I promise to work to raise awareness of the problem of climate change, while reducing my own carbon footprint.

by Daniel Sleator


Dear Daughters/ Dear Future,

Dear Daughters, This year I will help get out the vote for green candidates. -Hilary Dear Future, I promise to raise awareness about the importance of climate change by talking to people and writing about it as a journalist. – Prachi

by Prachi Patel


I promise to use a electric car. Ethan

by Ethan Tavares


Dear future me,

to stop littering and make sure we recycle everything. Also, put more solar panels!

by Janya Ullal


Dear Esther,

I promise to never be too busy to share the beautiful things in everyday and work to protect this beautiful planet! Love, Mama

by Anonymous


Dear Earth,

I will make sure to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Also, I will not use too much water. We will also use solar energy. Sincerely, Anukta

by Anukta Ashok


I promise to take care of the earth.

by Chavez


Dear Earth,

I promise to keep our earth clean. Aanya

by Aanya


Dear Grandkids, (everyone’s grandkids),

Our house is already net zero, but by mid-2021 I promise I will be 100% net zero house and car combined.

by Dave Blair


Dear Future Yinzers,

I promise to listen, learn and use my voice for the realization of a safe and healthy world! Will B.

by Will Brown


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to bike + walk + bus in place of driving a car. Love, Emily

by Emily Persico


Dear tomorrow,

I will make solar powered houses, cars, planes and tablets. Sadie

by Sadie Shirley


Dear people,

I want to be present because so I can make everyone free forever.

by Maelin Shirley


Dear tomorrow,

I promise to plant more trees and promise to talk to my family and friends about the importance of climate change.  

by Avnika Ashok


Dear Future,

I promise to stop creating water bottle waste.

by Anonymous


We will recycle

by Anonymous


I will ride my bike!

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

I will only use reusable coffee cups!

by Anonymous


Save Mother Earth!

She brings us life and the least we can do is sustain her and care for her #govegan #save the earth #reduceyourcarbonfootprint

by Anonymous


No heredamos la tierra de nuestros ancestros, la tomamos prestada de nuestras hijos. Cuidemosla!

by Anonymous


We will reduce our use of single use plastic!

by Anonymous


We will recycle

by Anonymous


I am all for saving our dear Mother Earth so our future generations will enjoy as much as we are.

by Anonymous


I will ride my bike.

by Anonymous


Dear tomorrow,

I support sustainability because one day we’ll understand that they Earth doesn’t only belong to us!

by Anonymous


Dear Luke and Rosie,

I promise to make our future home more energy efficient by adding insulation and LEDs. I also promise to make more meatless meals. Love, Laura/Mommy and Adam/Daddy

by Laura Fleischner


Dear Summer,

by Anonymous


Dear Students,

I promise to make my home (and future homes) more energy efficient and greener! – Jenny

by Jennifer Salazar


Dear Alara and Evren,

I promise to teach you kiddos about recycling and paper waste disposal. Love, Mama

by Erika Lum


Dear Aren,

I promise not to turn on the water in the shower before you are completely ready to go in! You always remind me that you aren’t ready!! Love, mom

by Tia Forsstrom


Dear Oskar,

We promise that we will make a bigger effort to think about the environment. Momma will drive less and take fewer baths. Pappa will work to turn off lights and vote and buy a Tesla (?). We love you like crazy. Love, Momma and Papa

by Krista Jenkins


Dear Friends,

I promise to work together to find as many ways as we can live harmoniously and in balance with one another and with all the creatives + beings on the planet, and with the planet! Lets listen to the plants and honor, respect and revise our resources and energy. I promise to be kind and […]

by Jennifer Danielsson


Dear Jupiter,

I promise to do everything I can to talk about climate change on a systematic level through marches with the Democratic Socialists of America to marches in the streets, your mom and I work to dismantle capitalism and make a more just, peaceful and sustainable world.

by Jonathan Mann


Future Pittsburgh,

I promise to vote for candidates who support climate change!

by Lauren Mabry


I promise to walk more + drive less. I promise to avoid plastic bags. I promise to vote for candidates who support science.

by David Mooney


I will not litter.

by Connor Sherrill

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