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Dear future self,

I’ve learned a lot this semester about the horrible impacts that we have had on the planet. Our carbon emissions are adding to global warming, ocean acidification, more intense natural disasters, and so much more. After taking Global Environment, I realized that there were a lot of things that I did not know about our impact on the environment. I believe that a class like global environment should be added to the core curriculum in colleges and even added in high school and middle school classes. I believe these are important things for people to start learning about at a younger age, and everyone should know about our impact on the environment. I’m still not completely sure what I want to do with my life yet, but if I am able to educate the youth about important things like this, that would be very important. My goal is to decrease the amount of water I use as well as the amount of electricity. Another goal of mine is to eat more plant based products and local food and produce. Though my diet does not really consist of meat other than seafood sometimes, I do eat a lot of processed foods. I could definitely eat more plant based foods and cut off all meat completely. Moreover, I want to vote people into office who have climate plans and goals that will help to combat climate change. I hope to achieve these goals by the year 2050.

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Dear Tomorrow,

Love, help and build a future in unison that benefits and protects the whole world.


Pick up your trash wherever you go!


Dear residents of Bedminster, Bristol UK,

We hope we did enough


To my sons,

I’m voting with climate change as a top priority. I’ve tried to teach you boys that we need to clean up after ourselves and take care of the earth. I promise to continue doing these actions and more, for your sake.


Dear Potential Future Kiddo,

To think that my choices of sustainable commuting, eating a plant based diet, and working on our City’s zero waste program likely pale in comparison to the impact of not having a baby is nothing short of devastating.  Does it make me a bad environmentalist to honor my maternal instincts?


Dear me,

Remember how passionate you felt at 20, I hope you keep that passion in you and are still working on climate 30 years from now.


Dear tomorrow,

Unfortunately, our selfishness and excessive greed have closed our eyes to the well-being of the planet, and it has suffered the consequences.


dear future people (:

I hope that people are still enjoying the wonders that nature has to offer.


Dear Tomorrow,

I will opt up to deep green


Queridas filhas Ana Luísa e Ana Carla,

Que vocês possam contar para seus filhos e netos que minha geração tomou consciência de sua responsabilidade e assumiu sua condição de natureza e a ela se reintegrou, com inteligência, interação respeitosa e solidariedade.


Dear Grandchild,

I now feel less overwhelmed and powerless, and I am determined to fight for our planet and your future.


To My Future Self,

This lead me to my final project, which focused on reforming the education system to incorporate sustainability classes into the current curriculum.

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