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Dear Sophie, Stella, Rhett, Gilda and Ellie,

I tried.

I tried my very best to stop it.

I composted, recycled, gardened, organized litter pickups, devoted my career to conservation. I gave up monetary wealth, and our culture’s idea of success. I stayed informed and got into lots of arguments. I shopped with reusable containers and bags, I bought second hand, I sewed, glued, nailed and repaired EVERYTHING – no matter how sick I was of it. I rejected palm oil, tropical fruits and New Zealand lamb. I created pollinator gardens and a certified wildlife habitat where there was just grass. I drove as little as possible, and carpooled. I took you kids outside. I went to rallies, I protested Conservative governments and unfair trade deals, I ran from tear gas, I signed every petition I could. I attended webinars, I shared on social media, I tried to learn from Indigenous leaders.

I did it all. And I did it until I couldn’t read anymore without feeling the dread. I did it until I had nightmares and had to stop reading the news. I did it until I cried every night. Then, I prepared an emergency bag, a kit with water, food and first aid so I would be ready for floods and fires. I began trying to manage my eco-anxiety.

I hope it mattered.

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Dear Madeleine,

First of all I hope we succeeded in our dream that yours is a better world than the world of 2021. Today, the forests are burning, the sea levels are rising and wild weather is everywhere. But we are working hard and I’m confident we will succeed.


Dear my future family,

I will promise to help climate change as much as I can.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise I will use less fossil fuels.


Dear Tomorrow-My letter to the future 2030

I am most sorry we could not work through our differences, and see through the greed, get organized, and do more so that you could have a better life in your 2030 future.



How can I help you save the world and our country?


Dear Tomorrow,

I will encourage composting at work.


Dear Makena,

Sweetie, you deserve clean air, water and soil. You deserve to thrive in an environment that supports you.


Dear Tomorrow,

My climate promise is to stop using electricity too much.


Dear Zhengqing Gao,

Fortunately, you didn’t get injured while the wildfire burned your school.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to reach out to more people to ditch driving and consider using public transportation. I promise to convince Marin markets that sensible policies in density and mixed use planning will further enhance everyone’s quality of life.


To my darling ones,

And it’s not that I don’t care. I care deeply. For you three, and the families I hope you will have one day; for the many beautiful places I have had the privilege to know, places which take my breath away, that fill my heart with a bursting joy and connectedness to something so much greater than I, places I know may be quite different when you are my age



Saiba que enquanto eu tiver vida, minha voz não calará para alertar o mal que estamos fazendo agora para as nossas gerações futuras…

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