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Dear Savannah, Lochlan, and Avery,

My heart breaks and anxiety overtakes me when I think of what we have done to this beautiful planet and how it will continue to be destroyed if we don’t do something significant, now, and fast.  I want you to have the opportunity to soak in the wonders of this magical globe, as I did until now, and explore as much of is as you can.

That is why, I will continue to be vegan and think back to its importance when I start to waiver. I will buy less plastic, and change roles to link my daily actions of my career to what I truly care about – this world and our future lives.

You have my word.


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Dear future 82-year old me,

29 years later, I wish I still can ride bike and go some lovely places in nature. Sky is blue and air is fresh, I will be shining under the sun.


Dear Isaiah,

I am grateful for your soul, for your creativity, for your empathy. All these are precious treasures that you have to offer the world. They will help. I thank you for being in this world right now, so that you can offer these gifts at a time of transition.


Dear Madeline, Ava, and Harper,

What I wish most for you girls is that the care you have shown each other would extend to the big wide world around you.


I promise to take shorter showers.


Dear Owen and Vivian,

Here’s the biggest secret: I KNOW it will have. We may not realize how, but we have changed the world.


Dear Me,

Today, I promise to keep my spaces clean and my environment cleaner.


Dear Children and Grandchildren,

I see a world full of hope fueled by the desire for change.


Dearest Gray,

When I asked you why the purple Violet called to you, you told me it was “magic”. I hope that you can still find the magic of life. I hope, despite everything, it is still in abundance.


Dear Grown up Alton and Dot,

The most important thing in my life is you, which means that as your mom – I am doing my very best to make sure that when you read this letter, Earth is a cleaner and safer place for you and your children.


I will recycle stuff I found.


Dear future me,

I am 19 years old, and I am angry.


I won’t leave my lights on.

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