The world is facing some serious crises right now as Viral pandemic and war situation between Ukraine and Russia.

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Mahnoor Khan
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Dear love,

I am writing this letter from islamabad, Pakistan. The world is facing some serious crises right now as Viral pandemic and war situation between Ukraine and Russia. If you are reading this, we did something different we put our environment first, we felt the planet is facing serious threat and we need to change our ways of life. Writing this letter in 2022 we are trying to save planet. There is so much hate in the world but also there are people full of love who give hope. My intuition push me to take save climate initiative. Many young people are trying to make difference, fixing relationship with the environment. Nature is the most beautiful thing which needs to be protected. If you are reading this letter in 2050, i want to tell you that we tried our best and I hope you also make this planet your home which you always protect in all ways. Life is too short spend it in helping others and making positive role in society. Find happiness and joy in every moment.

Lots of love.

Mahnoor khan, Your great grand Aunt❤

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