To my great-great grandchildren,

I don’t know your name
or even if you’re alive,
but I’m doing all I can
to make sure you survive.

I’m your great- great grandmother
who lived a century ago
in a world far different
from the one you must know.

by Joan Marshall


Dear Child,

Hope we get to have that snowball fight I always dreamed we’d have.

by Juho Rantonen


Por favor, traten de llevar una vida sostenible.

by Anonymous

Dear Daughter,

I promise to do all that I can to educate these generations.

by Anonymous


Dear Evie of 2050,

I can feel the change happening — many people are working to transform the world.

by Andrea L

Dear Self,

what if my spirit suffers from my inaction during my lifetime?

by jay weininger

Dear Weather,

Be nice.

by Anonymous

To me from the future,

What is it like in the future?

by Gwendolyn Geller


Dear Granddaughter Rosalia,

This is my heritage for you my beautiful cacheticos de melon.

by Anonymous

Children of mine,

The ark that is
is slipping

by Andrew Senior


Dear Earth,

I will keep the air clean so everyone can see the sunset.

by Siddharth Sussman


To the wonder,

Dear tomorrow, thank you for letting me ride the wave of wonder that reaches toward you for all generations of all species to come.

by Anonymous

dear future self,

Protect the enviroment.

by Sebastian f d


And for the kids, shoot for the stars, and if you miss you will land on a tall mountain where the hopes and dreams are made.

by Neriah H

Dear Mom and Dad,

When you’re retired, please don’t move to North Carolina (or somewhere not landlocked)

by Frieda C


dear me in 2030,

I am smelling burning plastic!

by h y

to future me,

i know you will be helping the world.

by Anonymous


i would like for you to look up and the sky not be all covered in smoke.

by Jaycie G

Dear Humanity,

We need to keep the world clean for the animals and kids.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Humanity,

Save your environment if you can, if its even still there.

by Ian D

dear future me,

Even me as a 9 year old i still recycle.

by Elliott s

Dear future children,

Please help our planet.

by Anonymous

dear future children,

I hope you can see all of the sky thru what is happening now.

by Anonymous

Dear Human Kind,

We are the ones who can save it, and we are the ones that can destroy it.

by Uma Shanti

Dear future me,

I would like to understand way people hurt the environment.

by Navia B

Dear Future Kids,

Please help the world.

by Abdi Q

Dear Future grandchildren,

I can’t begin to imagine what you all have experienced so far in your lives.

by Anonymous

to everyone,

Everything in this world is interdependent, interrelated and interlinked to every other thing for survival.

by Anonymous


Pour ma famille,

Il faut trouver le 7ème sens et se battre pour des causes justes, comme l´amour et la liberté.

by Anonymous


Dear Daughter,

Tonight at bedtime, you asked, seemingly out of nowhere, “why are the glaciers disappearing?”

by Alison Anderson

dear future self,

open your eyes

by Johanna Montenegro

To my Grandchildren,

Be the part of human responsibility.

by Pranay Vadde

Dear grandkids,

We can learn new ways.

by Anonymous

Dear future Phoebe,

I also beseech you to remember 2018 as the year you learned not to be despondent, fatalistic, and nihilistic.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Students,

You have a voice and your voice matters.

by Anonymous

Dear Mary,

I promise to begin implementing every-day practices to help preserve the environment.

by Anonymous