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Dear my future self,

I hope climate change hasn’t worsened by 2050. I recently took measures to avoid this by not using as much electricity, such as turning off all unnecessary lights and using less plastic in my daily life. These small activities may be easily forgotten, but I hope my future self can sustain this habit, and I hope that owing to many people’s efforts, climate change will soon alter and improve.

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Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to use a reusable water bottle.


Meus filhos,

Devemos conservar nosso planeta. Mas, para se fazer isso, temos que fazer isso juntos. Todos os seres humanos devem estar voltados para cuidar bem do lar em que vivemos e do presente que Deus nos deu para viver: a Terra.


Dear Tomorrow

I will get my roommates to be more environmentally friendly.


To my Dad,

I hope on this Father’s Day, my 24th birthday, and the rest of days, we remember that the most basic part of life is living happy with the ones we love. Acting every day against climate change will allow us to keep that simple piece of humanity.


Dear Grandchildren,

So here we are. In 2022 millions of people are suffering from the climate catastrophes, killing pollution and pandemic, not mentioning about poverty, gender and social injustice, racism, wars and dictatorships that can go on as long as bad people in power are allowed to grab our natural resources.


People of tomorrow,

Your path will only be as clear tomorrow as we have made it for you today.


Dear Eleanor,

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To my dear son Zac,

I promise to raise you as a loving-nature human.


Dear Yasmine,

I tried to teach you of the importance of being satisfied with what you had within your hands.


Dear Students,

My act of love will be to use all the power I have, during the rest of my life, to stop climate change.


Pick up your trash wherever you go!


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to live a car-free lifestyle.

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