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Dear Future Me,

What’s going on? Is it really warm? Really rainy? Really frickin’ cold? I hope the world is recovering from climate change though. It’s getting bad in 2021 – we’ve had warm summer, and last winter it snowed, and it’s not really supposed to snow in England. It’s the end of September currently, and the temperatures are still wayyyy too high (21 degrees!!) The ice caps are melting, and its all over the news. It’s kind of depressing to me.

Anyway, since the only thing we can do to save the world, is to slow down climate change, Im on board with that. Sure. But really, if everyone turned off their cooker, lights, and stopped air travel, it wouldn’t drastically change climate change. The big companies, like Apple and Tesla, I am calling upon them, to help climate change – cos without them, publicity won’t be reached, and really it’s them who need to cut back on their uses.

Apple released the iPhone 13, or something, I really haven’t cared since the iPhone 6s came out. But the batteries and all these minerals they are using, all contribute towards climate change. Same with all these billionaires and their space race stuff. In my opinion, those are the large contributors to climate change, not really common or ordinary people.

But despite that,

I hope the world is less selfish, more compassionate, and more relaxed about the rules, and unite about the only thing that they have – the literal land. I hope every nation agrees, that for climate change to not be such a large issue, all the countries and nations need to develop a plan, and stick to that place. People’s lives are at risk. This isn’t a game anymore.

-2021, 16-year-old, SH

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A message from co-founder Jill Kubit:
Writing letters to our kids about climate change is hard. It should be.


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