DearTomorrow Highlighted in New Case Study

We are SO PROUD that our collaboration with the Wolverhampton Art Gallery is featured in this year’s Environmental Responsibility Report by Julie’s Bicycle and Arts Council England.

The arts and culture field has incredible power to harness creative engagement, collaboration, and emotional connection to inspire long-term climate action.

This report highlights the ways in which the arts sector is rising to the challenge of this moment, demonstrating commitment to creating a just and livable future for all.

DearTomorrow + Natural History Museum OBP Community of Practice

We are thrilled to join the UK Natural History Museum’s new exhibition and public program “Our Broken Planet”. Along with NHM UK and a coalition of national museums, we are building a UK-wide Community of Practice, exploring innovative and experimental cultural solutions to the climate crisis. Together, this community will advance the role of museums, galleries, and cultural partners in engaging diverse audiences through solutions-focused dialogue and arts experiences.


DearTomorrow at TED Countdown Detroit

DearTomorrow is joining the TED Countdown Summit 2023 in Detroit this July!

Our global initiative is committed to accelerating solutions to the climate crisis and we are thrilled to be recognized for our innovative climate-arts and storytelling work.

We will bring our immersive exhibit showcasing hundreds of climate stories from around the world to the Summit. Throughout the week, we will share stories with the 700+ global leaders and invite them to add their letter to the exhibit. Our team will be there to give gallery talks and answer questions, and local artists Fatema Haque will bring uniquely-Detroit creativity to the experience by embroidering DearTomorrow salutations into the exhibit.

We are thrilled to share that we are finalists in the 2023 Keeling Curve Prize!!! Each year, the Global Warming Mitigation Project recognizes 20 of the most impactful climate projects around the world.

Our work has been recognized out of hundreds of innovative climate solutions projects, in the social and cultural pathways category.

Those of us working on cultural strategy in the climate field know that this work is necessary for creating change at the scale and in the time frame needed. Yet, cultural work has been (and still is) often undervalued and underfunded.

So a special thanks to the Global Warming MitigationProject for having the vision to include social and especially cultural work alongside technological solutions – energy, transport, carbon sinks, and finance.

We need many, many more people innovating in the areas of climate communications, storytelling, climate-arts, narrative development and creating immersive experiences, to help us understand and tell the greatest story of our time.


#DearWolverhampton is now live

Our most ambitious climate storytelling and arts exhibit is now open at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery, in the UK.

We are so pleased to share a glimpse of the exhibition –  curated by Sandra Freij working closely with local community groups, Gatis Community Space and Boundary Way Project together with many other amazing artists and creators.

DearWolverhampton takes visitors on a journey through immersive, interactive installations, films, and soundscapes. There are areas for visitors to write their own letters, including an interactive phone box, to record voice messages to DearTomorrow.

Jill Kubit, DearTomorrow Co-Founder said: “The very core of our work has always been to change hearts and minds through a deeper connection to the climate crisis. We’ve learned this comes most freely from pulling together the things that touch us most. Combining, art, sharing our values, lived experiences and fears through storytelling, and exploring what the future we want to create could look like.

Drawing this together, our community engagement exhibits, not only allow communities to consider what the climate crisis means on a personal and community level, but to establish climate actions that feel most meaningful and impactful to them. This is where real change starts”.

Open: November 5 2022 – January 15 2023

Everyone is welcome and it’s completely free.

If you visit the exhibition, please do share your experience with us using #DearWolverhampton @DearTomorrow

Find out more about the DearWolverhampton over in our Exhibitions section. And please do follow us on Instagram for more updates, films and images.


DearTomorrow: DearWolverhampton to launch in UK this weekend

We are thrilled to announce DearTomorrow’s most ambitious climate storytelling and arts exhibit at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery, in the UK.

Open: Sat 5 Nov – Sun 15 Jan 2023
Wolverhampton Art Gallery

This community-led exhibition explores letters to the future, reflection, hope, and imagining the beauty of what could be, in the face of climate change. Drawing deep inspiration from the past, present and future, this exhibition celebrates the resilience of the Wolverhampton community, as they are once again faced with transformational change.

Through art, design, photography, film and poetry, the exhibition presents landscapes built and inspired by letters written by the Wolverhampton community. Original works by the Black Country painter Butler Bayliss, are juxtaposed with photographic works by David Grandorge, documenting the contemporary reality of the districts Butler Bayliss painted over a century ago.

