Dear future,

It seems as though we are gambling now with the fate of our future and nobody seems to care because the debt collectors will come for you, not us.

by Anonymous


Future Taiwan,

I promise I will sort the trash to protect our earth. 2016.11.24

by Phoebe Chen


Dear Leo,

Last week I took you to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline.

by Hannah Sobol

Dear Tomorrow,

I personally did all I could to make the world a better place for you.

by Jane Leatherman Van Praag

Dear Future Students, Citizens and Politicians,

I dream of a world where fires are not stripping the homes and lives of people, a world where droughts aren’t as catastrophic.

by Anonymous


Dear Gabriel,

When the worst consequences of climate change still feel far away today, or the barriers to acting on climate change seem steep today, I do not think about today. I think about you, and your world when you are my age.

by Matthew Lamb

Dear Tomorrow,

However, truth won out in the finale, and we started the path to crucial change.

by Elisse De Sio

Dear Willow,

I wish for you to know a world where you can live in a world where there is still good things and good people

by Betty Song

Dear kidlets,

I want to teach you to love people equally, to ask hard questions, and to take care of the world in which we live.

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow

by Florida Gulf Coast University


I pledge to make my house more energy efficient and better insulated.

by Dave Edwards

Dear daughter,

Our climate is not being treated fairly and I was too blinded by the materialistic things in life to notice that.

by Anonymous

Dear Ying Chuan,

It’s never too late to fix mistakes.

by Ying Chuan Lee


I am all for saving our dear Mother Earth so our future generations will enjoy as much as we are.

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to recycle my waste.

by Anonymous

To my dearest Gabriel,

What gives me hope is what is yet to come, what you will experience in your lifetime. I don’t know what this will look like; I can’t even imagine it.

by Jill Kubit

Queridas filhas,

Apesar disso, é de se orgulhar que as pessoas reconheçam que tem algo acontecendo e a culpa é nossa.

by Anonymous



Keep nature as it is………………….

by Anonymous

Dear Tomorrow,

I’m doing my best to let new generation see what I saw.

by Anonymous

To my potential children,

This is a time in which climate change equates guilt, anger, conflict, politics; things that as your mother I wish you never had to encounter, though I know you will.

by Twyla Neely-Streit


Future Pittsburgh,

I promise to vote for candidates that have made climate change a priority. Sincerely, Bill

by William Peduto


Querida Emanoely,

Gostaria que você se lembrasse das lições simples que mamãe e papai te ensinou, como cuidar das plantas e dos espaços coletivos.

by Renatta Almeida


I will yous the water les.

by Anonymous

To my niece Ashleigh, nephews Ollie and Scott, and their children; the wider whanau

The “conscious eating & exercise & sobriety & let it begin with me” credo has helped me take responsibility for my own actions.

by Lucy Sheehan

To My Children and Grandchildren,

I can only imagine what your Game looks like, but I do know that your chances of winning are millions slimmer than mine were.

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to grow more trees for more oxygen.

by Anonymous


Dear Future Explorers,

I am often faced with the question: why do I care so much about this pale blue dot that we inhabit?

by Nicole Granados


To my precious grandchildren, Emma, Maya, Maddie and Will,

With love and a great hope for the future, a future that will be healthy and sustainable for you, my precious grandchildren.

by Shirley McGrath

Dear tomorrow,

I hope that my generation will discover and implement a way for everyone to live and operate sustainably, and without waste.

by Delia Montoya

Dear Future Tomorrow,

It takes more than ONE person and it begins with YOU and what YOU want to see change.

by Krystal Shephard

Dear Future Generations,

We have to have a more open minded moralities that will unite us as a whole and be a part of our planet to restore the great emptiness that have been abandoned for years within.

by Anonymous


Dear Logan City,

I promise to educate and inspire my community with the insights I gather at COP 21.

by Piper Christian

Dear Future Generations,

It is time for the human population to take immediate action and make changes, so we can potentially live on a healthy planet.

by Anonymous


Dear girls,

I love you and I care deeply about your future.

by Ben Margolis


To my wide-eyed warrioresses,

Since my two daughters emerged into this world, all of my tomorrows have become more dear.

by Ken Knapp

Dear future me,

Do you have wet feet but miss the rain?

by Anonymous

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