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Dear Kindergarten to Graduate High School Students of tomorrow,

I’m committed to collapsing the silo structure that currently provides learning experiences to you that limits global awareness and global thinking. I’m committed to reframing education to be globally structured using virtual world campuses. You will study literature, science, mathematics and play esports, participate in regular public speaking and debates using embodied avatars and virtual world campuses. We want leaders to be globally minded. I promise to reframe education to be globally structured- with team-teaching and student collaboration to be the ONLY way you are raised. I’m committed to giving you a better chance of global leadership by giving you an education whereby you only know how to work globally!

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Dear Tomorrow



Dear Peyton and Lucas,

I want you to continue to enjoy bright, beautiful, blue skies, gigantic shady trees, chirping birds, scampering squirrels, sparkling creeks and all that this amazing world has to offer!


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to become more educated on the global issues that face populations I can’t see


To my dear son Zac,

I promise to raise you as a loving-nature human.


To my children – Chase, Maya and Harlan

I hope that we manage to change the system really soon, while there is still time. So that you are not left with the mess, and trying to fix something that you didn’t cause. I hope we figured out a way to be kind, and caring for others who will suffer more than us. A way to let go of the greed and look at ways we can help others rather than take from them.


To My Fellow Two-Spirits,

Thank you — Thank you — without you, I would not hear butterflies singing, without you, I would not understand black bear humor, or the creativity of jays planning their breakfast, without you, I would not feel flora whispers of long-lived wisdom on the back of my neck while sitting in Padmasana.


To earth & its inhabitants,

Its been heavy on my shoulders since I found out about the state of climate woes as a child.


Dear Tomorrow

I promise to reduce my waste production


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise I will take short showers, eat less meat, and buy local more often.


To my darling ones,

And it’s not that I don’t care. I care deeply. For you three, and the families I hope you will have one day; for the many beautiful places I have had the privilege to know, places which take my breath away, that fill my heart with a bursting joy and connectedness to something so much greater than I, places I know may be quite different when you are my age


Dear kids of America,

Please eliminate plastic everything


Dear Tomorrow,

My climate action is to educate youth to create solutions for energy efficiency and conservation opportunities.

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