Dear Nephew,

I am going to start doing better to have a healthier planet for you to live on.

by Anonymous

Dear future,

First of all, if we learned one thing in 2020, it’s that we need to trust science and the facts.

by Anonymous

Dear Future,

At some point, there may be a movement of people who, with a change of heart, suddenly open their eyes to what we define as reality.

by Anonymous

Dear me,

We may have just enough time to prevent certain catastrophes, I hope we’ll do a good job.

by Anita Rogantini

Te escribe Doña Nube desde el 2021,

Me comprometo a sembrar semillas de cambio, futuros y cuestionamientos en la niñez, quisiera que Nico viva en un mundo donde la disparidad de género es  menor, donde se respeta a la vida y en una sociedad–sino en su mayoría, un número importante– accione cambios para preservar el medio ambiente.

by Anonymous

Dear Mark,

Did you build that permaculture farm? Did you build that net zero home? That net positive community? I hope you achieved all these goals, but if you didn’t yet, remember it’s never too late.

by Anonymous

Dear Sam,

None of this will come to fruition without a fight. There will be blood, sweat, and tears shed as we pave the way toward a more viable and worthwhile way of life, but it will be a labor of love.

by Anonymous

Ciao cara Maria Teresa,

In tutto ciò, se pensiamo al futuro, l’emergenza ancora più grave riguarda il cambiamento climatico e il riscaldamento globale. Spero che le azioni di oggi possano modificare la situazione. 

by Anonymous

Dear cousins: Boran, Emma, Sophia, Almeen, and Noa

My generation has been handed a massive problem and we cannot hand it off to you guys because we are already feeling the affects.

by August Tolzman

To whom it may concern,

If you still deny anthropogenic climate change you have something to gain from it. The rest of us have recognized we have everything to lose.

by Thomas Herwerden

Dear Peanut,

Our planet is on track to warm 3-5°C by 2100 and with that change comes the end of many of the things that make life here so magical; things that I want, selfishly, to preserve so that I can enjoy them with you.

by Kenna Karjala

Dear Future Me,

When I think about life in 2050, I can imagine two futures. One is a world destroyed. This world has been overcome by disaster, resource scarcity, and war, brought on by our inability to change our ways. The other is a world different than today, a little warmer maybe, but this world is better. There is equality. There are plenty of resources for everyone to thrive.

by Anonymous

Dear (extended) family,

Only 9 years to go.

by Daniel Scharf

Dear all!

I hope my niece will have the chance to see a healthy coral reef, too.

by Anonymous

Dear future loved ones,

Everyday I’m reminded how fragile democracy is which has made me realize how fragile everything in this world is: our political and economic structures, social systems, and certainly our planet.

by Anonymous

Dear Kyle,

Tell your children that I only ask one thing of them. I ask that they are able to go outside and find the beauty wherever they can. Tell them this planet is a gift, and within it is a beauty incomparable to anything else.

by Kyle Wonders


Caro me stesso,

Non so dove e con chi sarò nel 2050, spero che sia un anno migliore di quello appena passato .

by Francesco Pierpaoli

Caro Luca,

Spero che la nostra felicità coincida con uno stile di vita sano e che le nostre menti siano pure e pulite.

by Anonymous

Queirda Amiga,

Es necesario para ayudar a nuestra medio ambiente o nuestra mundo estará lleno de contaminación.

by Anonymous

Dear Tomorrow,

Humanity is at a crossroad and we need everyone to act.

by Lillian Bradley-Reid

Dear tomorrow,

I promise to work to inspire my children to share my love of nature.

by Anonymous

Dear me,

I’m in a moment where I’ve accepted I’m doing what I can do, and not doing what I won’t–I should fly less, but if everything is going to fall apart I want to LIVE.

by Anonymous

Dear future generation,

I have come to realize by now that health is indeed everything that matters. To ensure that we need to bring about systematic changes and enforce them for the betterment of our environment.

by Anonymous


Dear Jack,

Right now you are only a little over 5 weeks old, but you have truly changed my whole world. Your Mom and I always say that we thought we loved before you were born, but now that you have come into the world and we met you, our ability to love just expanded exponentially.

by William Fetzner


Let us use recyclable materials

by Anonymous

rebeka in janvit,

Ta mail nama bo v opomin,da se ne zasidrava v lenišču ampak konstantno napadava prihodnost

by rebeka zel


To the generation after mine,

But when you encounter that resistance–and you will, regularly–know that you must respond just how we have had to these past 50 years. With love, and sternness, and most of all, courage. Because that is what the resistance fears the most. We who came before you promise that we will do the same while we wait for you. Know that you will never be alone.

by Brian Chan


Dearest Finlay,

I hope you are healthy and happy and that you feel supported by the ecosystem around you because we are all deeply truly interconnected. We depend on the earth to take care of us, and nature needs us to take care of her in turn. We all need each other.

by Megan Gray Paterson-Brown



Mamma e Papà cercano insieme sempre di darti il meglio però anche tu dovrai fare la tua parte nel mondo.

by Gabriele Iavazzo


This morning I woke up knowing the world prioritizes economic gain over safety. Today I hope you woke up and didn’t have that feeling.

by Anonymous

Dear Tomorrow,

We have taken far more than we ever should have allowed from the earth and it is now time to help her recover from the stress and destruction we have bestowed on her.

by Anonymous

To my niece,

I am committing to using my voice to tell our law makers that my beautiful, Black, disabled niece has a place in this world. They will hear me tell them we need to commit to ending the abuse of this planet by the major corporations who fund them so that my little girl can have a home where she can be the next law maker, or hairstylist, or scientist, or engineer, or activist, or mom.

by Anonymous

Dear future human,

I sit here from the perspective of a young person losing hope. In my 19 years of life I have watched racism, systematic oppression, greed, and a disregard for the earth’s living things and the way it has affected our society.

by Anonymous

Dear next generation,

I promise to help others see that we must make a change in our daily lives in order to ensure that our future generations are able to enjoy the outdoors the same way we have.

by Anonymous

Dear Mother,

I remember the first Christmas that wasn’t white. I think I knew by then that climate changes’ effects were happening around us and if we didn’t take actions soon it would be too late.

by Anonymous

Dearest Wicomico,

We will start conversations with our parents and family to rethink our energy and dietary needs. We have learned that in order to enjoy more, we need to be less.

by Anonymous