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Dear Emma Smith,

I am writing you this letter to inform you about the current climate of the planet. The Earth faces many problems of pollution, global warming, ocean acidification, etc. Everyone may not see these problems, but I’m telling you so you can see for yourself. You can see it through more significant storms, more significant storms, species of plants and animals, and disappearing.

Emma, you are the future of this family and this world. Your potential is unmatched, and you have the world in your hands. I want you to have fun, learn, explore, and listen to your heart because it will take you places you wouldn’t believe. I want you to be the change that makes a difference cause I know you can push beyond your boundaries. Emma, you are the best sister a brother can ask for. Your passion and drive to keep getting better inspire me to make myself.

Keep Going, Emma!



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Dear Tomorrow,

I will stop using plastic and will plant trees. I will also not waste water and electricity.


dear future people (:

I am writing this message to you guys. When I look outside my window today, I see a beautiful world that others and myself call “home sweet home.” The trees glimmering in warm sunlight, the air stirring a cool breeze, and the water flowing down rivers are parts of our home Mother Earth.


dear tomorrow,

I hope that the state of the environment becomes a part of everyday discourse.


Dear Tripp,

I promise to do my part, supporting federal legislation to protect our earth while starting small with projects at home.


Dear Grandchildren,

I hope we can pass on a better place to live so that my grandchildren and their future children can enjoy the beauty of nature that our wonderful God has given us.


Dear Rowan & Tristan,

I promise to do everything I can as a daughter to our great Mother Earth to protect her wildlife and trees.


Dear Hannah, Harper and future baby of Ryan and Colleen Lane,

I will not stop fighting for a more sustainable future, your future.


Dear Grandchild,

I now feel less overwhelmed and powerless, and I am determined to fight for our planet and your future.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise I will eat vegan, organic, locally grown, and seasonal.


Future Message to Earth,

Hope there will be no more droughts,
And no more pollution with which we fought,
Regarding every human should be taught,
Ensuring that we uniformly follow these thoughts.


Dear Madeleine,

First of all I hope we succeeded in our dream that yours is a better world than the world of 2021. Today, the forests are burning, the sea levels are rising and wild weather is everywhere. But we are working hard and I’m confident we will succeed.


Dear Kaydence,

I will keep trying Kaydence, I promise. And I hope we can look back together in 2050 and smile, knowing that our Earth is healthy once again.

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