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Dear Ainsley,

Yo necesito mejorar el cambio climático por ayudar el planeta. Es importante que yo limpie el basura en el mar y recicla mis plástico en el papelera. Los animales en peligro de extinction porque el cambio climático es mal. Para ayudar los animales es importante que nosotros paremos la casa frutas y paremos el defecación por los habitantes de el animales. Los oso polares es muy caliente por el contamination del aire. Porque los carros y fabricados tengo mal tóxicos. Yo recomiendo que nosotros usemos más tránsito público y caminemos más. Tu necesito ayuda el planeta!

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Dear Future Self,

I hope you got your dream job of using your business degree to reduce co2 emissions and promote sustainable energy.


Dear Great Grandchildren,

If you are reading this, you probably inherited my fascination with ancestry, and the way it uncovers incredible stories of unlikely survival.


Dear Devon and Chloe

I hope that my work helping to make your schools more sustainable will be something you carry on as you grow older.


Dear tomorrow,

If there’s one thing young people have learned while quarantining, it’s that Gen Z holds so much power and is capable of a lot more than we think. We’ve created a community that has united us all and started to bring about change for the good of our futures. Now, with the help of Gen Z (and of course, people of all ages), we have the power to save our home, the Earth.


To earth & its inhabitants,

Its been heavy on my shoulders since I found out about the state of climate woes as a child.


Dear Earth,

I will keep the air clean so everyone can see the sunset.


Dear Tomorrow,

I haven’t met you yet, but I already know you deserve a better tomorrow.


Dear Lillyana,

I will continue to work to make the Earth a cleaner and safer place for you to grow and explore.


Dear my future family,

I will promise to help climate change as much as I can.


Dear Sadie,

You are young and have a rich future ahead of you. I am retired and aiming for a high quality of cultural life and comfort with whatever time remains to me. I do not want to see a world whose elders sacrifice your future for their short-term needs and personal gain. So it’s up to you and me to speak out.


Dear Future Today,

Here in California we’re starting to recognize our climate changing the natural world around us.


Hi buddy,

I can now see that the solutions are there, that a transition of the magnitude that is needed, is possible.

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