I promise to do my part. I promise to be the change I want to see in the world, and I hope that you, reader, will do the same.

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Ivanna Milian
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Salutations to whoever may be reading this,

You may not know me & I probably don’t know you, but I think we both have the same idea:  we have to do something about our Earth. If we don’t do something soon, we won’t be able to get our Earth back, no matter how much we try. This sucks and you probably hear this all of the time, but it really shouldn’t discourage you. I am 17 & a senior in high school right now & I think I have been hearing this all of my life, but now I am trying to be the change I want to see in the world. That saying is really cheesy – it is, I got it from some motivational poster– but it is very true. Small things like picking up after yourself, recycling the correct things, doing your research, really anything can help. You can count on me doing part, so I hope I can count on you too. I know that we can do it if we all just start to pitch in and do our part. Doesn’t matter how old you are, your level of intellect, or your income; we can all do something because this Earth is our home. If you look at the picture I attached you will see how beautiful the ocean looks. Now what would happen if it filled with a bunch of plastic objects, not so beautiful anymore. Let’s pick up after ourselves, let’s do our part. I know that if we all help, even if it’s a little, we’ll be able to save our home.

I promise to do my part. I promise to be the change I want to see in the world, and I hope that you, reader, will do the same.

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My dear granddaughter Christy,

My own curiosity and knowing what a caring, aware young woman you are help me override despair.


Dear Leo,

Last week I took you to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline.


To the future generations,

I will stand on the streets, in the courts, and in the schools to encourage awareness and empathy for the earth.


Dear Beloved Children,

As time progresses, there is hope that value will be placed on all living organisms, including humans, plants, and animals. Life will move at a slower pace, and being on your own time and moving at your individual pace will be the typical way of life. I consider this way of life good living, and I hope that future generations will live on this earth as it was once intended to live in peace and harmony.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to clean the earth.


Al mio piccolo, grandissimo bambino,

Hai compiuto da poco 1 anno e giusto ieri hanno annunciato la scoperta di 7 pianeti che potrebbero racchiudere in essi la possibilità di sviluppare, o aver già sviluppato, vita a livello organico.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to ditch all the natural gas and go all electric with my home!


Dear Tomorrow,

I will do my part to help ensure that there is an Earth left when we are done borrowing it.


Dear Gorasia descendants,

I will do all that I can, and hope my fellow inhabitants join my pursuit, to nurture this planet.


Dear Future Kids Like Me,

What I hope for future kids like me is that they continue to ride the groundswell of climate change support all the way into action.


Dear Peyton and Lucas,

I want you to continue to enjoy bright, beautiful, blue skies, gigantic shady trees, chirping birds, scampering squirrels, sparkling creeks and all that this amazing world has to offer!


Dear Cherie,

I promise to plant 5 trees every year just to make sure I don’t leave a carbon footprint.

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