The world is facing some serious crises right now as Viral pandemic and war situation between Ukraine and Russia.

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Mahnoor Khan
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Dear love,

I am writing this letter from islamabad, Pakistan. The world is facing some serious crises right now as Viral pandemic and war situation between Ukraine and Russia. If you are reading this, we did something different we put our environment first, we felt the planet is facing serious threat and we need to change our ways of life. Writing this letter in 2022 we are trying to save planet. There is so much hate in the world but also there are people full of love who give hope. My intuition push me to take save climate initiative. Many young people are trying to make difference, fixing relationship with the environment. Nature is the most beautiful thing which needs to be protected. If you are reading this letter in 2050, i want to tell you that we tried our best and I hope you also make this planet your home which you always protect in all ways. Life is too short spend it in helping others and making positive role in society. Find happiness and joy in every moment.

Lots of love.

Mahnoor khan, Your great grand Aunt❤

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Dear X—, Dear A—,

As with our struggles to eliminate police brutality, as with hate crimes, so it is with climate change – there are actually a lot of people out there who care.


Queridos filhos Heloísa e Henzo,

Tenho muito orgulho da minha função (agente de fiscalização ambiental do Acre) pois é através dela que posso dar um pouco do meu suor, para que no futuro ambos possam ter um lugar melhor para viver.


Dear World,

The environment is important – take care of your actions to not destroy it starting from now.


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“I knew you would want to know how the future turned out. You got so anxious about climate change as we grew older.  By coming back, I thought I could help you with that.”


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I promise to do all within my power to create a world that’s safe for you and your generation.


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This Mother’s Day I am again thinking of my grandsons future and what I am doing to change the world if only by a small fraction.


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My climate promise: community awareness of the climate crisis.


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Luckily, we have figured out ways to build things without making the air dirty, and we are trying very hard to get more people to switch over to this new way as fast as we can.


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A culture of consumption is the reason that my world faces such an ecological crisis, it is both necessary and proper to address the fundamental mindsets that have created such a destructive culture.


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My hope for you is that all our legislative efforts and care for the environment makes a difference so that we can wipe asthma out of our family.


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I am most sorry we could not work through our differences, and see through the greed, get organized, and do more so that you could have a better life in your 2030 future.


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My climate promise is to reduce electricity at home. I will turn off the TV and lights when I’m not in the room.

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