We need to rethink our consumption habits in order to reduce the impacts on the environment.

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Josefina Klesck
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Dear friends,


I am writing this letter to register my expectations for the future. Nowadays, we have several problems that are impacting the environment.  If we do not become aware about these problems our future will be severely impaired.

The necessities from society are unlimited and the natural resources are scarce. We need to rethink our consumption habits in order to reduce the impacts on the environment.

An important issue to think about is the relation between our eating habits and the food industry. We keep a diet rich in animal protein and this contributes to the deforestation of green areas and waste of water. The food industry is greatly responsible for consuming water and generating plastic waste. Because of that we need to make choices that matter to the preservation of the environment.

Now, I’m going to reduce my animal protein consumption as well as make other important choices thinking about the future. I hope you  make those choices too for the good of our future.

Stay well,


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When you look at me with those big beautiful eyes and that innocent smile, you make me want to fight harder. And I do.


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As with our struggles to eliminate police brutality, as with hate crimes, so it is with climate change – there are actually a lot of people out there who care.


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I want you to know that some of us do care and we are working towards a better future for you.


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What gives me hope is what is yet to come, what you will experience in your lifetime.


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This is my heritage for you my beautiful cacheticos de melon.


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I promise I will eat vegan, organic, locally grown, and seasonal.


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