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Dear Me,

I hope when you read this we are continuing to improve the world around us. We have seen the destruction that has occurred due to human activity with mass extinctions, habitat loss, air pollution and many more. This destruction hurts everyone in various ways including future generations who will be living in a world of consequences from our contributions to climate change if we do not take individual and systemic action. When looking at these large problems it can be difficult to see how our small actions can make any change. We must do what we can to make the world a cleaner place and make known to those around us how we have impacted the world for the short time humans have been alive. This is why I am starting to take action now by continuously learning about climate change, supporting organizations pursuing climate justice, and making changes in diet and energy use habits. While these things are small they will contribute to the good everyone else is doing as well. We are acting with millions of people around the world who also recognize the problems we cause through climate change. I implore all these years later to continue doing this work, expanding upon what I am starting, and continue to make the world a cleaner place.

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Dear Future Self,

I hope you got your dream job of using your business degree to reduce co2 emissions and promote sustainable energy.


Dear Levon,

I hope, as your father, I’ve done enough to instill within you how science is a wonderful adventure.


Dear Logan,

I am working every second of my life, with every ounce of my being, to ensure that I am leaving you and your brother a planet that is safe and secure.


Olá minha querida filha Julia,

Muita Coragem e força para você enfrentar todos os desafios que virão, pois são com eles que crescemos.


Dear Tomorrow and Dearest Lex, 

I do believe that the collective power of everyone’s best efforts can curb the worst effects of climate change, and provide you with a more stable and secure future.


Dear future generations,

My hope for you is that you can have equal experiences with nature that I was able to have with my dad.


To the Future Generations,

I look at my baby niece today. The newest member of our family, just 3 days old. What will be left for her and her grandchildren?


Dear next generation,

I hope that by the time you’re reading this, things have changed and people have started to protect the earth


My dearest Paloma Bear,

I want the very best for you and for generations to come. There is only one planet earth. Your mommy and I will make a genuine effort to make an impact to protect it for you.


To my Dad,

I hope on this Father’s Day, my 24th birthday, and the rest of days, we remember that the most basic part of life is living happy with the ones we love. Acting every day against climate change will allow us to keep that simple piece of humanity.


Aos meus sobrinhos queridos, Ana Laura, Luis Carlos e Helloísa,

Talvez eu não esteja viva para ver alguma mudança, mas espero que vocês vejam e tenham um mundo melhor em 2050. Plantei um ipê rosa e outro amarelo, que eles estejam florindo até 2050.


Dear Corey,

I promise to do all within my power to create a world that’s safe for you and your generation.

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