I hope that when we look back on these years,  you’ll see that humanity can be good. That we joined together and fixed it because of we don’t, who will?

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Leia Burks
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Dear Future Me,

I’m not sure where we’ll be in 2050. Hell, I’m not sure we can even beat climate change but we have to try. So I hope the future is bright and filled with trees, and that you published your books. That a difference was made not just by you but by everyone. I hope that when we look back on these years,  you’ll see that humanity can be good. That we joined together and fixed it because of we don’t, who will?

I had this thought, during a bad episode where I broke down while thinking everything is hopeless. That is humans are an invasive species because aren’t we doing what they do? Destroying ecosystems, killing off species. Sometimes I think it’s true, but I won’t give up. I’ll believe that we can fix this until my last breath. I’ll keep trying to be heard, so no day I’ll get to be you.

A person who went through this crisis and survived it. I hope a lot of people get to become that too. That we can prove the deniers and liars wrong. I though maybe you could use a photo of Mom to get your sports high. I love her.


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Our Shared Promise

I will act today so you may have a healthy earth to live on.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise composting in my house and getting an EV for my first car.


Dear tomorrow,

If there’s one thing young people have learned while quarantining, it’s that Gen Z holds so much power and is capable of a lot more than we think. We’ve created a community that has united us all and started to bring about change for the good of our futures. Now, with the help of Gen Z (and of course, people of all ages), we have the power to save our home, the Earth.


Dear Tomorrow,

My climate action is to educate youth to create solutions for energy efficiency and conservation opportunities.


Dear grandchild,

There is a place on this planet called the Amazon, and I don’t mean the online shopping site (is that still a thing in your time?).


To my Children,

As you look through your window, I hope you will see a bright future. I hope you dream big, and that you have the courage, drive, and fortitude to do everything you can to achieve those dreams.


dear earth,

I promise those who walked the Earth before me and those who will walk the Earth after me that I will not stand by and let nature slip through my fingers.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to drive less and walk more.


Dear future generations,

It’s never too late to make a difference. Our actions have very real consequences. We can educate ourselves, learn from our mistakes, and take action. We can hold companies like big oil and big plastic accountable for their negative impacts on the environment. We can educate ourselves and others about what causes climate change and what actions we as individuals can take to lower our carbon footprints.


Dear Me,

Today, I promise to keep my spaces clean and my environment cleaner.


Oi Luc,

Estou esperando ansiosa sua chegada pra que a gente possa fazer muitas coisas boas juntos, uma delas, é cuidar bem do nosso planeta.


To my daughters,

In order for you two be happy and healthy, we all need to work hard to prevent climate change.

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