I pledge to make my house more energy efficient and better insulated.

by Dave Edwards


Dear kids,

I promise to take public transit as my 1st choice when going anywhere. Love, mom

by Elizabeth Norton


Dear (my kids),

I want to help the majority of people in Western Pennsylvania dig and grow their own gardens.

by Anonymous


Dear Home,

I pledge to learn the trees and birds native to Pittsburgh. Because in order to protect a place, you need to love it, and in order to love it you need to know it.

by Judith Marklin


I pledge to avoid using single use plastics and educate others.

by Mike Sable


Dear Earth,

We, young ethical explorers, thank you for being our home. In gratitude, we promise to plant trees, save food and water, keep the air and  ocean waters clean, not litter and waste paper. We love earth. Young Ethical Explorers @New York Society for Ethical Culture

by Deepali Srivastava


Dear people of the Great Mystery,

I promise to do what I can with what I have where I am to sustain life big and small.

by Ashley Shearer


Dear World,

I promise to always be hopeful and always do right by others.

by Linda Esposito


Dear future,

I vow to spread knowledge and challenge those who contribute to the problems of climate change. I will do what I can to limit trash and waste to clutter our oceans and rivers.

by Calvin Juan Glover


Dear Earth,

I promise to reduce my carbon footprint by not eating meat + as a result save water, land + prevent toxiants in the air from the grazing of animals/ animal agriculture.

by Caroline Alter


I promise to use less electricity and water. To use public transportation. Also recycle containers n’ such and develop water wheel generating systems as well as perpetual motion systems.

by Anonymous


We pledge to devote our intellect to combat climate change! – Sudarshan and Sony

by Sudarshan Guruacharya


I promise to make paper out of trash and improve the visual world.

by Anonymous


I promise to say NO to meat + animal products to help reduce my carbon footprint.

by Tyler Paige Weiss


Safe electricy everywhere.

by Victoria Flores


Dear Future,

Y promise not to throw trash on the floor. Recycle.

by Sofia Flores


We promise to reduce more + make people i.e. friends and family more aware!!

by Brenda Duran


We need to reduce animal consumption to sustain better living.

by Erica Rinehart


I will always stay green by not making more promises (enough said) but do it and stay calm.

by Avinash Bhambhari


To the future,

I pledge to vote for candidates that make climate an important priority! I pledge to use less plastic.

by Stephanie White


Dear future Earth,

I pledge to begin to purchase eco-friendly products, to support clean up and protection of our beautiful planet.

by Mary Remenec


I promise to save water and help the ocean.

by Anonymous


I promise to educate for the environment and lead by example.

by Carlos Carter


I promise to education others about Earth!

by Abbie Marx


I pledge not to use straws + to use LESS PLASTIC. Reuse! Recycle!

by Nan Krushinski


I promise not to use plastic from now on, promote Rewheel.

by Anusha Reddy


I promise to clean the Earth by recycling.

by Damaris Roxana


We promise to plant a new tree in our yard.

by Ashu Kumar


I pledge to make an effort to bring better recycling practices to my area. – Amber I pledge to pick up glass, paper, cardboard or anything that isn’t helpful to the earth around local areas like the park, woods, city or just in my town in general. Taryn

by Amber Smida


I pledge to hold elected officials accountable, make personal life changes!

by Anonymous



by Jakye Nelson


I promise to use a electric car. Ethan

by Ethan Tavares


Dear future me,

to stop littering and make sure we recycle everything. Also, put more solar panels!

by Janya Ullal


Dear Esther,

I promise to never be too busy to share the beautiful things in everyday and work to protect this beautiful planet! Love, Mama

by Anonymous


Dear Earth,

I will make sure to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Also, I will not use too much water. We will also use solar energy. Sincerely, Anukta

by Anukta Ashok


I promise to take care of the earth.

by Chavez