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Dear Owen, Sura, Jessie, Jamie, and Eamon,

You are the kids of the future. It seems scary, climate change seems unstoppable, but with your family by your side and me as a guide, we can do anything.

I promise to be there for you and empower you to make a change. Your grandparents might not understand, but that’s okay! We are the force of nature that can change the trajectory of society.

You don’t need that new iPhone or headphones – everything you need is outside! All the answers to the problems exist here right now!

We are in this together. I make a promise to show you that we can do it as long as we do it together. Today, I make the promise to educate as many people as I can in a loving way to get them inspired to take climate action.

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To My Friends, Family and Future Grandchildren,

I realize my reflection of the past, current and future state of the environment paints a grim and pessimistic picture, but I feel optimistic in our ability to turn planet Earth’s fate around if we all work together and commit to making a change.


Dear Donatella,

We ran through the woods laughing, crying, and living.


Dear Elliot and Alana,

But being truthful, I know we are not yet on the path that will lead to the change that is needed; but it is visible.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to ditch all the natural gas and go all electric with my home!


Dear Tom and Leena,

I want you to only see the beauty in this world; there is so much of it and I will protect this beauty for as long as I am here on this Earth.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to never use a plastic straw.


Dear Tomorrow,

My promise is to continue to dedicate my life, my business, and my future to creating cultures that embrace environmental action not only for our own good, but the good of the countless other species hurting from climate change.


My Dear Grandchildren,

In writing this letter to you, I am searching for ways to make my connection and commitment to you more present in my current experience


Dear Ari and Levi,

Luckily, we have figured out ways to build things without making the air dirty, and we are trying very hard to get more people to switch over to this new way as fast as we can.


Dear Future,

We need to work to save our beautiful home.


Dear loved ones in the future,

Even if it pains me to imagine how things are back home in Puerto Rico at the moment, I know things will flourish again. The land will heal, but we need to help it.


Olá minha querida filha Julia,

Muita Coragem e força para você enfrentar todos os desafios que virão, pois são com eles que crescemos.

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