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Dear Ainsley,

Yo necesito mejorar el cambio climático por ayudar el planeta. Es importante que yo limpie el basura en el mar y recicla mis plástico en el papelera. Los animales en peligro de extinction porque el cambio climático es mal. Para ayudar los animales es importante que nosotros paremos la casa frutas y paremos el defecación por los habitantes de el animales. Los oso polares es muy caliente por el contamination del aire. Porque los carros y fabricados tengo mal tóxicos. Yo recomiendo que nosotros usemos más tránsito público y caminemos más. Tu necesito ayuda el planeta!

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To earth & its inhabitants,

Its been heavy on my shoulders since I found out about the state of climate woes as a child.


Dear Eleanor,

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Queridos nietas/nietos,

Creo que debo hacer más. Por ello, he decidido escribir esta breve carta para empezar un proceso en el que vaya escribiendo más cartas, conforme vaya teniendo más claridad de mis posibles contribuciones.


Dear Darlings,

I commit to you to change one thing a year in our lifestyle to live more environmentally friendly.


Caro me stesso,

Non so dove e con chi sarò nel 2050, spero che sia un anno migliore di quello appena passato .


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise when I start my baking franchise, I will reduce pollution made by it as much as physically possible.


Dear A and C,

You are growing up in a time of immense change. In the last two years alone, we’ve learned so much about big and important issues including climate change and the systemic racism that runs through our institutions.


Dear Gabriel,

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – The Lorax


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise I will eat vegan, organic, locally grown, and seasonal.


Dear Future Self,

More than getting through a global pandemic that has already taken hundreds of thousands of lives around the world, our true feat is even larger: to secure our long-term health and the health of the ecosystems upon which we depend for life. To do that, we have to cut our emissions in half in the next ten years, and continue to reduce it beyond that. And to succeed in that, we need to fundamentally shift the way we do EVERYTHING.


The gift for next generation,

To save the big world, perhaps, we should change the mind from myself to my small family to my community.


Dear Tara,

Each of us only has so much power and the problem is HUGE, but I worked at this every day.

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