The exhibition takes visitors on a journey through immersive, interactive installations, films, and soundscapes from community poetry workshops. There are areas for visitors to write their own letters, including an interactive phone box, to record voice messages to DearTomorrow.

DearTomorrow curator, Sandra Freij commented: “DearWolverhampton was crafted by this community, for this community and to support the wider climate movement. Visitors are encouraged to reflect, shift consciousness and embrace the creativity in the solutions to the climate crisis – leaving feeling inspired to make positive change.”

Follow the latest news from the Exhibition. If you visit the exhibition, share your experience with us using #DearWolverhampton @DearTomorrow


How to talk about Climate Change

DearTomorrow has been working hard to help people use art, storytelling, and meaningful conversations to shift behavior around climate change for many years.

And as a new beneficiary partner of Climate Ride we were only too pleased to share some of that insight through a BLOG on talking to folk about taking action on climate change.

A fundamental part of Climate Ride’s mission is to get people talking about ways to take action on the climate crisis. And we hope the Blog will help Climate Riders start some meaningful new climate conversations.

Climate Ride said: “Many folk who do our events report back that fundraising gave them the impetus to have conversations they never would have otherwise. Personal chats are more likely to move people into action than almost anything else, according to the best research out there“.

Hop on over to Climate Ride and let’s get some conversations started!


       Climate Ride to match our donations          until Nov 5

We are excited to announce that we’re fundraising via Climate Ride, a brilliant platform that runs biking, running, and hiking events to help nonprofits to raise much-needed funds.

Donations made to us through the website get a 100% match by Climate Ride until November 5, so please do contribute in any way you can or share with your networks.

You can even create an account and join the DearTomorrow team to fundraise with us.


When Climate, Art and Storytelling Collide

Art, storytelling and climate engagement collided in the most inspiring way at the DearTomorrow exhibition last week.

Our curator, Sandra Freij met with the STILL LIVELY community group to facilitate a morning fusing art and storytelling to inspire discussions on the climate crisis.

STILL LIVELY celebrate, create and share artwork, stories and ideas, for their own joy but also to inspire others. So the session that ensued threw open some amazing dialogue on using art as an entry point to discussing arguably the most serious and complex issue facing society today. Together with some future envisaging, a bit of climate anxiety and myriad ideas for action.

After exploring the DearTomorrow exhibit each member wrote letters that we look forward to sharing with you. Meanwhile we hope you enjoy a few of the iconic images from the day.

Photographs: Our very own curator and photographer: @sandra_freij



We are live! Our first UK climate arts and storytelling exhibition opens today

Partnering with Wolverhampton Art Gallery throughout 2022, this installation explores the interconnectedness of each person sharing this planet and our responsibility for the future.

We are so pleased to share a glimpse of the exhibition, which includes this three meter globe and a soundscape, to physically immerse visitors and the local community in #DearTomorrow letters from across the world.

Wolverhampton has a strong industrial history and we look forward to understanding how climate change impacts ‘Wulfrunians’ across the generations. We hope to start on-going conversations to discover their stories, visions for the future, and ideas for personal climate commitments.

Our very excited co-founder Jill Kubit, added:

“We hope visitors will enjoy discovering and find inspiration in this installation. Climate change is happening right now – all around us and we want to know what that feels like for you and your community. So come along for a visit.”

The first exhibition is free to visit and runs from today to May 8, 2022. We will share updates on our Instagram.

Discover more:



Our first climate arts and community engagement exhibition to launch in the UK

DearTomorrow is thrilled to announce our partnership with Wolverhampton Art Gallery, who will host our first climate arts installation in the UK.

Through this project, we hope to explore the interconnectedness of each person sharing this planet and our responsibility for the future.

Climate Arts Installation

We will be installing a three meter globe and soundscape at the gallery, to immerse visitors and the local community in our letters from across the world.  Physically inviting the audience to experience the writers’ hopes, fears and dreams of how to create a safer and healthier home.

The audience will be invited to share their own story, by leaving a message with their reflections, visions for the future, and personal climate commitments.

We will also work with local partner organizations to offer public programs throughout the community over the summer. These programs will culminate in a community-led exhibition, running alongside Wildlife Photographer of the Year at the gallery in the Autumn.

Wolverhampton has a strong industrial history and we look forward to hearing how climate change impacts ‘Wulfrunians’ across the generations, together with their ideas for a safer future.

Wolverhampton: we can’t wait to engage in this important dialogue

We will keep you updated on news from the UK on this feed and through our social media channels.

The first exhibition is free to visit and runs from Wednesday 13 April to Sunday 8 May 2022.

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