While I will work my hardest to create any positive change I can, you must continue this quest. You cannot give up hope, and you must always remember that the beauty on this Earth is worth saving.

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To my future Niece,

I am writing to you today. February 27th, 2017, with much hope in my heart. I am sure the world is very different in 2050, but there are certain aspects of the current world that I am going to put my life work towards preserving, so that you and your children may enjoy it.

Your mother and I grew up adoring nature, playing and biking and hiking. It was where our imaginations were free and where we found the purest joy in life. However, where I stand today, there are many things threatening the little bit of true wilderness we have left. Climate change, currently, is just beginning to show its teeth. Biodiversity loss is at an all time high, rising sea levels are washing away island villages. It is February, yet last week I was sitting outside in shorts, enjoying 70 degree weather. The course our world is on today is frightening, and if we do not change soon, I cannot imagine what our planet will be like when you read this letter.

However, there is hope. Amazing discoveries and solutions are created every day. More and more, I see younger generations, such as mine, coming together to fix what our ancestors began. I know that this trend will continue, and I can’t wait to see the amazing ideas that come from people like you. While I will work my hardest to create any positive change I can, you must continue this quest. You cannot give up hope, and you must always remember that the beauty on this Earth is worth saving. I look forward to the time I will spend with you our in nature, and hope that someday, together, we will witness humanity as a whole learn to respect and look after the earth, just as you and I do.


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I think a lot about what you might be like when you grow up and about what kind of world you will live in.


Dear Future Self,

More than getting through a global pandemic that has already taken hundreds of thousands of lives around the world, our true feat is even larger: to secure our long-term health and the health of the ecosystems upon which we depend for life. To do that, we have to cut our emissions in half in the next ten years, and continue to reduce it beyond that. And to succeed in that, we need to fundamentally shift the way we do EVERYTHING.


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Fortunately, you didn’t get injured while the wildfire burned your school.


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The world is changing and it is happening fast.


Dear Future Me: Only open after March 4th, 2050

I don’t regret my past ventures, nor do I believe I will regret my future ventures, but I’ve learned that I’ve needed to manifest these experiences into actions of sustainable development and conservation and protection of our environment.


Dear Sadie,

You are young and have a rich future ahead of you. I am retired and aiming for a high quality of cultural life and comfort with whatever time remains to me. I do not want to see a world whose elders sacrifice your future for their short-term needs and personal gain. So it’s up to you and me to speak out.


Dear future generations,

My hope for you is that you can have equal experiences with nature that I was able to have with my dad.


My darling Cassidy,

I know I need to write this to you, and I don’t want to because it makes me so sad. I have been desperately avoiding my feelings about climate change, for many years, but especially and with greater intensity every year since you were born.


A love letter to my son

I hope this year is a real turning point and by the time you’re a teenager, your life is powered almost entirely by clean energy like solar and wind.


Dear Tomorrow,

Don’t use plastic straws!


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Here’s the biggest secret: I KNOW it will have. We may not realize how, but we have changed the world.

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