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Dear future self,

Dear Future Self,   

Hope you are doing wonderful and are enjoying life to the fullest. Never overthink things and be able to be there for yourself and others. The skills I have currently are being able to think rationally and logically, problem-solving, communicating with people and solving disagreements.

I want to have a car, a house, be able to provide for myself and change the world for the greater good of humanity and keep some traditions unchanged. Keeping some traditional values unchanged will help us understand what life was in the past and show what has evolved drastically and what has not changed. 

I want to stop corruption and pollution of the seas which is causing the rise in global temperature and rising sea levels. Continue expanding my knowledge on past and present historical things that are being repeated or are happening. Start working out, waking up at the same time everyday, and sleeping at the same time everyday.

DO the things you love. Never let others get in the way of your goals or stop you from completing your goal. No matter what is happening, focus on yourself or others, listen to motivational speakers or podcasts about motivation. Just workout no matter what is happening that day or who is trying to get in your way. Cut those that are bringing you down out of your life.

How are you going to Complete the goal of working out? How are you going to Impact the world and what are the causes and effects of it?  How are you going to stop corruption? How are you going to get through tough times and what are you going to do during tough times?


Rohin Nagda

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Dear Future Sami Lee,

Everyone currently in life laughs and yells save the bees. We were a bee this year for Halloween and Lucy even came up with a great slogan “get with it honey”.


Dear loved ones in the future,

Even if it pains me to imagine how things are back home in Puerto Rico at the moment, I know things will flourish again. The land will heal, but we need to help it.


Dear Future Self,

I am scared of the things happening right now with our planet.


Dear Thomas,

When you look at me with those big beautiful eyes and that innocent smile, you make me want to fight harder. And I do.


Dear My Future Child,

I want to sculpt a world for you where you can play outside without gas masks, an ocean to swim in without toxins, and a thick lively forest for you to wander.


Dear future me,

I’m doing this work because I see it as the best way to save and improve as many lives as possible. I’m doing it so you, 2050 Ryan, can look at yourself in the mirror. And so you can tell your kids and grandkids someday that you did everything you could.


Dear Future,

I asked you, the future , to help us as well, to preserve our only planet that can give us life, that can let us watch anime, go to the beach, smell flowers, run through the meadow, listen to our songs, be in a concert, and let us live.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to recycle and compost.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise I will encourage everyone to get OUT of their cars and onto public transit.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to put in a rain catcher tank.


To the future,

Today, I will hope and envision the future I wish to achieve. Then tomorrow, I will have tough conversations, I will call my local representatives, I will continue to fight for this world.


To my Maria and her children,

I have to tell you something: it is so hard to keep our life “green” for now, but we still keep trying.

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