Despite all the difficulties, we are from a family whose principles are honesty and love for others, and that’s what I want to share with you.

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Dear children,

I write this letter to you as a record of my actions under the conditions we currently live in. It has been a difficult time in this year of 2022. There is a war in Europe, global warming around the world, racism, and homophobia, among other harmful issues that affect us. Poverty is growing, prices are rising and people are not getting the basics to live. Because of politics, the poorest are losing even the right to study, to get something better, while the richest are getting richer. 

But as they say: we never give up, and regardless of all these adversities, there are many people fighting for our good.

My children, I promise you to do my best today. I will try to avoid waste, I will practice sustainability, and share what I have with as many people as possible. I will not forget about the hardships I went through, and I will do my best to make a better future.

Despite all the difficulties, we are from a family whose principles are honesty and love for others, and that’s what I want to share with you. The future can always be better, and I hope you will always continue contributing to it.

Sincere Blessings of Light, Love and Peace,



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Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to reach out to more people to ditch driving and consider using public transportation. I promise to convince Marin markets that sensible policies in density and mixed use planning will further enhance everyone’s quality of life.


To what we’ve overcome.

The first step would be in overcoming ourselves. Because whether we end up fading into obscurity, or thriving in prosperity, we will overcome ourselves.


To our sweet grandson Caleb,

We want a safe and beautiful world for you, little Caleb, and for your children and grandchildren. We promise to do our part.


Dearest Finlay,

I hope you are healthy and happy and that you feel supported by the ecosystem around you because we are all deeply truly interconnected. We depend on the earth to take care of us, and nature needs us to take care of her in turn. We all need each other.


Dear old dude Mårten,

I know that the 2019 version of me (today that is) wished and hoped for that I did all within my power to turn the world around without loosing sight on the beauty of being alive.


Dear Future Explorers,

I am often faced with the question: why do I care so much about this pale blue dot that we inhabit?


To my precious children,

As you’ve grown older, I’ve become increasingly aware that protecting you means more than ensuring your short-term safety. It also means ensuring that you’ll have a safe planet to live on.


Dear Tomorrow,

The only way to survive it, even if you don’t feel like you’re winning, is to keep your hands on the rope.


Dear Tomorrow,

I will stop using plastic and will plant trees. I will also not waste water and electricity.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to use my reusable water bottle more often


I promise to help people! Become more aware!


To my wide-eyed warrioresses,

Since my two daughters emerged into this world, all of my tomorrows have become more dear.

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