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Dear future self,

I’ve learned a lot this semester about the horrible impacts that we have had on the planet. Our carbon emissions are adding to global warming, ocean acidification, more intense natural disasters, and so much more. After taking Global Environment, I realized that there were a lot of things that I did not know about our impact on the environment. I believe that a class like global environment should be added to the core curriculum in colleges and even added in high school and middle school classes. I believe these are important things for people to start learning about at a younger age, and everyone should know about our impact on the environment. I’m still not completely sure what I want to do with my life yet, but if I am able to educate the youth about important things like this, that would be very important. My goal is to decrease the amount of water I use as well as the amount of electricity. Another goal of mine is to eat more plant based products and local food and produce. Though my diet does not really consist of meat other than seafood sometimes, I do eat a lot of processed foods. I could definitely eat more plant based foods and cut off all meat completely. Moreover, I want to vote people into office who have climate plans and goals that will help to combat climate change. I hope to achieve these goals by the year 2050.

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Dear Sinchi,

The world is changing and it is happening fast.


Aos meus sobrinhos queridos, Ana Laura, Luis Carlos e Helloísa,

Talvez eu não esteja viva para ver alguma mudança, mas espero que vocês vejam e tenham um mundo melhor em 2050. Plantei um ipê rosa e outro amarelo, que eles estejam florindo até 2050.


Dear Oliver,

I am getting your father on board too so that we can double charge this together.


Dear Kai and Leah,

I want you to feel awestruck like I do. It is important to feel small sometimes, to feel the weight of reality, to recognize the scale of a challenge, to see where you fit and what you are up against. This is the case with climate change.


Dear Nephew,

I am going to start doing better to have a healthier planet for you to live on.


Dear Evie of 2050,

I can feel the change happening — many people are working to transform the world.


Al mio piccolo, grandissimo bambino,

Hai compiuto da poco 1 anno e giusto ieri hanno annunciato la scoperta di 7 pianeti che potrebbero racchiudere in essi la possibilità di sviluppare, o aver già sviluppato, vita a livello organico.


Dearest Gray,

When I asked you why the purple Violet called to you, you told me it was “magic”. I hope that you can still find the magic of life. I hope, despite everything, it is still in abundance.


Querida Tainah,

Quero que você beba água pura, coma alimentos sem agrotóxicos e que sua casinha branca com varanda, seja voltada para o leste, onde o sol vai nascer.


Future Message to Earth,

Hope there will be no more droughts,
And no more pollution with which we fought,
Regarding every human should be taught,
Ensuring that we uniformly follow these thoughts.


Dear Tomorrow-My letter to the future 2030

I am most sorry we could not work through our differences, and see through the greed, get organized, and do more so that you could have a better life in your 2030 future.


Dear Jackson,

I feel deeply that it is my moral obligation as your Mom to protect your future and allow you to inherit a clean and healthy planet.

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