I hope that when we look back on these years,  you’ll see that humanity can be good. That we joined together and fixed it because of we don’t, who will?

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Dear Future Me,

I’m not sure where we’ll be in 2050. Hell, I’m not sure we can even beat climate change but we have to try. So I hope the future is bright and filled with trees, and that you published your books. That a difference was made not just by you but by everyone. I hope that when we look back on these years,  you’ll see that humanity can be good. That we joined together and fixed it because of we don’t, who will?

I had this thought, during a bad episode where I broke down while thinking everything is hopeless. That is humans are an invasive species because aren’t we doing what they do? Destroying ecosystems, killing off species. Sometimes I think it’s true, but I won’t give up. I’ll believe that we can fix this until my last breath. I’ll keep trying to be heard, so no day I’ll get to be you.

A person who went through this crisis and survived it. I hope a lot of people get to become that too. That we can prove the deniers and liars wrong. I though maybe you could use a photo of Mom to get your sports high. I love her.


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To My Future Children,

I hope by 2050, our society has taken initiative to be producing energy solely through renewable sources.


Dear Nova and Remi,

I wish for you both that another kind of life has been discovered, one of peace, moderation and concern for all life.


Dear Lincoln,

I wanted to let you know that in 2019 that there were real struggles with the health of our planet.



Make the most of every day because remember yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.


Dear Evie of 2050,

I can feel the change happening — many people are working to transform the world.


Aos meus sobrinhos queridos, Ana Laura, Luis Carlos e Helloísa,

Talvez eu não esteja viva para ver alguma mudança, mas espero que vocês vejam e tenham um mundo melhor em 2050. Plantei um ipê rosa e outro amarelo, que eles estejam florindo até 2050.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to use a reusable water bottle.


Dear Tomorrow

I will get my roommates to be more environmentally friendly.


Hola Cariño,

Life is not easier being a believer but I would not have picked another path. Thanks to my Faith I found my passion to work to stop climate change for your future. Now go play outside and breathe clean air. Dios te bendiga.


Dear Tara,

I am sitting in a classroom thinking about you. Which is rare for me. I hope that our family has taken some initiative to do something about changing society instead of building robots and large houses.


Dear Isaiah,

I am grateful for your soul, for your creativity, for your empathy. All these are precious treasures that you have to offer the world. They will help. I thank you for being in this world right now, so that you can offer these gifts at a time of transition.


Caro Giovanni,

Dobbiamo aiutare nel conservare il bello che c’è nel nostro pianeta.

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