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Dear Michael,

In 2050, I will be 49 years old and you will be 40 years old. Just in my 20 year lifetime so far, I have already seen so many changes due to the climate crisis. Ice caps are melting, animals and plants are going extinct, there is trash everywhere, and the air is so polluted in some places that it is worse than smoking a cigarette.

I know that I contribute to some of these issues by driving my car, using too much water, not recycling/reusing as much as I should, etc. I have always wanted to be a good role model for you, and yet I am continuing to make bad decisions for the environment.

My goal for 2050 is that I will be environmentally conscious, and that I will live my life so that I can be a good role model for you. With how the world is right now, I am scared for you to grow up, I am scared for what your future will look like especially when I am not here anymore. I pledge to do everything I can to improve the environment so that you can be excited for the future, and not scared.

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