I wish I had a crystal ball and could peep into it to see you all happy and safe in a world that nourishes you and that is also nourished by you, a world where the resources it provides are as valued as the people in it and not frittered away by greed and power.

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Dear Children,

Wow, how time flies!  As I write, I ponder on the reality that as you read this I very well may no longer be here with you.  It’s October 2022, and I am watching you all as you start becoming adults and fly the nest, creating your own future selves, and letting your individuality shine through.  I am so very proud of each one of you and the young adults that you are becoming.

I wonder about what I’ve taught you, have I been a good mum? Have I done enough to make your future a better place?  Have I been enough of a game-changer to make a difference?  Have I taught you the skills to help you survive whatever the years have thrown at you?   I hope so.

I wish I had a crystal ball and could peep into it to see you all happy and safe in a world that nourishes you and that is also nourished by you, a world where the resources it provides are as valued as the people in it and not frittered away by greed and power.

I hope you realize that every day I said “Oh I’m working right now” or every evening like tonight that I am not home you knew that I was out there trying to make the future better for you.

I look back now over the years and see my parents and grandparents and am grateful for the things they taught me, things like sewing, crocheting, and cooking, all about the plants and remedies, how to make jam, and the value of volunteering, how to grow food and protecting nature.  They were good ancestors and left a legacy within me that shaped my life, and I hope that this legacy continues into your life.  I reflect that it took me till my mid-40s to recognize this legacy – an age you are all at now.  Do you now feel the same, or has lived on this planet changed so much that these ancestral strengths are no longer needed or matter?

I can only imagine what the year 2050 will bring right now and in all honesty, it’s not looking good right now, greed, power, and corruption seem to be worse than ever with hidden agendas that leave most people in difficult circumstances, most scared of what will happen next, living in fear whilst the planet’s resources are overused and abused.  We must surely reach a breaking point soon – but how and when that may be, who knows.  I hope to the core of my being that people will soon awaken to their personal privileges and start to understand their impact on the wider world around them and open their hearts to empathy not only for their fellow humans but for the one planet that supports us all.

I suppose in the end does all this really matter?   The planet will carry on without us humans on it.  It will heal itself from man-made scars and life will find new ways of being, new species will evolve over time.  But I’d like to hope our future generations will still be around carrying the ancestral genes of a family who actually cares and tried to make things better, that for them we, you and I were the good ancestors.

I love you all to the moon and back


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