We have collaborated with the Wolverhampton Art Gallery to share your climate stories. To find new audiences, and facilitate workshops and discussions to start more climate conversations…

In April, we opened the first immersive climate arts and community engagement exhibition in the UK, in partnership with the Wolverhampton Art Gallery. In just three weeks, 3,700 individuals visited the exhibit, and hundreds shared their climate stories.

The exhibit and our supporting programs engaged everyone, from toddlers to elders, through art, storytelling, and creative expression.

Now, we’re collaborating with local partners, Boundary Way and the Gatis Community Space, to use DearTomorrow materials as a platform for diverse community members to share their climate stories through poetry, spoken word, performance, and site-specific public events. 

Our partnership will culminate in an ambitious exhibition set to open this fall. This exhibit will feature historic industrial paintings curated to be in dialogue with contemporary climate stories, photographs, and works of art, contributed by UK-based artists, writers, and local residents. 

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