dear my future self,

I also hope that climate change isn’t so bad or doesn’t exist any more.

by Anonymous


dear future people (:

I am writing this message to you guys. When I look outside my window today, I see a beautiful world that others and myself call “home sweet home.” The trees glimmering in warm sunlight, the air stirring a cool breeze, and the water flowing down rivers are parts of our home Mother Earth.

by Anonymous


My Mini & Lou,

Since I first sat down with these words, a pandemic has erupted. Racial violence is reaching a fever pitch and protests are raging across the nation. It feels like the planet is succumbing to entropy, slipping further into chaos. But I write to you from a time of shifting tides.

by Amber T

Hey you,

I’m writing this during the Covid-19 pandemic, global Co2 emissions have gone down. We are the virus.

by Leilani Zhu

Dear Future Generations:

We still have the chance to pull it back and build the future, for you guys. We need to make a change to our lifestyle and our attitude to nature.

by Anonymous


Dear Amara and Uma,

Maybe you heard about bats? Bats, the carriers of this disease that spread among us like wild fire. I love bats. When I was your age today, sitting in the evening on the back terrace of your grandparent’s home in Ibiza, hundreds of bats would play, dance and sing among the trees.

by Mia Kirn-Fedda

Dear Tomorrow,

I hope that my healthy living makes a difference.

by Anonymous

Dear 2030Matt,

So this most important thing you can do over the next 10 years is to get the right people elected to drive real, sustaining, meaningful change. And spend plenty of time outdoors with your kids.

by Anonymous

dear us,

We need to change. We have to recognize that our actions have consequences. It took a global pandemic for the Earth to heal, and it still is healing.

by Anonymous

Dear unknown future person reading this a minute after I press send or a hundred years from now…

I will try to come out of this crisis making more of an effort to imagine, create and live in a world that treats other people, animals and the matter of the world itself so much better.

by Alexander Kiehl


To the Three most Beautiful Souls I could ever Know,

I promise to keep your Love at the forefront of my every move. I will make personal changes and I will learn more, so that I can contribute to a healthier environment in a meaningful way.

by Eric Johnson

Dear Future Generations,

Covid-19 has shown the world how much our earth needed a break from the constant damage we continue to make by prioritizing money over the health of our own planet.

by Anonymous

Dear Future World,

Right now its 2020 and the world is in shambles. We have not prioritized our environment despite the warnings that we are running out of time to do so. Despite there being a global pandemic, the administration in the United States is trying to roll back so many of the policies people have spent years fighting for.

by Anonymous

Dear Future people,

I hope our congress members will stop being lobbied by fossil fuel funders.

by Anonymous

To my grandchildren,

I’m writing in hopes that I’ve taught you all well. Regardless, I’m assuming it’s gotten hotter in the future and I’m also assuming that (given I’m still around) I’m complaining that it’s too gosh darn hot.

by Alexander Khalilieh

Dear future relatives,

I think that things will get worse before they get better, but I really do hope that one day humanity can make up for its destruction.  

by Anonymous

Dear Future us, 

Right now we are struggling on a pandemic and our air is clearing up a little bit due to people staying at home.

by anonymous anonymous

Dear future peoples,

Those of us who care deeply about the earth and its future are not going to give up.

by Anonymous

Dear people of 2050,

Today, we are seeing a global pandemic that has affected our lives and hopefully our future.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Generation of 2050,

The environment of this world is not being looked after the way it should be.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Grandchildren,

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful places this world has to offer and that you are doing your part to take care of it.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Generations,

Do not succumb to the politics and the leaders that only care about themselves.

by Anonymous

Dear future American,

I hope that society overall is happier and healthier than in 2020.

by Jason Kim

Dear future us,

Thank you for saving the beautiful world we inhabit.

by Anonymous

Dear future family,

Today the LA traffic is clear and the usual smog in our skyline is not there. This is something that I wish it were like all the time but unfortunately this is only happening due to our current pandemic.

by Anonymous

Dear future grandchildren,

I hope that we’ve saved our environment enough for your future.

by Anonymous

Dear Tomorrow,

Today most of us can see the immediate impact of climate change. With this knowledge I hope we can unite to make a difference so you tomorrow, can see a world that is more alive than ours today.

by Jeremy Miessau

Dear future,

I hope the weather is not too hot.

by Anonymous

Dear Charly (my 6 year old sister),

I hope that you have shared similar experiences to mine. That there are still large blue oceans for you to swim in. Mountains for you to ski down. Trees for you to climb.

by Anonymous

Dear Tomorrow,

In the world of 2020, we are living in an uncertain time with an unprecedented event, that being covid 19. The world as we know it is changing, individuals are distancing themselves from one another, and panicking about what the future may hold. But in the midst of all this is a better tomorrow.

by Anonymous

Dear Cris,

I go to sleep thinking about how the future might be and whether or not we have changed our ways for the better.

by Anonymous

To Those in the Future,

I want to be able to live a life that isn’t filled with future hardships and I want my future children to live in a world that is habitable.

by Anonymous


Dear grandchild,

There is a place on this planet called the Amazon, and I don’t mean the online shopping site (is that still a thing in your time?).

by Peter Schurmann

Dear Child,

Decide for yourself and use your intuition to preserve and protect the earth you walk on.

by Todd Polando

Dear Grandchildren,

Because people are staying inside in parts of the world there is less pollution and water looks more clear.

by Anonymous

Dear tomorrow,

There is change in the air, and I hope we act in time.

by Chloe Rattee

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