Quiero contarte que acabo de ver una película que me cambio la vida, me ayudo a comprender tantas cosas y me dejo pensando.
I want to tell you that I just saw a movie that changed my life, it helped me to understand so many things and it left me thinking.

by Anonymous

To My Future Self,

I think that climate change is a prevalent issue. Right now it is overlooked and ignored by lawmakers and everyday people. They assume it is not going to affect us, even though it already has.

by Hansini Koppolu

To my dear Children Leah and Bradley,

I promise to make changes today to better your life in the years to come.

by Sara Alexander

To Rahima,

I feel safe when we are looking after our planet.

by LAMYA Akther

Dear People of the Future,

I want to be a part of the movement of people fighting for a better present and future that we all deserve.

by Parker Mancino

Dear Future Students,

You have a voice and your voice matters.

by Anonymous

To my children,

Things I can do to make the world a better place is convincing my family to invest in solar panels, converting lightbulbs to LED’s, recycle things around the house(plastic/clothes), and limit the use of electricity. There is a lot more that could be done to save the earth and people need to play their part if they want to improve climate change.

by Anonymous

Dear future generation,

All plastic is going in the ocean.

by Taylor Senior

Dear Asher,

All children deserve the opportunity for a meaningful, safe, and satisfied life. We hope our efforts to combat climate change and instill a love for the earth in you will help contribute to that.

by Lizz Zitron

To my future Children, family, and the next generation,

I just put the sad things that worry me in the back of my head and try not to think about it too often. I am currently trying not to do that anymore.

by Ale Gonzales

dear Aron,

The country’s use of fossil fuels and industrial activities have made huge contributions to increased levels of greenhouse gases and have escalated global warming as well as sponsored a changing climate. 

by Anonymous

Dear future self,

The climate is changing and life is getting scary but I will make a promise to try to help out when I can.

by Devin Brown

dear my future self,

I also hope that climate change isn’t so bad or doesn’t exist any more.

by Anonymous


Dear Marton,

by Christopher Lang

To Aacia,

I want your life to not be filled with the stressors climate change infringes upon you. I love you so much and our earth so much.

by Makayla Rico


Dear Future,

I promise to stop creating water bottle waste.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Me,

Yo difunde información en los redes sociales y con mis amigos y familia.

by Anonymous