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Saving the environment is not a sacrifice

We have the technology, and more importantly we have the resources. America is a country that produces over 20 trillion dollars in GDP every year, with a government that spends around 5 trillion a year to match. Renewable energy and eco-efficient practices are not a luxury, but a necessity. Contrary to popular belief, these solutions don’t have to be a cost either. Being an environmentally ethical person or company is not something that one should do simply because its “the right thing”. Environmental solutions can be used to increase income as well as save the planet. Take Unilever, for example, the #1 rated company for corporate sustainability. In 2010 Unilever decided to undertake a massive sustainable living plan, and directly tie the plan to doubling the company’s value by 2020. Unilever was successful both financially and environmentally, positively reaching billions of lives. As an individual, sustainable decisions that you and your community make provide health and quality of living increases that far outweigh the costs of making these decisions. This cost doesn’t always take the form of tens of thousands of dollars in solar panels either, but can appear in smaller, even cost-saving measures such as flying less and eating less meat.

I see a future that did not require us to make our lives worse to save the environment, but one in which we are all wealthier by harnessing our immense technology and planning to help humanity rise along with restoring our planet.

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Dear Jack,

Right now you are only a little over 5 weeks old, but you have truly changed my whole world. Your Mom and I always say that we thought we loved before you were born, but now that you have come into the world and we met you, our ability to love just expanded exponentially.


Dear future me,

My hopes have always been to live in a brighter and better generation, where women are respected around the world, human rights are respected and last but not least where animals and mother nature is cared for by us individuals.


Dear Ellie,

My heart is an ocean of love for all the children facing a life of climate catastrophe.


Dear Valentina & Luis,

You both know I have made it my mission to get people to understand more about the state of our planet‘s climate and what was at stake.


Dear Tripp,

I promise to do my part, supporting federal legislation to protect our earth while starting small with projects at home.


Dear Nolan, Patrick, Cullen and Gabriel,

This Mother’s Day I am again thinking of my grandsons future and what I am doing to change the world if only by a small fraction.


Dear Grandchild,

I now feel less overwhelmed and powerless, and I am determined to fight for our planet and your future.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to work with my family and neighbors to reduce carbon output.


Dear Tomorrow,

Love, help and build a future in unison that benefits and protects the whole world.


Dear Grown up Alton and Dot,

The most important thing in my life is you, which means that as your mom – I am doing my very best to make sure that when you read this letter, Earth is a cleaner and safer place for you and your children.


Dear Tomorrow

I hope that environmental issues are a thing of the past.


Dear Future,

I will use less plastic.

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