Dear Oliver,

I am getting your father on board too so that we can double charge this together.

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

The only way to survive it, even if you don’t feel like you’re winning, is to keep your hands on the rope.

by Caroline Lauer

To My Loved Ones,

I often wonder what the future will be. Will the wonders I have explored with you today still remain? Will the world look different? Will it feel different? Will I feel different?

by Anonymous

Dear self,

Writing this, I hope that you still get this feeling in the northwestern corner of our country.

by Anonymous


Dear Future Family,

As I’m sitting here trying to think of the best words to say to you all, I am thinking of one major thing: that I can only hope that you all get to experience the incredible beauty created by our planet.

by Kelly Thom

Dear future child(ren) of mine,

Today I am taking actions in order to promote a more healthier world for you.

by Anonymous

Dear Brother,

I will do all I can to help you and your generation live a better life. I don’t know exactly what that is yet, but I know I’ll find it. I love you.

by Jaret Kadlec

To My Future Child,

All I know is that I must fight for what is left, because I want you to see the beauty the world has to offer.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Children,

Not only does climate change threaten to deplete humanity of necessary resources for life, it threatens to rid us of perhaps the most crucial and special element in our lives: a connection to the outdoors.

by Anonymous

Dear Maeve,

You carry so much love for the world. And – now – I can’t bear the thought of someone so wonderfully bright and brave facing this climate crisis, knowing that you would do everything within your power to stop it right now if you could.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Self,

As I write to you from 2020, things are pretty grim.

by Anonymous


Dear Kids of the Future,

My wish for all of you is that the people of the present wake up and are able to change their habits.

by Kennedy Marx

Dear Emma,

I will work endlessly to mend the human relationship with Nature, whom we have separated ourselves from long by now.

by Wyatt Day


To my beloved granddaughters, Margaret and Caroline,

Growing up in Germany, I often wondered what my parents had done to oppose the Nazi regime in the 1930’s that led to WWII.  I was so disappointed when I found out how passive they had been. For me, this was formative.

by Ingrid Ingrid

Dear Fiona and Cora,

In 2020 I’m going to start spending my free time with climate activist groups.

by Anonymous


Dear Rowan and Anaka,

If we could talk, I would not be able to bear your gaze as you ask: How could you, the people in a position to change the course of climate change, fail to act?

by Christine Flanagan


Dear future me,

I am 19 years old, and I am angry.

by Anonymous


Dear Future,

I asked you, the future , to help us as well, to preserve our only planet that can give us life, that can let us watch anime, go to the beach, smell flowers, run through the meadow, listen to our songs, be in a concert, and let us live.

by Anonymous

To my descendants,

I personally need to do more and as I learn more about what I can do, I promise, I will.

by Marni Richards


Dear Alba:

There is still a lot of beauty and I will do what I can to keep it from slipping away.

by Andrew Payton


Dear AC,

I think a lot about where the right place to live is.

by Caylin McCamp

Dear Andrew,

Only action and communication will lead to change, and I continue to put all possible efforts into increasing communication and action to bring about the biggest change possible for the sake of you, your family, your children and grandchildren if you choose to have them, and future generations.

by Catie Markesich


To my children,

I hope that the fervor that is building continues to build and spread and that the world has made progress to minimize the effects of our past actions.

by Kate Moreau

My children,

The weather is as unsettled as I am.

by Rachel Kantor


My darling girls,

I can be brave enough to wake up.

by Alysha Goheen


Greetings 2050 earthling,

Starting in 2015 I committed my life to sustainability.

by Celia Castellano

Dear Future:

I have enjoyed this wonderful, amazing, and colorful planet and hope you can get to enjoy it too.

by Anonymous

To my future grandchildren,

The Amazon rainforest is on fire. Venice, Italy is underwater. Koalas are almost extinct.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Me,

I hope by the time you get this letter you are my dream me or are at least still working towards my dream me trying to help others.

by Anonymous

Dear Future People From 2050,

I am scared for our future.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Generations,

I hope that you are reading in your history textbooks about how everyone got together despite their differences and cleaned up their polluting habits.

by Anonymous

To the future generations,

There are people who are trying their best at this very moment to reverse this impact of climate change by doing small changes and even big changes.

by Anonymous

To my future grandchildren,

We really are doing our best efforts to right the wrongs our grandparent’s generation caused.

by Joanna Acevedo

Dear Nicolas,

This is what textbooks may be referring to as the tipping point where nations, governments and humanity came together to solve the global warming problem.

by bryand castillo

Dear future me,

I hope that people are more aware of global climate change.

by Anonymous

My sweet children,

I promise you that the world will be restored

by Kristie Lee