Messages to the Future


I just put the sad things that worry me in the back of my head and try not to think about it too often. I am currently trying not to do that anymore.

To my future Children, family, and the next generation,

First of all HI, I hope humans are behaving better (more accepting, lovable, nicer), that there has not been a third world war and that all of you are okay and happy. Months ago I saw a movie that showed me that people were suffering, it was not like I did not know about climate change but I just put the sad things that worry me in the back of

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I rest my faith in the knowledge that, though it is most definitely too late to make things "all right," it is not too late to make things better than they otherwise will be - and maybe, just maybe, a whole lot better.

Dear Aurora,

I have devoted my life to trying to alter the course of our civilization because I want not only you to have the chance for a long and full and good life but because I want this glorious world we are all a part of to live. There are so many moments when it feels like we're just not going to change in time, but the terrible danger we face

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I promise to view nature and life with an open heart and mind, and appreciate it's beauty.

Dear future generations,

I promise to always consider the impact on this world in every task I perform. I promise to view nature and life with an open heart and mind, and appreciate it's beauty. I promise to be humble and never take Mother Nature for granted. We have one life, one Earth, but multiple opportunities to ensure we leave this world with the same beauty for you that we got to enjoy ourselves.

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We wondered about how we might be able to eliminate plastics from our day to day routines, and recycled literally everything. We were amazing, you should have seen us. Now and again though, we wondered if these were the right questions.

To my brother’s children,

Your father and I did the best we could with what we had. I was living in Kansas City at the time, and he was in DC. He made videos, I facilitated online arguments between strangers. Mitigation became a word we used a lot, because that's all that can be done with the inevitabilities handed to a person. Mitigation is also all that the moral paralysis of a representative democracy allows,

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Last year most of the world’s reefs turned white at some point, but because it was underwater you and your friends didn’t see.

To my dear son,

It’s 2017 and I’m getting ready for my next coral reef research trip. I’ve been lucky to work on coral reefs around the world over the last 20 years. I can’t wait until you’re old enough to come with me and be my dive buddy. You are only three now and you have to be ten years old and a good swimmer before you can SCUBA dive with me. One of

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God has given us what we need, so we should take care not to damage it.

Dear my next generation, my friends and my family,

Please read this message with a deepness in your heart. I'm Ayu Puspita Maharani and I am 15 years old. I wrote this message to help you realize what we fear the most. Climate change has been very severe. There are people who are not aware of the problem and even those against the truth of it. Such people are uncaring and selfish. Climate change makes me realize and care about the generations who

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Here in Alaska our glaciers are melting.

To the next generation,

We are living in precarious times. Here in Alaska our glaciers are melting. The frozen tundra is melting making many buildings sink or fall off of cliffs and are washed away by a river or the sea. Temperatures are up causing this. Fish are more rare. Polar bears are suffering and dying. The state is drying out due to less snow and rain. How can President Trump say there is

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Please appreciate that people cared about the world you'd live in.

To those I love,

Thank you for being my friend. You made my life wonderful. I'm truly doing my very best for you. I always fight for you when people try to take from your future to make themselves feel better today. I'm not the only one: my parents have really gone above and beyond for you. I don't know anyone who's made as much of an effort as they have: they're heroes. I'm very angry about

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I hope for you that you grow up in a world that knows peace and collaboration. I will do everything in my power to do that for you.

To My Children,

Dear Future Children, I am 15 years old now and writing you this letter after my sister, your Aunt, sent me a link. I am writing this to you, just as a nice memory of what life used to look like. We live in a time of terrorism but also innovation now, and I hope for you that you don't have to live your childhood in the fear of a bomb

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Realmente estoy asustado, porque en mi Pueblo, en mi maldito pueblo existe un paraje de páramo extenso, que era diverso, pero ahora las lagunas que existen hay se están quedando sin agua.

Hola hijo/a o quizá nieto/a,

Realmente estoy consciente que quizá no existiré toda una vida, en lo absoluto. Pero me interesa compartir esto con cualquiera de mis queridos parientes, con esto quiero seguir sembrando conciencia. 2017, tengo 14 años ¿ sorprendente, verdad ?; bueno iré al mágico punto en cuál digo que actualmente soy un adolescente, carezco de atención, me gusta salir de noche porque creo que evito llamar la atención, la chica a la

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I hope you've made a difference to the world as well as the people closest to you.

Dear Self,

I hope you've grown up to be the man you've always wanted to be. I hope you have everything you ever wanted and then some. I hope you've stayed true to who you are and cherished those who supported you. I hope you've set your goals and that you've crushed them with resounding confidence. I hope your desire for life and all its adventures never wavers. Most importantly, I hope you've made a difference to

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We hope we did enough

Dear residents of Bedminster, Bristol UK,

Throughout 2017, a small group of local volunteers held talks and film screenings to raise awareness about climate change. Here are some of the pledges made by attendees. We hope we did enough...

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задачей ныне живущего и последующих поколений является стратегическое планирование и корректировка действий на национальном,региональном и международном уровнях.

Dear tomorrow, I hope that our world will be better.

Последнее время используется тезис о необходимости сохранения природной среды для последующих поколений. Однако, у каждого следующего поколения увеличиваются шансы повысить риски неблагоприятного состояния природной среды, что в конечном итоге может привести к глобальной экологической катастрофе. Повышенные риски неблогоприятного состояния природной среды связаны с: хищническим или нерациональным использованием природных ресурсов; недостаточной информацией о состоянии природных объектов; недостаточным использованием природозащитных мер. Для улучшений условий жизни человека, изменения, прежде всего, подвергаются ландшафты - природные географические

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I can only imagine what your Game looks like, but I do know that your chances of winning are millions slimmer than mine were.

To My Children and Grandchildren,

Before you read this letter, you might have taken a moment to glance out of a window. You might have seen a shining sun feeding life into plants and small critters jumping around. And this is what I hope you saw, the illusion of my Game. But most likely, as you directed your gaze on the nature outside, you saw clouds covering an orange ball of fire in the sky,

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I will fight for this cause and I will never ever give up because we, the youngsters, are the hope.

Dear friend,

Hi!! My name is Ana and I'm a 16 years old girl from Portugal. In my country people still don't realize the huge impact of climate change, which makes this fight a little bit harder. However, we are a country with people that don't give up. I've been trying to explain to my friends and classmates about the importance of this subject, but they think it is a problem for adults. They are wrong. By the time

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Why so much arrogance and opposition to what is the right way to go? Why delay in acting?

Dear Earth,

I really don't understand why some people disregard you and your system. I don't understand why people don't care about extreme climate events and temperatures when they are knocking our door every day and every second. I ask myself: can't they see the risk we're willing to take and the time we're losing to save the world? I can't understand why they refuse to use clean energy, when it is good for us

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This is our house.

Dear future family and friends,

I promise you to preserve this planet, because I will share with youthe preservation of your life, and we must all preserve it. This is our house. اني اوعدكم ان احافظ على هذا الكوكب لان رح اشارك بالحفاظ على حياتكم ولازم كلنا نحافظ عليه ، هذا بيتنا ، خل نحميه .

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