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Dear Future Self,

You are currently in 2020 with a pandemic going on. The world is crazy right now and you are currently trapped in the house, kind of going insane, but keeping it together. I really miss the outside world! Everyone is keeping a 6 feet distance from each other and staying inside their home. It is a sad time, but on a positive note, mother nature is thriving.

Since the majority of everyone is staying indoors, there is less driving, not many people traveling and no cruises/boats. This is showing a major change throughout the world. With people not being able to work and man factories closing down for quarantine, there is less air pollution. Some countries can finally see sights that they have not seen in a while. The fog has finally stopped covering the beautiful views. It is insane to see the major impact human activities have on climate change. We are the problem with climate change and after a month or more of being on lockdown around the world, the change has been tremendous towards mother nature. Carbon dioxide emissions have been decreased due to COVID.

I hope by 2050, by the time I receive this letter, we had helped the Earth tremendously. I hope to see us decrease the emission of greenhouse gases. I will promise to take action by reusing my bag whenever I go grocery shopping. I will be more mindful of everything I do. I will put more thought into transportation and continue to carpool. I will try my best to help make the Earth be better, safer, and healthy.

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