DearTomorrow warmly invites you to our most ambitious climate storytelling and arts exhibition - now open at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery, in the UK.

Dates: Sat 5 Nov – Sun 15 Jan 2023
Wolverhampton Art Gallery. Free entry

This community-led exhibition explores letters to the future, reflection, hope, and imagining the beauty of what could be, in the face of climate change. Drawing deep inspiration from the past, present and future, this exhibition celebrates the resilience of the Wolverhampton community, as they are once again faced with transformational change.

Through art, design, photography, film and poetry, the exhibition presents landscapes built and inspired by letters written by the Wolverhampton community. Original works by the Black Country painter Butler Bayliss, are juxtaposed with photographic works by David Grandorge, documenting the contemporary reality of the districts Butler Bayliss painted over a century ago.

The exhibition takes visitors on a journey through immersive, interactive installations, films, and soundscapes from community poetry workshops. There are areas for visitors to write their own letters, including an interactive phone box, to record voice messages to DearTomorrow.

DearTomorrow: DearWolverhampton was curated by Sandra Freij for the DearTomorrow climate storytelling and arts project. Co-produced by Rachel Thomas, David Grandorge, and Kom Achall in collaboration with Gatis Community Space and Boundary Way Project in Wolverhampton.

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