Dear Future Me,

Today is November 15th, 2018. The air quality is so bad this week.

by Anonymous

Dear future family,

I cannot project what the future may hold, but I promise that in this lifetime I will be devoted to ensuring you will not be burdened with the effects of climate change.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Generations,

Finally, I hope nobody is being judged by the color their skin, sexual orientation or religion but by judged by the content of their character.

by Anonymous

Dear Kieara, Suzannah and Alan,

My wish is that due to my small efforts combined with the thousands of our generation who stepped up, your planet is much, much better than it would have been had we not acted.

by Steve Simm


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to bike + walk + bus in place of driving a car. Love, Emily

by Emily Persico

Dear Grandchildren,

Hopefully you are able to grow up in a green world that has been improved over and over by the generations before you.

by Evan Mucciolo

To my beloved grandchildren,

Plant a tree for me, name it after me (my name is Chaben) and give a good care to your beautiful planet earth.

by Anonymous


Meus filhos,

Espero que vcs tb encontrem ,de alguma forma,um caminho para colaborarem com Nossa Mãe Terra, bjs eternos.

by Denize Silva

Dear future generations,

It’s our challenge to save as much as we can for the next generations.

by Anonymous


Dear Lerato,

I promise to buy less cotton + polyester, use less jet fuel, waste less water + consume less meat. I promise to hug more, share more, stay home more, garden more. With eternal love, your mom (Beth) xoxoxo

by Beth Onses

Dear future generation,

I promise to fight for the world and its inhabitants and to protect the animals and environment!

by Anonymous

Dear Future,

I strive to choose courage over convenience so the future is cleaner, safer and healthier for all.

by angie fleming


Dear Future,

I promise to make my friends and I recycle more. Also, I’ll make sure we unplug our chargers. -Malek King #fightfor15

by Malek King

dear future self,

Protect the enviroment.

by Sebastian f d


Dear Fynn and Archer,

by Robbie Henderson


Dear Grandchildren,

I hope we can pass on a better place to live so that my grandchildren and their future children can enjoy the beauty of nature that our wonderful God has given us.

by Sue Shrum


Dear Tomorrow

I hope that environmental issues are a thing of the past.

by Florida Gulf Coast University

Dear my son Cobyn and any other children I have after him, and grandchildren thereafter.

I love you all very much and pray with my whole heart you all get to enjoy the world the way I did.

by Allana Milliken


To the future generations,

I hope that you all can enjoy the Smokey Mountains in your lifetime too and that they look how they did back in 2017 when I saw them.

by Julia Bellino


I promise to make paper out of trash and improve the visual world.

by Anonymous

Dear Reed-Drake clan,

I hope I take my passion from young age to an old man when I read this back.

by Lucian Duggan

Meu filho,

Temos tido muitas campanhas para diminuir a poluição, preservar água, além de retornar às origens, consumindo apenas comidas orgânicas, que não utilizam agrotóxico.

by Samantha Bittencourt


Dear Isaac,

I promise to do everything in my power to bring you a safe and happy future, where you can focus on making your dreams come true. Mom

by Carolyn Lebel

Dear ‘Roxy’ (Aliyah),

Most importantly and I mean MOST importantly, spread peace, love and positivity.

by Kris Pierce

Dear people: today and tomorrow

Together we can do our part to leave a cooler planet for our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

by Anonymous

Dear future generation,

I believe climate change is the biggest global issue my generation is facing.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Generations,

I hope that you are reading this letter from the porch of your urban sustainable apartment building or your rural home powered only by alternative energy.

by Anonymous

To the World,

I hope the entire world was able to stop using fossil fuels and completely progressed into clean energy.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Generations,

I hope that climate change is an issue of the past and that you won’t ever have to be exposed to poor air quality.

by Jackelen Renteria-Bustos


To my children,

I am working with on shutting down the coal and unconventional gas industries in our country because I cannot think of a more direct way to protect you, the food, water and biodiversity we all love and rely on.

by Nette Schneider



Keep nature as it is………………….

by Anonymous


Dear Anabelle and Bruce,

My desire is for clean air, clean water, rich soil, and healthy nutritious food for you and all children always everywhere.

by Scharmel Lynn Roussel

Dear Tomorrow,

The power of one is greater than the power of none.

by Anonymous

Dear Future,

In the year 2017, there were numerous disasters that happened all over the world.

by Anonymous


I promise to work to raise awareness of the problem of climate change, while reducing my own carbon footprint.

by Daniel Sleator


Dear Me of Tomorrow,

I plan to plant more things this spring, as we do every year in our garden.

by Anonymous

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