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Dear Future Self,

Hey! it’s me, Naitra from the past, the date today is Wednesday, May 5th, 2021 and I’m currently in 9th grade. The covid-19 pandemic has taken over all of our lives as we know it and it’s hard to believe that we’ve all been stuck in this mess for 2-years now. Although vaccines are circulating and people are getting vaccinated one by one, this pandemic has allowed me to open my eyes and educate myself on problems that I haven’t thought about before.

I’m sharing this information with you in hopes that the world will change for the better and more people will be aware of the major problems the earth is facing right now, and the negative impacts that will occur in the future if we don’t do anything about it. First, I promise to continue advocating for the things that I believe in and to spread awareness to others before the careless actions created by humans pull apart the earth. I will do my part to solve the climate change problem and work towards getting those that don’t know about the problem to understand the future consequences that will arise. I will continue to do my part in the community and in my school to help advocate that everyone gets equal rights regardless of their ethnicity, race, sexual orientation etc. I’m hoping that in the future, developing countries become well developed and therefore resulting in a positive change with the poverty issue and allowing the population to get a sustainable and liveable lifestyle. Lastly, I hope that agriculture and those working in the farming industry get more recognition for their work and that more people try to land jobs in the agricultural section. It’s simple, without agriculture, farming and those in that area we wouldn’t be able to have access to food (cows, goats, chickens, eggs), crops (natural vegetation), cotton for our clothes and so much more. Farmers are responsible for all crops and livestock on the market and are working really hard to feed the population I believe that they deserve more appreciation for everything that they do because without them, we wouldn’t be able to gain access to fresh produce, livestock and we wouldn’t have all of the things that we have currently because the base of our clothes and daily items are formed by farmers and farming.

I genuinely hope that by 2050 the climate change issue, discriminatory problem, poverty and appreciation towards farmers changes. I believe that the actions that we make now will impact the future hence why it’s important to start changing for the better now before it’s too late.

Sincerely, Naitra

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