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To Our Great Grandchildren,

I hope so deeply that you get to be children. I want to work towards a world that does not demand your action upon your conception. I want you to be born into a world that demands your joy, your sadness, your curiosity, your hunger, your vitality, your blissfulness, with no contingency plans. I do not wish for a world in which your umbilical cord is cut moments before someone tasks you with “being a part of the generation that will fix things.” I do not just wish this because it will be too late, then, but I wish this because I want you to be born into a world that grants you your adolescence.

Today, in 2021, I am working harder every day to eliminate waste, plastic, and excess from my life. Here, in 2021, that feels radical, revolutionary. And it ought to, because under capitalism, it is. I am working towards intense purpose and action, but also towards rest – towards self-forgiveness. I am working towards ridding my whole essence of capitalism. I am working on kindness, patience. I am working on throwing away “The Leviathan,” on keeping the door unlocked. I am composting, turning the lights off, and calling my representatives. I am sending out my political and environmental action-based newsletter. I am pondering a nap. Maybe I will arrive at one. I am doing this for you. For me, but for you. So that you might arrive at a nap with ease.

I am hanging on to the one part of church that stuck with me – to love thy neighbor. I am trying, earnestly, to love the people I find it difficult to like, the most. Perhaps they need it. Perhaps Joe Manchin needs to be approached with kindness (this was hard to type). This does not mean with disregard for action. Maybe we ought to be giving coal and natural gas-heavy states, the families that have been in those industries for generations, some better foresight into the future. Maybe we ought to say less of, “I’m sorry, but,” and more of “I’m sorry, and.” Like, “I’m sorry, and to showcase that, here’s how we plan to help your family not just survive, but thrive.” Or, “I’m sorry, and so here’s a list of community organizations that are helping families cope with the changes we’re expecting from this.”

I am trying to lead with love, so that you can lead with innocence. And maybe I’ll get to meet you. Maybe the stories I’ll tell you will be from the years we almost didn’t make it, until we remembered who we were.

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Dear Future Explorers,

I am often faced with the question: why do I care so much about this pale blue dot that we inhabit?


Dear Gabriel,

When the worst consequences of climate change still feel far away today, or the barriers to acting on climate change seem steep today, I do not think about today. I think about you, and your world when you are my age.


To my children,

I am working with on shutting down the coal and unconventional gas industries in our country because I cannot think of a more direct way to protect you, the food, water and biodiversity we all love and rely on.


My Dear Paloma,

I’m going to commit to raising you with your eyes open. Being aware as much as we can, how to better our environment together.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise I will do everything I can to help fight against climate change.


Dear my future loved ones,

I hope that humans can live harmoniously with the earth.


Dear future niece or nephew,

We loved hiking, camping, biking, swimming and playing as kids together.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to drive less and walk more.


Dear Finley,

I wonder if in 2050 we will be looking at a future where fear from the changes at hand has caused people to hate rather than love and provide hope. Perhaps in that world we will we no longer comprehend the biblical texts in a meaningful way. Will climate change be the end of the epoch of God?


Dear Lillyana,

I will continue to work to make the Earth a cleaner and safer place for you to grow and explore.


I promise to plant trees and to turn off the lights.


Meus filhos,

Espero que vcs tb encontrem ,de alguma forma,um caminho para colaborarem com Nossa Mãe Terra, bjs eternos.

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