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Dear Ainsley,

Yo necesito mejorar el cambio climático por ayudar el planeta. Es importante que yo limpie el basura en el mar y recicla mis plástico en el papelera. Los animales en peligro de extinction porque el cambio climático es mal. Para ayudar los animales es importante que nosotros paremos la casa frutas y paremos el defecación por los habitantes de el animales. Los oso polares es muy caliente por el contamination del aire. Porque los carros y fabricados tengo mal tóxicos. Yo recomiendo que nosotros usemos más tránsito público y caminemos más. Tu necesito ayuda el planeta!

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Dear Eleanor,

It seems silly to saddle yourself with guilt for something that hasn’t happened yet. I don’t want to do that. As of today, I don’t really feel guilty. I guess I just want to make sure I keep doing more, so that when you read this, and ask what I’ve done since then, I can still feel good about my efforts.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to not waste food and eat locally grown food.


To my grandchildren,

Ahora vivo en la ciudad de México y cuando debe de llover no llueve… cuando hace calor de verdad hace calor.


Dear Anabelle and Bruce,

My desire is for clean air, clean water, rich soil, and healthy nutritious food for you and all children always everywhere.


To my wide-eyed warrioresses,

Since my two daughters emerged into this world, all of my tomorrows have become more dear.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to shop at more farmer’s markets.


dear me in 2030,

I am smelling burning plastic!


Dear Tomorrow

I will become the change I wish to see in the world.


Dear Daughter,

I want you to be prepared for the world that the generations before you are creating for you. I love you Lucienne, and I will not give up. I will push you and teach you not to give up, either, even if others around you do.


Dear Alyssa,

I pray that more and more fathers will realize that to love their children well, they have to love and respect the ecological systems around them too.


Dear Tomorrow,

I will encourage composting at work.


Dear Annie and Eric,

I hope that this life of good things is not just yours to enjoy, but that you also have decided to fight for others to have this life, too.

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