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Saving the environment is not a sacrifice

We have the technology, and more importantly we have the resources. America is a country that produces over 20 trillion dollars in GDP every year, with a government that spends around 5 trillion a year to match. Renewable energy and eco-efficient practices are not a luxury, but a necessity. Contrary to popular belief, these solutions don’t have to be a cost either. Being an environmentally ethical person or company is not something that one should do simply because its “the right thing”. Environmental solutions can be used to increase income as well as save the planet. Take Unilever, for example, the #1 rated company for corporate sustainability. In 2010 Unilever decided to undertake a massive sustainable living plan, and directly tie the plan to doubling the company’s value by 2020. Unilever was successful both financially and environmentally, positively reaching billions of lives. As an individual, sustainable decisions that you and your community make provide health and quality of living increases that far outweigh the costs of making these decisions. This cost doesn’t always take the form of tens of thousands of dollars in solar panels either, but can appear in smaller, even cost-saving measures such as flying less and eating less meat.

I see a future that did not require us to make our lives worse to save the environment, but one in which we are all wealthier by harnessing our immense technology and planning to help humanity rise along with restoring our planet.

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To my children,

I am working with on shutting down the coal and unconventional gas industries in our country because I cannot think of a more direct way to protect you, the food, water and biodiversity we all love and rely on.


My dear daughters,

I will use my voice to help bring awareness about climate change.


To Annika, Anders, Stella, Eva, and Mickey,

In writing to you, I realize that I don’t want you to be hard on yourself if you choose to not make this your cause. But it is mine, so I hope that you hold me accountable to some of what I wrote here.


Dear girls,

I love you and I care deeply about your future.


Dear loved ones in the future,

Even if it pains me to imagine how things are back home in Puerto Rico at the moment, I know things will flourish again. The land will heal, but we need to help it.


Dear grand nieces and nephews,

I wish you this security knowing we changed because we love you.


To my daughter,

The climate is quite dynamic these days. Dhaka has dust and warm in this spring.


Dear Leo,

Last week I took you to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline.


Dear Me of 2050,

I promise that I will plant more trees in places where there are none.


Dear Ellis,

So, dear heart, I am doing everything I can as the situation worsens.


Dear Finley,

I wonder if in 2050 we will be looking at a future where fear from the changes at hand has caused people to hate rather than love and provide hope. Perhaps in that world we will we no longer comprehend the biblical texts in a meaningful way. Will climate change be the end of the epoch of God?


Dear Tomorrow,

My climate promise is to use a refillable bottle, bring my own resusable spoon/form wherever I go, use clean personal care products (without chemicals).

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