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To future Demi,

Hello, I am the past you. You may have forgotten that I wrote this letter. After all, this is what you wanted to tell yourself in high school. It’s wonderful that you can read this letter, it proves that you are still in this world safely. You should be a high age by then. I hope you are healthy, have a loving family, and realize your dreams. You can also find the words of this letter, indicating that the human situation is not bad, at least the network and electricity are still there, and they are also maintaining a normal life. What will happen to the earth in the future world? Have scientists discovered new energy? Has the problem of global warming been solved? Do the North and South Pole still exist? Can natural disasters be predicted? Are humans still protecting the environment? I’m really curious about what our homes will look like in the future. Wish it was a more beautiful place than it is now. So, my letter is written here, I wish you all the best and look forward to our meeting in the future. You from the past.

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Dear Victoria, sugar pie honey bunch, chiquita loquita,

How can I look at your bright eyes and light dance and tell you we are facing a war?


Dear Tomorrow,

We want to let others know about how to fight climate crisis.


Dear Seamus and Tuva,

So it’s 2050. If the good people are winning the greater struggle, fossil fuels are a shamefully long chapter of the past, and there has been a full scale awakening to the need for only renewable, clean energy.


My dearest children Ameilia and Alivia, 

I want you to hear the whispers of the seasons changing. The rustling of leaves as they gracefully cascade down from their limbs in the fall, birds singing in spring, and frogs that serenade the summer night.


Caro me stesso,

Non so dove e con chi sarò nel 2050, spero che sia un anno migliore di quello appena passato .


dear future children,

As I write this, our world is slowly giving way to climate change.


To the generation after mine,

But when you encounter that resistance–and you will, regularly–know that you must respond just how we have had to these past 50 years. With love, and sternness, and most of all, courage. Because that is what the resistance fears the most. We who came before you promise that we will do the same while we wait for you. Know that you will never be alone.


Olá Pessoal,

Com essas ideias simples e força de vontade, podemos tornar um mundo, um lugar melhor para se viver, com menos mortes, menos lixo, transforma-lo em um mundo diferente.


dear future people (:

I hope that people are still enjoying the wonders that nature has to offer.


Dear Future Explorers,

I am often faced with the question: why do I care so much about this pale blue dot that we inhabit?


Minhas lindas,

As causas das mudanças no clima são tão profundas e envolvem tanta gente e tantos lugares.


Our Shared Promise

I will act today so you may have a healthy earth to live on.

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