Chere maman,

by Anonymous

Dear Tomorrow,

I knew it was happening, but felt helpless to do anything meaningful to stop it? I’m sorry? These words won’t help you swim among the amazing fish at the coral reefs that I was able to experience.

by Mark Leach

Dear Kids,

I promise to do everything I can to make sure that your life is just as great as mine.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Nigel O’Neill,

I will try my very best to ensure your safety in this changing world.

by Anonymous

Dear future generations,

Sorry for the rainforest trees being chopped down.

by Anonymous

Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to change the thought “well, it’s not my place to say…” into “well, what do you think might be the long-term consequences of this decision…”

by Anonymous

Dear Future Me,

I hope the planet was saved by people who stood by its side and let the planet’s resources thrive rather than leaving it to wallow in the sorrows of climate change that humans brought onto it. I

by Abby Loughlin

Dear Future Self,

I hope that you are one of the people that is demanding not only independent and personal changes but systematic changes.

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow and Dearest Lex, 

I do believe that the collective power of everyone’s best efforts can curb the worst effects of climate change, and provide you with a more stable and secure future.

by Anonymous


Dear Future Cassie,

I promise to be successful and help save the environment.

by Anonymous


Dear Granddaughter Rosalia,

This is my heritage for you my beautiful cacheticos de melon.

by Anonymous


I promise to clean the Earth by recycling.

by Damaris Roxana

Dear future,

I will spend more time researching, learning, and donating to organizations to help clean oceans.

by Anonymous

Dear Erin, Adam, and Gabriel,

A person can affect change in a variety of paths. One path is “what can I do financially?”, another is “what can I change in my lifestyle?” Another path is “how to help promote change in society?” and yet another is “what can I do to change people’s minds?

by Joseph Kubit

To my precious son or daughter,

I realized that I can no longer just talk about climate change, but I have to take action and inspire others to save the environment.

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to research alternative energy sources for innovation.

by Katherine Li


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to pack my lunch to reduce waste.

by Sylena Smith


We promise to reduce more + make people i.e. friends and family more aware!!

by Brenda Duran

Dear Future Generations,

My promise to you, the future, is that I will continue to try hardest to reduce not only my own carbon footprint, but inform everyone I speak to about the facts.

by Angie Moran

Dear Next Generation,

This ‘saving the Earth’ thing can feel hopeless sometimes since it doesn’t feel like we are getting anything done.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Me,

I hope you consume only what you need.

by Tess Fang


To earth & its inhabitants,

Its been heavy on my shoulders since I found out about the state of climate woes as a child.

by Mariet Robertson

Dear future us,

Thank you for saving the beautiful world we inhabit.

by Anonymous


Dear Earth,

I promise to be a better human.

by Anonymous

To My Future Children,

Hope is more powerful than fear.

by Niamh Cottrell

Dear Future Family,

Every action, moment, and breath I take will be in order to make your life a better place to live, learn, and love.

by Anonymous


Dear Dylan and Hattie,

I promise to decrease my waste and carbon footprint. Love, mama

by Keri Ingle


Dear friends,

Rather than exploit it, destroy it, poison it, why don’t we just enhance the beauty of it, guard it, and love it?

by Indhira Adhista

Dear Mitch JR,

I think we need to restructure how we are growing food, move towards renewables and start more extensive conservation work.

by Anonymous

Dear future children,

I am making that promise now, and I vow to teach you to do the same.

by Beatrice Mills


We pledge to devote our intellect to combat climate change! – Sudarshan and Sony

by Sudarshan Guruacharya

Dear future children,

After feeling so alone in my concerns, and helpless to enact real change, it was inspiring to see so many people fighting for the same things that I want.

by Veronica Phelan

To anyone who may read this,

I hope that the government has improved regulations on carbon emissions and began taking steps to move away from fossil fuels.

by Anonymous

To my nieces and nephews,

Sometimes, you just can’t get enough people to rally around the invisible present.

by Anonymous

Dear child,

Barriers can be overcome through more lobbying of congress members and educating people about sustainability.

by Anonymous


Dear future me,

I will play my part in reducing Co2 by: continuing to eat less beef, recycling, and supporting public awareness & signing petitions. I will also walk or cycle more, be as carbon friendly a consumer as possible (no palm oil/petroleum products) and offset my flights.

by Judith Cox

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