We Warmly Welcome and Introduce Our Leadership Council.

We have been busy developing immersive exhibits, educational workshops, community partnerships, and strengthening our digital strategy. And now we are thrilled to be integrating the critical insight of our Leadership Council into our increasingly multidisciplinary journey.

We are immensely grateful to DearTomorrow’s 2024 Leadership Council. Co-chaired by Dr. Ezra Markowitz and Juliana Gutierrez, our Leadership Council offers invaluable expertise in organizational development, global field-building, storytelling, fundraising, and design.

Juliana Gutierrez - co-chair

Juliana Gutierrez is a changemaker, systems thinker and mobilizer, making a positive impact on society and the planet through the collaborative construction of sustainable, regenerative and redistributive systems in Colombia and globally.

Ezra Markowitz - co-chair

Ezra Markowitz an Associate Prof. of Environmental Decision-Making at @uofmass focuses on the intersection of decision-making, persuasive communication, public engagement with science, and environmental sustainability.

Eric Jensen

Eric Jensen the Chief Technology Officer of Pushd / Aura frames and co-founder of Summize, a digital contracting software, acquired by Twitter, brings expertise in for-profit start-ups and business development.

Harriet Shugarman

Harriet Shugarman, a 2020 New York City Climate Hero, speaker and thought leader, founded of @ClimateMama an online community that reaches individuals in over 110 countries.

Emily Moyer

Emily Moyer is an industrial design innovation consultant for start-ups to Fortune 500s. She has launched over 65 consumer products, including 15 patents. With a focus on category-disrupting experiences, she is passionate about sustainable solutions and building things from scratch.

Kudzayi Ngwerume

Kudzayi Ngwerume is a storytelling and communications expert working at the Urban Movement Innovation Fund on harnessing the power of storytelling and co-creation anchored in equity and justice to achieve breakthroughs in climate advocacy.

Trisha Shrum

Trisha Shrum is co-founder of DearTomorrow and an Assistant Prof. at the @universityofvermont . In her work on how intergenerational framing can affect support for climate change mitigation, she developed the fundamental concept that underlies DearTomorrow.