To my daughters,

In order for you two be happy and healthy, we all need to work hard to prevent climate change.

by David Bradwell


To future Geof,

Cool, now that your jetpack is put away in your garage where you keep your flying car; how did the aliens save us from our own destruction? Did they have this hyper advance vacuum that just sucks all the greenhouse gases out of our atmosphere?

by Geofrey Victory


I promise to try to make a difference in the world when I grow up. By: Eva

by Eva


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise I will learn more about composting and start doing this on my own.

by Caitlin Carey

Dear my grandchild,

There is a big forest fire in a small town called Paradise.

by Anonymous


Dear Patito,

by Anonymous


Hi buddy,

I can now see that the solutions are there, that a transition of the magnitude that is needed, is possible.

by Jill Kubit

Dear Future Generation,

My goal is that every business on the planet will have a social purpose and not a profit purpose.

by Marnix Troudes

Dear Future,

I hope my grandchildren are living in a better and healthier Earth.

by Anonymous

To my son Isaac Hatch who turns 3 today,

I want to volunteer in formal and informal settings as my son goes through the schools systems to promote education that climate change is real.

by Rachel Hatch


I will continue to study



Dear Me of 2050,

I promise that I will plant more trees in places where there are none.

by Jed H.

Dear Gaby,

I know your children will save the world.

by Anonymous


Meus filhos,

Devemos conservar nosso planeta. Mas, para se fazer isso, temos que fazer isso juntos. Todos os seres humanos devem estar voltados para cuidar bem do lar em que vivemos e do presente que Deus nos deu para viver: a Terra.

by Carolina Lins


Dear Future Spouse

by Anonymous

Dearest children and grandchildren,

This is done with love and hope.

by Kara Lang


Dear Future

My hope is for all who live in your time to still know the joy of swimming in the ocean, walking through the woods, and hiking in the mountains.

by John Bay

Dear Future Braden,

The deforestation rate know is 1.3% each year, hopefully, it has lowered.

by Braden Rodriguez


Dear Leo,

I promise to keep fighting for nature conservation— for you and me!

by Maxime Zucca


Dear Tomorrow,

I will do my part to help ensure that there is an Earth left when we are done borrowing it.

by Jeremy Taylor


Dear Pittsburgh,

I promise to reduce, reuse, recycle.

by Sarah Flanders

Dear future generations,

I promise to be more cognizant of how my day to day activities affect the environment and to make changes to reduce my overall impact.

by Kenneth Banuelos

Dear Future Joanne,

The more time we dedicate to breaking down barriers and helping up those that have fallen beneath our oh so heavy boots, the more we will appreciate the simple values engrained in this world.

by Joanne Tylka


To my dear son,

Last year most of the world’s reefs turned white at some point, but because it was underwater you and your friends didn’t see.

by Jennie Mallela

Dear Offspring,

My hope for you all is that you will experience the true beauty of the natural world if we can keep it in place.

by Anonymous

To future generations,

I hope that in the future, people will begin to understand the importance of taking care of one another and their planet.

by Haden Miller

Dear Society,

The catastrophic wildfires that have affected California in 2018 are just the start of what our planet will witness.

by Anonymous


Dear Future,

I promise to make my friends and I recycle more. Also, I’ll make sure we unplug our chargers. -Malek King #fightfor15

by Malek King

Dear future family,

I cannot project what the future may hold, but I promise that in this lifetime I will be devoted to ensuring you will not be burdened with the effects of climate change.

by Anonymous


My dearest children Ameilia and Alivia, 

I want you to hear the whispers of the seasons changing. The rustling of leaves as they gracefully cascade down from their limbs in the fall, birds singing in spring, and frogs that serenade the summer night.

by Jenica Hopkins

To future generations,

I hope in the next several decades everyone takes part in changing environment before the damages on Earth become irreversible.

by Han Bui

Dear Planet,

I will do my best to make your oceans cleaner so you still have life in them 100 years from now.

by Anonymous

Dear Niece,

People are taking advantage of the freedom of speech right and utilizing that platform to speak out against global warming.

by Anonymous

Dear child,

Barriers can be overcome through more lobbying of congress members and educating people about sustainability.

by Anonymous


To my children,

I am working with on shutting down the coal and unconventional gas industries in our country because I cannot think of a more direct way to protect you, the food, water and biodiversity we all love and rely on.

by Nette Schneider


Olá minhas Florzinhas!!!

Minhas florzinhas é isso…. vamos a batalha , procurar se informar sobre empresas que são amigas do meio ambiente, tentar banir as empresas que poluem nosso ar, nossos rios.

by Sonia Lopes