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Dear Me,

I hope when you read this we are continuing to improve the world around us. We have seen the destruction that has occurred due to human activity with mass extinctions, habitat loss, air pollution and many more. This destruction hurts everyone in various ways including future generations who will be living in a world of consequences from our contributions to climate change if we do not take individual and systemic action. When looking at these large problems it can be difficult to see how our small actions can make any change. We must do what we can to make the world a cleaner place and make known to those around us how we have impacted the world for the short time humans have been alive. This is why I am starting to take action now by continuously learning about climate change, supporting organizations pursuing climate justice, and making changes in diet and energy use habits. While these things are small they will contribute to the good everyone else is doing as well. We are acting with millions of people around the world who also recognize the problems we cause through climate change. I implore all these years later to continue doing this work, expanding upon what I am starting, and continue to make the world a cleaner place.

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Dear Abigail and Olivia,

What stories will you tell them about our generation? Will we be heroes or villains?


Dear Future,

I will use less plastic.


Hey Kiddos!

My hope for you is that all our legislative efforts and care for the environment makes a difference so that we can wipe asthma out of our family.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to use a reusable water bottle.


Dear Nieces and Nephews,

I tried.


Dear Malasher and Alex,

My goal was to help you grow into better citizens of our planet; to help you care about our natural world and to make everyday choices that reflect concern for our beautiful earth and our own health as well as encourage you to work together to make changes in our community.


Dear future me,

I’m doing this work because I see it as the best way to save and improve as many lives as possible. I’m doing it so you, 2050 Ryan, can look at yourself in the mirror. And so you can tell your kids and grandkids someday that you did everything you could.


Caro me stesso,

Non so dove e con chi sarò nel 2050, spero che sia un anno migliore di quello appena passato .


Dear future self,

I am writing this to keep myself accountable and push myself towards taking action towards a sustainable future. I hope children of the future can still appreciate the wonders that nature and all its beings have to offer, appreciate the beauty in the world around us.


Our Shared Promise

I will act today so you may have a healthy earth to live on.


Dear Tomorrow,

And, if this summer has taught me anything, I am content (because I have to be) living in this limbo, this seemingly endless waiting for the opportunity to change, when really the opportunity exists within our very selves all along.


To Annika, Anders, Stella, Eva, and Mickey,

In writing to you, I realize that I don’t want you to be hard on yourself if you choose to not make this your cause. But it is mine, so I hope that you hold me accountable to some of what I wrote here.

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