To My Daughter and Future Grandchildren,

There are so many more things that we can do together to help our Earth from the damage that has been done, and I am so excited to teach you.

by Lynna Cortez


To my children and grandchildren,

I promise to leave the earth in a better condition than we found it by our personal commitments to green practices.

by Anonymous


Dear Maleia & Felicity,

Your mommies promise to give you clean air by always carpooling with friends.

by Mariam Kelli Givens


Dear Niro,

I hope in your time coming up that you will learn to be a care taker of our precious earth and instill green practices in your daily life beyond recycling. You’re blessed to be part of a community of families to make it part of their mission + part of their lifestyle. My promise to […]

by Manija Mayel

To my future Family,

I will from this day forward attempt to live a lifestyle that is cognizant of the health of our planet.

by Kevin Gaytan


I promise to take shorter showers.

by Halle Myers


Dear Earth,

I promise to walk, take public transportation and bike every chance I get.

by Anonymous


Dear Victoria, sugar pie honey bunch, chiquita loquita,

How can I look at your bright eyes and light dance and tell you we are facing a war?

by Anya VerKamp

Dear future me,

I would like to understand way people hurt the environment.

by Navia B


I pledge to eat more seasonably.

by Anonymous

I hope it’s not too late…

I am begging all of you beautiful souls – continue to band together, keep advocating and making change to stop climate change.

by Anthony Allegretto

Dear my future children,

I haven’t met you yet but make sure you help the planet in some way or another.

by Anonymous

To Future Students,

I’m sure looking back it will seem ridiculous that so many people did not believe in climate change.

by Anonymous

To me,

I want to remember the cold, snowy winters, and the fun, warm filled summers.

by Josiah Ayres


Chere maman,

by Anonymous


Dear Eleanor,

by Trisha Shrum


Chers Enfants,

Chers Enfants,

by Mame Bousso Faye

Dear kids,

Since the time I wrote this letter, climate change has been a global issue we have been searching to solve.

by Anonymous

Dear future me and family,

My promise to myself and to you is to live a simplistic and conscious life, and hopefully you are able to see the beauty of the world we live in.

by Dona Todorovska

Querida sobrinha,

O q eu quero dizer é q eu espero q na sua vida você tenha aproveitado os dias de sol pra brincar na rua, correr, soltar pipa, subir em árvores.

by Juliana Faria

Querido amanhã,

Ainda há tempo. Vamos contribuir ao economizar luz, água e mais participação política, cobrando, reivindicando de nossos legítimos representantes.

by Luciana Brites

Dear child,

What was green is now concrete and steel; what was blue is now plastic and oil.

by Emily Lor

Dear Tiago and Matheus and…

I hope one day you read this message and go on trying to help the planet.

by Lorena Foureaux Ribeiro

Dear adventurer,

Nowadays it seems like there aren’t many people who care enough to drive the communal change we need to have a big enough impact.

by Anonymous

Dear global citizens,

I hope that we can all help each other and live along side nature in a way that is sustainable for all.

by Anonymous


Dear little one,

In the coming months, we plan to complete a full assessment of our environmental impact online. We hope to discover our biggest areas of resource consumption, learn what we can do better, and create an action plan to improve over the next year.

by Jennifer Wood and Christine Deloff


dear new generation

I promise to save our planet, earth.I will keep talking about climate change as loud as I can. I wish all of you see humpback whales, polar bears, pandas… I wish you will live with healthy places with people that fond of the planet.

by zeynep taşkın


Dear Me of Tomorrow,

I plan to plant more things this spring, as we do every year in our garden.

by Anonymous

Dear Robert and Lewis,

I hope that you are continuing to care deeply about our Earth and will pass on your love of the environment to your children.

by Marie Hunter


Dear Tomorrow,

My climate promise is to reduce electricity at home. I will turn off the TV and lights when I’m not in the room.

by Anonymous


Querida Tainah,

Quero que você beba água pura, coma alimentos sem agrotóxicos e que sua casinha branca com varanda, seja voltada para o leste, onde o sol vai nascer.

by Rosana Carneiro

To my future kid,

I hope the world looks more beautiful than it does today.

by Felipe Rodriguez Garcia


Dear son,

Everyone should be grow at least 100 trees in his lifetime.

by Anonymous


Dear Alex and Vivian,

This is my most important work.

by Sarah Fortner


Dear Lucie,

Lucie, I love you more than you could ever know and I hope that my promises help contribute to a better world for you and inspire you to take action as well as you grow into the amazing adult I know you will be.

by Shari Pascarosa

Para Gael,

Cuando tú naciste, mi vida cambió. Empezó a tener un nuevo sentido, porque el futuro, antes de ese gran momento, era únicamente para mí.

by Anonymous