Querido Madre,

En el mundo de hoy, es muy imperativo que nosotros protegemos el medio ambiente. Voy a difundir información, reciclar, y ahorrar energía

by Anonymous

Hola Niki!!

Yo prometo hacer todo lo que pueda ahora que en la futuro no es muy malo.

by Anonymous

Querida mamá,

Espero que me ayuden y me apoyen mientras protejo el medio ambiente.

by Anonymous

Dear Mom,

Es el trabajo de todos salvar el medio ambiente y quiero ayudar.

by Anonymous

Querido la futura,

Yo espero que la gente prevena el cambio climático y luche para la futura de nuestro planeta.

by Anonymous

Dear me,

Planeo proteger el planeta por informar a la gente sobre los problemas de nuestro planeta.

by Anonymous

Querido Mariposa,

Yo prometo a ayuda el medio ambiente. Es un buena idea que yo proteja sus habitats y las habitats de mucho más animales en peligro de extinción.

by Anonymous

Estimado Colin,

Yo recomiendo que la gobierno reducan productos de plástico.

by Anonymous

Quierdo Megan,

Un parte de mi plan para los ideas para un planeta limpio es no malgastar energía o agua.

by Anonymous

Dear Mousa,

Necesitamos protegemos la planeta.

by Anonymous

Quierdo mis amigos,

Recomiendo que nosotros difundas información por las redes sociales sobre el medio ambiente.

by Anonymous


Es necesario que la gente reciclemos y reutilicemos para reducir la contaminación de aire, el suelo, y el mar.

by Anonymous

Estimado Mellek (en el futuro),

Yo puedere usar mi voz para explicar el negativo effectos los personas causa en el mundo en un noticia. Después yo necessitere protestar pacíficamente.

by Anonymous

Dear People,

Es esencial que nosotros ahorremos nuestro planeta antes de que sea demasiado tarde.

by Anonymous

Querido Sahana,

Si hacemos estos cambios, podemos hacer la diferencia.

by Anonymous

Dear children,

Yo recomiendo que tú planteas árboles y evites el tala de los árboles porque deforestación está dañado el medio ambiente.

by Anonymous


Hay mucha contaminación en el agua, aire, y suelo y es muy triste.

by Anonymous

Dear Ainsley,

Yo necesito mejorar el cambio climático por ayudar el planeta.

by Anonymous

Querida yo,

El medio ambiente necesita ser protegido. Es una lastima que la gente no lo cuides.

by Anonymous

Dearest Ian,

Making this Earth a beautiful playground for your future.

by Anonymous

Dear Athena,

I promise to plant as many trees and seeds and greenery as possible.

by Anonymous


Dear Son,

I hope with effective action to combat this climate change will we have a better world in the future.

by Anonymous

Dear Friends,

In a world of more than seven billion people, each of us is a drop in the bucket. But with enough drops, we can fill any bucket.

by Anonymous


To my daughter,

The climate is quite dynamic these days. Dhaka has dust and warm in this spring.

by Anonymous


Dear Nafia,

I also hope that your previous prayers have been answered. The way you wanted to create green jobs for your fellow city dwellers have been fulfilled already.

by Anonymous

Dear Seb and Max,

I want your children and grandchildren to have forests to explore, glaciers to view, and clean air to breathe. I want you to travel the world, live healthy lives, and and enjoy what this world has to offer. Climate change threatens all of that.

by Karina Weinstein


Dear World,

The environment is important – take care of your actions to not destroy it starting from now.

by Hein Oo


Dear love,

The world is facing some serious crises right now as Viral pandemic and war situation between Ukraine and Russia.

by Mahnoor Khan

Dear future self,

Keeping some traditional values unchanged will help us understand what life was in the past and show what has evolved drastically and what has not changed. 

by Rohin Nagda

Dear Michael,

I pledge to do everything I can to improve the environment so that you can be excited for the future, and not scared.

by Anonymous

dear Kelley,

I want you to have a good future, one where you don’t have to worry about an early “end of the world” situation.

by Noah Dentry

To those I love,

Check in on yourself and the world around you for me. The other day I did the same and found myself anxious but a sweet sense came over me as well. That sweetness was in the possibilities that lay ahead of me in the future you exist in now.

by Anonymous

dear future child,

As a future teacher, I hope to teach my future students and you how to take care of our planet and advocate for change in corporations and governments.

by Julia Walstrum

Dear Ali-Boy,

Almost every year that you’ve been alive you’ve seen California’s fire season and watched the sun and sky get red and felt ash rain down from the sky, it was never like that before, even just a few years before you were born. 

by Gwendolyn Curtis

To my family,

I watch the skies go from blue to grey, as my generation attempts to push back from the faults of what the species has done. I

by Anonymous

Dear Alice,

My mind fills with fear when I think of the world that we may inhabit in 2050. I hope that there is clean air, water, housing, oceans, fields to run in.

by Anonymous

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