To the youngsters of 22nd Century,

I’m sorry that the world is suffering from us.

by Anonymous

Dear me,

I promise to try my best to help save the planet.

by Anonymous

to whoever your are in the future,

At this time, climate change is already a serious issue, hope you don’t have to be concerned about that, whether the earth is dead or the problem has been solved. 

by asprin .

Hi future world,

One of my teachers said to me: I don’t understand what you’re worried about, it’s far from us.

by Kexin Xu

Dear People of Tomorrow,

We have enjoyed a world of beauty, plenty, and minimal environmental disaster,
but mourn, to contemplate the world into which you may have grown.

by Anonymous

Dear Readers of Tomorrow,

Over the past several decades, we start to acutely aware of the trails we are leaving behind and to realize the impact on YOU, the future inhabitants of this one and only plant.

by Anonymous


Dear people of The Future,

Thank you for reading. Do your part to save the globe.

by Anonymous


My darlings, Juno & Vaeda,

You ask insightful questions, and together we learn about the mysterious world we inhabit.

by Nellie Vishnevsky Chaban

For my future children,

I hope that by 2050 people have learned to respect the environment and each other.

by Maria da Silva


Dear future Michelle,

As consumers, it is our duty to protest and force companies to be greener and avoid environmental damage, whether they are from the food industry or from any other production industry. It’s about time we start thinking greener.

by Michelle Lopes


Dear friends,

We need to rethink our consumption habits in order to reduce the impacts on the environment.

by Josefina Klesck


Dear children,

Despite all the difficulties, we are from a family whose principles are honesty and love for others, and that’s what I want to share with you.

by Daniel Monteiro


Dear tomorrow,

Unfortunately, our selfishness and excessive greed have closed our eyes to the well-being of the planet, and it has suffered the consequences.

by Andreia Tibolla Spengler

Dear grandchildren,

Our planet has been suffering the consequences of our material wills.

by Janaina Boeira


Dear Ellis,

So, dear heart, I am doing everything I can as the situation worsens.

by Winona Bateman

Dear future self,

I am not someone who is majorly connected to nature but growing up I know how important it is to have nature, animals and plants in my life.

by Leah Y

Dear future generations,

Attitudes are changing, people are realising the importance of our Earth’s resources, and together, we can make a difference.

by Amelie S

dear future me,

I am going to try not to use plastic bottles for water and also to buy from more charity shops or second hand websites like depop, ebay or vinted.

by Anonymous

Dear 2050,

Right now in 2022 you’re going on marches to help change the world and reading mind changing, climate change books.

by Sunday W

Dear Me,

I have been trying my best to do everything I can to stop climate change, but sometimes it just doesn’t feel like enough.

by Anonymous

Dear to my future self,

I want people to know in the future, how it was in 2022.

by Anonymous

Dear grace,

When I’m older I would like the world to be better because I will clean up after people, take more showers instead of baths and lastly, educate the future generation also known as generation Alpha.

by Anonymous

Dear Parents,

I want to try to help too.

by Anonymous

Dear my future self,

Climate change is rapidly becoming more of a hindrance to this planet.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Self,

I love the environment and I promise that we will take care of it.

by Anonymous

Dear future self,

Please vote for people who care about the world.

by Chloe E

Dear me,

I am going to try and limit my waste and be more conscious of what and where I am shopping.

by Stella f

Dear Me,

I’m trying to eat less meat and reuse a lot more of my items.

by Anonymous

dear future,

I am afraid of what the future holds.

by Anonymous

Dear future Me,

I hope we manage to help stop climate change in some way.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Self,

I hope that when you read this there are more trees in the world, and I hope you have been eating more sustainably.

by Anonymous

dear future self,

I hope that we were able to fight climate change.

by Anonymous

dear future Reem A,

However, I wonder how you are dealing with this crisis. And have the effects worsened.

by reem A

Dear earth,

Together, let’s thrive on our vast planet with all the animals and plants.

by Anonymous

dear my future family,

I hope now that the world has improved and that what people say it will be like, is not true.

by Anonymous

Dear mum,

I’m scared for our future, but I promise to try my best to be eco-friendly and plant as many things as possible, love you. 

by Anonymous