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Dear Grandpa,

I was a bit surprised this year when you mentioned my internship for the hatchery this Thanksgiving when you made your usual speech about our accomplishments for the year. Of course, I think highly of the help I provided to the hatchery, but I didn’t think other people thought much of it. I was really touched when you mentioned it. It means a lot to me that you recognize and care what I’m trying to do to help the waters stay clean and the reefs healthy. While I also did not appreciate it at the time, I really was grateful for your enthusiasm when I gave you a tour of what I do for work. You showing up randomly on a tiny boat with Peter made my day.

I hope what I’m doing to help the environment has some sort of visible results, but the fact that you understand what I’m hoping to accomplish keeps me going. You probably won’t be around to see the world in 2050, but I promise that I’m working my hardest in my own way to keep things as good as they can be.

Your Second Grandson

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