I promise to only vote for candidates who support climate policies that reflect science and facts.

by Beth Witten

Dear Tomorrow,

We have to realize that the earth is our home, yes, but it is the home to millions of other species, and we have a duty to protect that.

by Kylie Geis


Dear people of the Great Mystery,

I promise to do what I can with what I have where I am to sustain life big and small.

by Ashley Shearer


The science shows, people are responsible for our earth’s climate changes, says a good, wise, scientist, Pope Francis.

by Patricia Jennings


Dear Alba:

There is still a lot of beauty and I will do what I can to keep it from slipping away.

by Andrew Payton


Dear Earth,

I promise to clen the earth.

by Letizia Ferroni

Dear Future Grandchildren,

I feel really bad for all of those animals that are swimming in the oceans with plastic in it.

by Anonymous

Dear future descendants,

I truly hope that more and more people listen and start to understand the dangers of non-renewable energy sources.

by Anonymous


Senator Blunt,

I’ve been soaked by the climate today! And I promise I will vote for a person who will change the attitude!

by Mary Ellen Vincent

The future needs a big kiss

Our world is in an ongoing crisis that has lasted for decades.

by Phillip Rollas

Dear Tomorrow,

In this interconnected, interdependent world, every action makes a difference.

by Jennifer Hotch

Dear Child,

The year is 2020 and climate change is getting worse and worse. The government has taken little to no action towards helping the stop global warming and climate change.

by Tatianna Vidakovich

Dear opadele Kehinde,

We must take care of the earth today because it is our only home. This generation must realize we are not apart from nature but rather a part of nature. To betray nature is to betray us; to save nature is to save us.

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise composting in my house and getting an EV for my first car.

by Anonymous

Dear Kids,

I promise to do everything I can to make sure that your life is just as great as mine.

by Anonymous


Olá minhas Florzinhas!!!

Minhas florzinhas é isso…. vamos a batalha , procurar se informar sobre empresas que são amigas do meio ambiente, tentar banir as empresas que poluem nosso ar, nossos rios.

by Sonia Lopes

Dear Emma,

Today, your promise is to prevent waste, promote education, stay healthy, and live sustainably.

by Emma Casey

Dear Future Kid,

I hope that my generation takes the steps that are necessary for you to live the quality of life that you and all of your generation and all generations are entitled to.

by Ryan A


To the Future Generations,

I look at my baby niece today. The newest member of our family, just 3 days old. What will be left for her and her grandchildren?

by Jason Wolf

Dear Erin, Adam, and Gabriel,

A person can affect change in a variety of paths. One path is “what can I do financially?”, another is “what can I change in my lifestyle?” Another path is “how to help promote change in society?” and yet another is “what can I do to change people’s minds?

by Joseph Kubit

Caro Yosef,

Sono qui a scriverti perchè ho deciso di aiutare a mantenere il clima pulito.

by Angelica Fontanella


To you, my dear!

In 2050, I will still be fighting against climate change. I feel that it’s not only my duty, but rather my destiny.

by Enela Thano

dear tomorrow,

The world is changing, very fast. I can only hope; that you can keep up.

by Anonymous

Dear People of the Future,

I vow to you fellow friend to do my part to minimize my carbon footprint, use decomposable products, and eat a sustainable diet.

by Delma Rivera Leal

Dear future self,

I think it is my calling to work in a field that promotes environmental protection or policy and sustainability. While this is something to work for in the future, I need to start working right now to create a healthier and safer world, for all people, regardless of race, gender, or socio-economic status, and for all species that reside on Earth.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Generation,

You were put on this planet to make a change and speak up.

by Anonymous

Dear Future,

I don’t know if we will ever change.

by Anonymous

To the future generations,

I love to go outside.

by Anonymous


To my sons,

I’m voting with climate change as a top priority. I’ve tried to teach you boys that we need to clean up after ourselves and take care of the earth. I promise to continue doing these actions and more, for your sake.

by Anonymous

Dearest children and grandchildren,

This is done with love and hope.

by Kara Lang

To those who follow us,

Be champions and arbiters for conservation and preservation efforts across the globe.

by Quintin Casl


Dear Future Earth,

I hope we don’t mess up everything and continue to live in harmony and peace.

by Fausto Vasconcellos


Dear Future Self,

I hope you got your dream job of using your business degree to reduce co2 emissions and promote sustainable energy.

by Sharleen Esico


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to take my bike everywhere. Taking Golden Gate Transit to SF tonight.

by Anonymous

To the next generation,

The planet is a precious and beautiful world and it is a shame to feel like it is hard to save.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Generations,

I am so sorry. Don’t let this be the future. Fight back.

by Jack Austen