DearTomorrow is an award-winning climate storytelling project where people write messages to loved ones living in the future. Messages are shared now at deartomorrow.org and through social media, public talks, community events, and public art to inspire deep thinking and bold action on climate. With thousands of personal letters written and shared between 2015 and today, DearTomorrow is one of the first and largest climate storytelling projects in the world.

How it Works

Participants submit letters, videos, and photo promises dedicated to their children, family, or future self about climate change. These messages describe how people think and feel about climate change, why it is important, and what actions they will take to ensure a safe and secure future for their loved ones. These messages are shared on our website and through social media, trainings, community events, public readings, public art, and installations.

DearTomorrow opens up conversations across generations about why climate change is important in order to create the cultural shift necessary to transition to a zero carbon world. All messages become part of our long-term archive that will document the cultural shift arising person-by-person at this crucial moment in time.

Why DearTomorrow

Communication about climate change has had limited success in motivating and sustaining widespread interest and long-term action. DearTomorrow makes climate change more personally relevant by connecting to the identities and values that people share across political and social boundaries: parental love, family, and legacy. The project is designed with best practices in climate change communications, including narrative storytelling, visual imagery, and trusted messengers. We have created a distributed partnership model and free educational resources in order to inspire, replicate, and scale climate storytelling projects in countries all over the world.

Our Founding Story

Co-founders Jill Kubit and Trisha Shrum founded this project in 2015 to harness the powerful perspective that parents have on caring for the next generation. Jill Kubit brings expertise working on climate change communications, leadership development, coalition building, and organizational development. Trisha Shrum, Ph.D., a behavioral scientist and environmental economist specializing in climate change communications and behavior, has been studying climate change policy and economics for over a decade.

DearTomorrow is a fiscally sponsored program of United Charitable, a registered 501(c)(3) public charity.