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Dear Child,

The year is 2020 and climate change is getting worse and worse. The government has taken little to no action towards helping the stop global warming and climate change. In Baltimore, the air pollution is terrible and there is trash all over the city. Back at home in New York, sea levels are rising rapidly due to global warming and climate change and as a result, the Hudson River often floods.

A big problem is our use and consumption of plastic and there is not much being done to help minimize these numbers. We need to minizmize the use of plastic because these toxins from it are getting into the water harming humans and animal life. I have been trying my best to minimize my use of plastic by not buying plastic water bottles, I recently purchases a Brita water bottle to ensure my water is filtered no matter where I get it from.

Another change I have been trying to make is when I go to the store, I try to bring my own reusable bags instead of using the plastic ones, or if I am getting a few items,I dont take a bag at all. The last major change I have been trying to make is to obtain as little plastic as possible, by this I mean not accepting plastic utensils at take out places and reusing the plastic containers I do get instead of throwing them out.

Little changes like this can go a long way. I hope that by the time you are grown, this issue is in the process of being resolved and that these basic solutions are enforced regularly by everyone. I hope that our future political leaders take these matters seriously and make it a goal to make a positive change.

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