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Dear future self,

Today is May 2, 2022 and the earth is not is great shape. We are cutting down trees at alarming rates, our coral reefs are almost completely dead, and all the carbon expelled into the atmosphere is raising world temperatures drastically.

I wish we had done more before now. I wish we had done more to ensure a safe planet for your future and our own.

In order to help make this change I promise to be more aware of my waste everyday in an effort to limit the trash stuck in landfills for eternity. I will also promise to limit now much meat and overly processed foods I eat as the production of these foods are environmental hazards. There is so much to do and even though I am just one person, I will try my hardest to value and respect Mother Earth the planet because it is all we have.

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Dear Tomorrow

Stay Cool and Save the Whales


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise I will encourage everyone to adopt a plant-based diet. Good for our health, the animals and the planet.


Dear Me,

Today, I promise to keep my spaces clean and my environment cleaner.


Dearest Gray,

When I asked you why the purple Violet called to you, you told me it was “magic”. I hope that you can still find the magic of life. I hope, despite everything, it is still in abundance.


Queridas crianças do mundo inteiro,

Pedimos que vocês procurem fazer como nós e continuem essa luta de colaborar com nosso planeta: evitando o consumo exagerado, usando a tecnologia para o bem, plantando árvores, economizando água e poluindo menos.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise I will encourage everyone to get OUT of their cars and onto public transit.


Dear Spike, Loulou and Yoshua,

I’m going to start a campaign to try to convince everybody in the Netherlands to not eat meat one day a week.


Dear Tomorrow



Dear Tomorrow,

I feel optimistic for you, tomorrow. I can feel a shift happening already.


Dear World,

The environment is important – take care of your actions to not destroy it starting from now.


Dear future self,

I am writing this to keep myself accountable and push myself towards taking action towards a sustainable future. I hope children of the future can still appreciate the wonders that nature and all its beings have to offer, appreciate the beauty in the world around us.


I pledge to take the bus.

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