The climate is quite dynamic these days. Dhaka has dust and warm in this spring.

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To my daughter,

Hi Yushra,

I hope you are keeping safe!

I am Labib writing this letter on 26th February 2022. Today is quite warm in Dhaka and I was out for small break and evening time with your mother. The climate is quite dynamic these days. Dhaka has dust and warm in this spring. There are lots of geo-politics and changes around the world.

Meanwhile brought a (night-blooming jasmine) tree today. The smell is so soothing and I am happy to share that if the tree survive you will find it on 2050 hopefully after 28 years.


Labib Tazone

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Dear ACS, LG, CM, MCD, AH, MS, AS, GL, and ERD,

I commit to demanding that politicians that want my vote, my time, my substantial help and expertise are people who seek to address climate change seriously and talk about it boldly.


To the future generations,

I will stand on the streets, in the courts, and in the schools to encourage awareness and empathy for the earth.


Oi Luc,

Estou esperando ansiosa sua chegada pra que a gente possa fazer muitas coisas boas juntos, uma delas, é cuidar bem do nosso planeta.


Dear Future Ryan,

I promise to be a knight in the campaign of truth seeking.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to buy organic food and run more and bike more! (I could use the exercise.)


Dear Kids of the Future,

My wish for all of you is that the people of the present wake up and are able to change their habits.


Dear Samuel, Willa, and Ben,

To the core of my being, and only through the power of community, I will honor the voices of the youth who are pleading, “Don’t burn my future.” Samuel, Willa, and Ben, your little voices I know, will join that chorus soon enough.


Dear future Child or Grandchild,

Climate is undeniably changing but it is not top priority.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to include the trees and animals in all my decisions.


Dear Future

My hope is for all who live in your time to still know the joy of swimming in the ocean, walking through the woods, and hiking in the mountains.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise I’ll replace our lights with LED lights.


Dear Tomorrow

I promise to educate others TODAY.

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