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Dear Kindergarten to Graduate High School Students of tomorrow,

I’m committed to collapsing the silo structure that currently provides learning experiences to you that limits global awareness and global thinking. I’m committed to reframing education to be globally structured using virtual world campuses. You will study literature, science, mathematics and play esports, participate in regular public speaking and debates using embodied avatars and virtual world campuses. We want leaders to be globally minded. I promise to reframe education to be globally structured- with team-teaching and student collaboration to be the ONLY way you are raised. I’m committed to giving you a better chance of global leadership by giving you an education whereby you only know how to work globally!

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Dear Beloved Children,

As time progresses, there is hope that value will be placed on all living organisms, including humans, plants, and animals. Life will move at a slower pace, and being on your own time and moving at your individual pace will be the typical way of life. I consider this way of life good living, and I hope that future generations will live on this earth as it was once intended to live in peace and harmony.


To My Grandchildren,

It’s my hope that the following will be helpful as you navigate your futures.  These are the confessions of a climate activist:


To My Dear Children, Jackson Carlo and Stella Jane,

I am a better person because of you, and I want the world to be a better place for you.


To the future generations,

I will stand on the streets, in the courts, and in the schools to encourage awareness and empathy for the earth.


Dear future me,

I’m doing this work because I see it as the best way to save and improve as many lives as possible. I’m doing it so you, 2050 Ryan, can look at yourself in the mirror. And so you can tell your kids and grandkids someday that you did everything you could.


I pledge to use less plastic.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to use my reusable water bottle more often


Dear Nova and Remi,

I wish for you both that another kind of life has been discovered, one of peace, moderation and concern for all life.


Dear Tomorrow,

I will stop using plastic and will plant trees. I will also not waste water and electricity.


People of tomorrow,

Your path will only be as clear tomorrow as we have made it for you today.


My dear daughters,

I will use my voice to help bring awareness about climate change.


Dear Nolan, Patrick, Cullen and Gabriel,

This Mother’s Day I am again thinking of my grandsons future and what I am doing to change the world if only by a small fraction.

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