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Dear Readers of Tomorrow,

August 23, 2022

Dear Reader of This Letter,

I am a person who is four months shy of eighty years old. I have lived through my life witnessing and experiencing incredible speed of growth generated by advanced technologies. As a result, I appreciate the good life I have as a human being. I certainly hope you will continue to feel as privileged.
At the same time, we have just begun to realize that the privileges we enjoy in 2020 on this beautiful planet earth have taken a huge toll on climate and natural resources and caused unconceivable damages. Over the past several decades, we start to acutely aware of the trails we are leaving behind and to realize the impact on YOU, the future inhabitants of this one and only plant.
One example, the “indestructible” forever chemicals pfas, which can also be called “everywhere chemicals,” has raised great concerns at this stage of my life. But, thanks dedicated scientists, we now have just learned that it can be destroyed in the lab setting. To bring pfas into total control will take years of active government regulations and scientific know-hows to eradicate the harms we have created. Just as a case in point of feeling despaired and hopeful, my visions for the near future:
To live responsibly as individuals with our planet’s health in mind.
To engage actively in our community to make visible difference.
To reduce our footprint while walking gently on this earth.
May you and your fellow human beings live a better life and create a more sustainable earth for your future generations.

a nameless grandmother on Mercer Island

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