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Querido Sahana,

El cambio climático es una problema muy grande y necesitamos hacemos muchas cosas para proteger el medio ambiente. Yo recomiendo que el gobierno penalize las fábricas porque ellos contaminan el aire que aumento dióxido de carbono en el aire. Esta cosa causa el aumento de la temperatura.

Tambien, es aconsejo que la gente use los transportes públicos porque los carros causa emisiones en el aire. Además, tu deberías ahorrar energía por tomar la ducha muy cuarto y apagar el luz y agua cuando no utilices. Si hacemos estos cambios, podemos hacer la diferencia. Que tengas un buen día, ¡Adiós!

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Dear Eleanor,

You are so small. So innocent. So beautiful. For you and for everyone else, I will try harder.


A love letter to my son

I hope this year is a real turning point and by the time you’re a teenager, your life is powered almost entirely by clean energy like solar and wind.


Dear A and C,

You are growing up in a time of immense change. In the last two years alone, we’ve learned so much about big and important issues including climate change and the systemic racism that runs through our institutions.


I pledge to use less plastic!


Dear Future Grandchildren,

I hope I can look you in the eye and tell you I honestly did everything I could to protect our planet.


To the People in my Future Life,

Anytime I’m at the crossroads of life, I pray that I, or anyone else in the same position, will keep you in mind, and try to shape a world that’s the best possible for you.


Dear Future Grandchild,

We can learn a lot about how to treat others from stories that have been passed from generation to generation.


Dear future 82-year old me,

29 years later, I wish I still can ride bike and go some lovely places in nature. Sky is blue and air is fresh, I will be shining under the sun.


To you, my dear!

In 2050, I will still be fighting against climate change. I feel that it’s not only my duty, but rather my destiny.


Dear Jeremy,

We had a lot in common obviously, and our concern for the planet we live on was one of the many things we bonded over.


Dear Matthew, Sam, and Sophie,

There is a promise in the Bible: ‘I shall restore the years that the locusts have eaten’ and that points to a promise of complete healing and restoration. But until that comes I intend to do my best to ‘save the planet’ in whatever way I can, and I encourage you to do the same.


Dear Tomorrow

I promise to educate others TODAY.

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