To My Future Children,

Hope is more powerful than fear.

by Niamh Cottrell

Dear Future Generations,

You deserve to experience a world as beautiful as it is today in 2017. You can count on me to do everything I can to ensure this happens.

by Anonymous

Dear future niece(s)/nephew(es),

If our Earth is indeed being engulfed by rising sea levels and CO2 emissions, all I can say is to not lose your empathy, your kindness, or your hope.

by Emma Mares

Dear future children,

There is a lot happening in the world right now, and it concerns me for the future.

by Lauren Paris

Hello World Here’s Your Ripple,

I hope that one day these letters will be obsolete and that none of these problems even make any sense to anyone.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Grandchildren,

We’ve learned the hard way that our planet is a powerful force and should not be treated poorly.

by Kyle Decker

To my young cousins,

I want to see you guys grow up to be compassionate boys and girls who will change the world. And I am writing this to you because I know you will change the world.

by Anonymous

Dear future generations,

There are people today who are creating and innovating alternative energy and solutions.

by Kayla Belill

Dear People of 2030, 2050,

I promise to do my best to raise awareness and do whatever I can in order to turn this path around and fix the world for a better life for you, your friends, and family.

by Anonymous

Dear future children,

After feeling so alone in my concerns, and helpless to enact real change, it was inspiring to see so many people fighting for the same things that I want.

by Veronica Phelan

Dear Future Hannah,

The world at this point in time is at a very pivotal moment when it comes to environmental responsibility and protection.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Grandchildren,

It took me awhile to come to grips with the fact that climate change could be caused by humans like you and me.

by Calla Kostelnik


Dear Nova and Remi,

I wish for you both that another kind of life has been discovered, one of peace, moderation and concern for all life.

by Danny Heim

To My Future Descendants,

Even as I write this, people from the parts of the world that will be the most affected by the coming cataclysm are rising up to try to take the power they need to fight back.

by Grant Hallee


Dear Luna,

I will never give up on you, on humanity, on the future.

by Lydia DeMonte

Dory, my love

My generation can only offer its apologies – how have we stayed so ignorant for so long? Too many answers to that.

by Anonymous


Dear Evan,

We want your future family to enjoy the same beautiful places we enjoyed.

by Brenda Conner


Oh My Lovely Faizan,

I love you my son. You are waking up now. Hopefully tomorrow, more of us will, too.

by Joshua King


Dear future family and friends,

I promise to speak up & engage in the needed conversations in our community & with our legislators to change our culture & save our planet.

by Courtney Tripp

Dear Lily Hennkens,

I love you so much. I want you to experience all the beauty and wonder life has to offer without worrying about whether you will be able to eat or breathe. There has never been a question in my mind, based on science, that humans are effecting climate change. I am contacting my reps constantly […]

by Tiffany Simmons

Dear sweet wonderful grandchildren,

I hope that I have the chance to hold your hands and walk with you in Adirondack forests, along rocky and sandy beaches, through clear cold streams, and flower filled meadows.

by Anonymous

To my future Children, family, and the next generation,

I just put the sad things that worry me in the back of my head and try not to think about it too often. I am currently trying not to do that anymore.

by Ale Gonzales

Dear Aurora,

I rest my faith in the knowledge that, though it is most definitely too late to make things “all right,” it is not too late to make things better than they otherwise will be – and maybe, just maybe, a whole lot better.

by John Fish Kurmann


To my brother’s children,

We wondered about how we might be able to eliminate plastics from our day to day routines, and recycled literally everything. We were amazing, you should have seen us. Now and again though, we wondered if these were the right questions.

by Ben Carpenter

Dear future generations,

I promise to view nature and life with an open heart and mind, and appreciate it’s beauty.

by Anonymous

To My Daughter Juliana,

You already know that I do everything I can keeping the planet in mind and that I raised you to do the same.

by Randi Hacker


To my dear son,

Last year most of the world’s reefs turned white at some point, but because it was underwater you and your friends didn’t see.

by Jennie Mallela

Dear my next generation, my friends and my family,

God has given us what we need, so we should take care not to damage it.

by Anonymous

To My Children,

I hope for you that you grow up in a world that knows peace and collaboration. I will do everything in my power to do that for you.

by Anonymous

To those I love,

Please appreciate that people cared about the world you’d live in.

by Justin Fleming

To the next generation,

Here in Alaska our glaciers are melting.

by Anonymous


Hola hijo/a o quizá nieto/a,

Realmente estoy asustado, porque en mi Pueblo, en mi maldito pueblo existe un paraje de páramo extenso, que era diverso, pero ahora las lagunas que existen hay se están quedando sin agua.

by Anonymous


Dear residents of Bedminster, Bristol UK,

We hope we did enough

by Katherine Piper

Dear Self,

I hope you’ve made a difference to the world as well as the people closest to you.

by Jaskirat Rupal

Dear tomorrow, I hope that our world will be better.

задачей ныне живущего и последующих поколений является стратегическое планирование и корректировка действий на национальном,региональном и международном уровнях.

by Anonymous

To the Evolutionary Generation of Planet Earth,


by Anonymous

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