Dear Logan City,

I promise to educate and inspire my community with the insights I gather at COP 21.

by Piper Christian

Dear Kids and My Future Self,

I hope that your generation learns the balance between respecting our earth and taking care of all people.

by Anonymous

Dear world…Please wake up

by Anonymous

Dear People of the Future,

By the year 2030 or 2050, it is my hope that we have fully embraced renewable energy sources for power and electricity

by Anonymous


Dear Ella,

I promise to be an advocate + voter to help improve the climate for your future. -mom

by Leslie Burgess

Dear Tomorrow,

Maybe one day we can look up in the sky and launch thousands of biodegradable balloons, and even see the stars.

by Shelly Rylan


Dear Lucy,

The clock ticks, time passes, and the earth and all of its inhabitants move closer to dangerous boundaries we can dimly discern but cannot see clearly.

by Robert Engelman


Dear Children and Grandchildren,

I see a world full of hope fueled by the desire for change.

by Jacob Wat

Hi David,

This year the weather has been all over the place really warm on some days and then the next week it’s extremely cold.

by David Marino


Dear Future,

We hope Trump will start “Green Energy” and stop using “Green Fuel”. Taipei, Taiwan

by Leo Lee

Dear Cedar and Wyatt,

Will you be able to walk with your children during a summer rain, jumping in puddles, and smelling the fragrance in the air.

by Fran Lawn

Dear Ayla and Maisie,

My heart breaks worrying about your future, our future.

by Anonymous

Dearest Summer,

I think it is a beautiful thing to be passionate and to stay motivated, and the only way to do that is to do what you enjoy doing!

by Anonymous


If everyone does their part, I’m confident the world can be an even better place when you are an adult. God gave us a wonderful home, we must take care of it.

by Kelly Krause

Dear Future Self,

Believe in the power of change from just one person, because no matter how it feels, we are never truly alone in this fight.

by Courtney Wallace


Minhas lindas,

As causas das mudanças no clima são tão profundas e envolvem tanta gente e tantos lugares.

by Ceciliana Viana


Meus filhos,

Espero que vcs tb encontrem ,de alguma forma,um caminho para colaborarem com Nossa Mãe Terra, bjs eternos.

by Denize Silva


Dear Tomorrow

by Florida Gulf Coast University

Dear Future Generations and future grandchildren,

The little things can make a big difference.

by Anonymous

Dory, my love

My generation can only offer its apologies – how have we stayed so ignorant for so long? Too many answers to that.

by Anonymous


I promise to disrupt and to use my community to create change.

by Renee Rosensteel

Dear Future People,

We have so many useful tools but yet people are not taking any actions.

by Anonymous


Dear grandkids,

I believe this fusion of ecology and economy backed by the digital technology is our great achievement.

by Brice LaLonde


Dear Kai and Leah,

I want you to feel awestruck like I do. It is important to feel small sometimes, to feel the weight of reality, to recognize the scale of a challenge, to see where you fit and what you are up against. This is the case with climate change.

by Simon Tudiver

To myself, my family, and all the world,

It’s 2018. And yes, solar energy and wind power are being used but not at the rate they should be.

by Anonymous

Dear Tomorrow,

I hope this change begins to grow.

by Shannon Saltzsieder

Dear Clarisse,

I’m currently writing this on a warm 60 degree day with a odd tornado siren going off on the wrong day.

by Clarisse Gilbonio


Cari nipoti,

Siamo nel 2017 e vi assicuro che sto facendo tutto il possibile per rendere questo pianeta un posto migliore.

by Giulia Fucile


Oh My Lovely Faizan,

I love you my son. You are waking up now. Hopefully tomorrow, more of us will, too.

by Joshua King

To my future children and grandchildren,

Change how you use resources, change how people act, change how people look at renewable safe energy and preserving resources, and change how you think just like I did.  

by Anonymous

Dear Future,

Remember the beauty in this earth and remember how it can be taken away if we are not aware of our actions and consequences.

by Anonymous

Dear future generation,

I dream that you can see the weathers how they are actually suppose to be not during climate change.

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to bike + walk + bus in place of driving a car. Love, Emily

by Emily Persico

To the future generations,

It isn’t fair, it isn’t just, and the blame is not held in your hands, but the responsibility is yours.

by Tyler Bogartz-Brown


Dear Victoria, sugar pie honey bunch, chiquita loquita,

How can I look at your bright eyes and light dance and tell you we are facing a war?

by Anya VerKamp

Dear Future Generation,

My goal is that every business on the planet will have a social purpose and not a profit purpose.

by Marnix Troudes