I imagine at this point we have dropped our addiction to coal, gas, and oil and that our environment has made a turn for the better with the solar, wind, and other unimagined (at this point) alternative energy choices are in place.

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Dear Students,

It is now the year 2050 and my time will be long completed in the world of public education, but it is my hope and prayer that the environmental education and modeling I have done for you as a teacher has made a difference not only in your habits and choices, but the things you have taught your children and maybe even grandchildren.

I imagine at this point we have dropped our addiction to coal, gas, and oil and that our environment has made a turn for the better with the solar, wind, and other unimagined (at this point) alternative energy choices are in place. Hopefully greed and profit are not the foremost priority when it comes to decisions that will impact our basic needs (water, food, air) as it has been previously practiced in our country.

Your children and grandchildren are probably looking back and wondering what took us so long to change our greedy and selfish habits that caused so much pollution, destruction of habitat, illnesses, extinction of animals, etc., but hopefully your generation and others that followed are wiser and practice conservation habits for the good of every living being on the planet. You hopefully have true statesmen that are running this country that represent the basic needs of everyone over profit.

Even though it is not politically correct at this point, you have figured out how to educate the public about the dangers of overpopulation and the depletion of our natural resources, the downside of capitalism, how to live simply, what the word conservation means and that bigger is not better, and that everyone on the planet deserves to have their basic needs met.

I apologize for the mistakes of our generation and the impacts that our greed and selfishness had on future generations, but hopefully you learn from our mistakes and don’t repeat our stupidity.

My hope and prayer is that everyone of you are able to find peace in your life and live each day for the present moment because that is all we ever have. If you all are able to find equanimity through all the ups and downs in life and live peacefully, it will impact your positively impact your community and hopefully will continue to spread to keep peace everywhere in our world for the good of every living being.

Thank you doing the right thing and living the right way so your choices will continue to keep our world a beautiful, healthy, and peaceful place to live.

Peace and Love,

Mrs. Theresa Clark

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