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dear Aron,

Dear 56 years old Aron,

Do you still have global warming? Did you try to help the earth be healthy?

I think there are a lot of ways to help global warming. For example, you can fix water quality, use less energy or electricity, and plant trees.

The country’s use of fossil fuels and industrial activities have made huge contributions to increased levels of greenhouse gases and have escalated global warming as well as sponsored a changing climate. 




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Dear future 82-year old me,

29 years later, I wish I still can ride bike and go some lovely places in nature. Sky is blue and air is fresh, I will be shining under the sun.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to eat less meat.


Dear future loved ones,

As I sit here and write to you, I’d like to share with you something more horrifying than a few boos – our current home, Earth.


Dear Kaydence,

I will keep trying Kaydence, I promise. And I hope we can look back together in 2050 and smile, knowing that our Earth is healthy once again.


Dear Tripp,

I promise to do my part, supporting federal legislation to protect our earth while starting small with projects at home.


Dear Birds,

will continue championing land preservation and the restoration of woodland, prairie and wetland habitats. I will not stop advocating for “bird friendly” legislation to make cities safer for your passage.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to never use a plastic straw.


Dear Tomorrow,

Be the person who shows up. Be the person who continues to advocate for change because change is possible – it is possible in the most partisan of politics.


Dear Future Ryan,

I promise to be a knight in the campaign of truth seeking.


Dear Nieces and Nephews,

I tried.


My Dear Paloma,

I’m going to commit to raising you with your eyes open. Being aware as much as we can, how to better our environment together.


Dear Daughter,

Tonight at bedtime, you asked, seemingly out of nowhere, “why are the glaciers disappearing?”

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