Dear Future,

Remember the beauty in this earth and remember how it can be taken away if we are not aware of our actions and consequences.

by Anonymous

Hola saludo a todos mis familiares, amigos y a todos en general,

Podemos cambiar el futuro si nos lo proponemos.

by Magally Muedas Munive


Dear Girls,

I promise to not use my car unless necessary. Love, Dad

by Anonymous

dear future self,

open your eyes

by Johanna Montenegro

To myself, my family, and all the world,

It’s 2018. And yes, solar energy and wind power are being used but not at the rate they should be.

by Anonymous


Querido amanhã,

Eu quero esse mundo melhor para você, onde o povo tem voz, seja lá quem você seja, eu vou fazer se tudo para proporcionar um mundo melhor para você.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Me,

I hope, in the coming years, people will begin to alter their own individual actions in order to reduce waste and the production of fossil fuels.

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise I will bring permaculture designs to my community.

by Anonymous

Dear Daughter or Son,

I have the power to change the world for a better place to live….not only for you, my Baby, but for your future babies, wives or husbands, for your future best friends, for your future most loved dog, for your future favourite teacher and everyone you love…

by Anonymous

To whomever it may concern,

There are many things that I would like to tell my future self and the new generation about what life is like now, and how much it is going to change in a matter of time.

by Eric Bagaoisan

To the future generation,

I amongst many have decided to focus my life career-path in helping the cause, with environmental issues at the heart of it and you the future in the mind.

by Anonymous


See all that sun energy

by Nicole Possin

dear future self,

I hope for you that the world is still functioning somewhat normally.

by Spencer Hulsman-Wells


To my daughter and son,

Surrounded by scientists who shared my fears and visions, I often had a hard time to accept that outside our small community climate change received marginal attention.

by Frank Dimroth

Dear Nicolas,

This is what textbooks may be referring to as the tipping point where nations, governments and humanity came together to solve the global warming problem.

by bryand castillo

Dear Reed-Drake clan,

I hope I take my passion from young age to an old man when I read this back.

by Lucian Duggan

Dear future children,

Even though the world may look bleak there is always a spark of hope that you must always hold on to in order to get through the chaos.

by Anonymous

Dear Future,

I stopped arguing and started doing everything that was in my power to do.

by Anonymous

Dear Future,

I hope that all of those who are a part of my future understand that there needs to be more self-reflection and consciousness.

by Camila Cortez

Dear Tomorrow,

One reason it took awhile to write my thoughts here is that I don’t feel that I am being proactive in the struggle to affect climate change. Yet, just thinking about this task over the past several days, has motivated me to shut off more lights, walk instead of jump in the car for a very short trip, and buy more locally.

by Joy Kubit


Dear Levon,

I hope, as your father, I’ve done enough to instill within you how science is a wonderful adventure.

by Steven Sandman


To the Three most Beautiful Souls I could ever Know,

I promise to keep your Love at the forefront of my every move. I will make personal changes and I will learn more, so that I can contribute to a healthier environment in a meaningful way.

by Eric Johnson


To My Children,

Is the world really polluted?

by Lisa Magill

Dear Tim,

I promise to never get caught up in the haves and have nots and instead focus on what more I could be doing.

by Tim Gamble


I promise to try to make a difference in the world when I grow up. By: Eva

by Eva

Dear Future Self,

Recently, the Amazon, the world’s largest rainforest has been burning to increase land for farmers and industrial companies.

by Anonymous

To the high school graduates of the years 2030 and 2050,

It is a dream of mine that people are able to look past the money aspect of things for just a little while and realize that life is so much bigger.

by Drake Roby


Dear Rose & Anahita,

by Hanna Lewis

To my friends, family and me!

It is not raining like it was and the days are hotter than they used to be.

by Italo Campinho

Dear future generations,

If we fail to have the political and social movements necessary to incubate the change needed, for that I am sorry.

by Anonymous

Dear Mom,

I’ll never forget walking with you to the beach in the morning, closing our eyes and stopping to listen to the sound of the waves rolling over and over again. It was so peaceful, and in that moment, I felt a deep connection to the world around us.

by Anonymous

Dear youngsters,

What will our future generation face if we keep harming our planet? How are they going to seek happiness if their world is encompassed by pollution and abnormal climate change?

by Anonymous

To Future Students,

I’m sure looking back it will seem ridiculous that so many people did not believe in climate change.

by Anonymous

Dear future generations,

I hope that there are enough people that care and are willing to their part to preserve Earth.

by Anonymous

To My Future Descendants,

Even as I write this, people from the parts of the world that will be the most affected by the coming cataclysm are rising up to try to take the power they need to fight back.

by Grant Hallee

Dear Matthew,

I do not know if you’ll ever see the beautiful world that I saw.

by Daniel Ubaldo

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