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Dear 22nd Century Youth,

Hello, I hope this letter finds you in good health.

If you’re reading this, it means humanity survived the twenty-first century. I’m curious how the world has changed in the 80 years since I wrote this letter. How technology has progressed over time. Is time travel already possible? Is the world becoming a better place? I’m hoping it does.
I sincerely hope that the government and citizens of the world have finally found a solution to the global warming problem. If not, please accept my apologies. Sorry, if you’re breathing polluted air, or if natural disasters are so intense that everyone is terrified when you hear about one on the news. If summer and winter are no longer enjoyable seasons.

I just wanted to let you know that I did everything I could to reduce my carbon footprint, and I apologize if it was not enough. I sincerely hope that it is not too late to persuade those in power to take action.

I wish you well and hope that the world becomes a better place to live. Please keep in mind that I, as a 21st-century youth, am concerned about, YOU, the next generation.

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Dear Kaydence,

I will keep trying Kaydence, I promise. And I hope we can look back together in 2050 and smile, knowing that our Earth is healthy once again.


dear earth,

I promise those who walked the Earth before me and those who will walk the Earth after me that I will not stand by and let nature slip through my fingers.


Dear Bella,

I promise that I shall continue to do all that is within my capabilities to leave you a world where there is fairness and justice.


Dear future child,

We’re presenting at conferences, writing articles, and organizing events with the goal of mobilizing our profession to act on climate, and to help them understand that it will deeply impact our mission to preserve history for future generations.


Dear Nafia,

I also hope that your previous prayers have been answered. The way you wanted to create green jobs for your fellow city dwellers have been fulfilled already.


Loved One,

That we all have a role to play no matter how small, we all can make a difference.


To My Children,

Is the world really polluted?


To my child,

For the pale blue dot we live on, a precious beauty, I try to help.


People of tomorrow,

Your path will only be as clear tomorrow as we have made it for you today.



How can I help you save the world and our country?


Dear Nieces and Nephews,

I tried.


Dear Gabriel,

When the worst consequences of climate change still feel far away today, or the barriers to acting on climate change seem steep today, I do not think about today. I think about you, and your world when you are my age.

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