I promise those who walked the Earth before me and those who will walk the Earth after me that I will not stand by and let nature slip through my fingers.

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Xueyi Lu
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dear earth,

I hope that one day, all of us will come to understand that we cannot live or thrive without you, and that regardless of the path we follow or the way we develop, we are products of you. One day, the governments and corporations will understand why they cannot trade clean air and water for money and filth. One day, the truth will come to light and there will be no denial of it.

We can adapt to and ameliorate the climate crisis as a society. We can guarantee a better world for every human being. We can bring racial and social equity into environmental justice. We can create economies that benefit the environments they are rooted in. We can maintain biodiversity. We can conserve our flora and fauna. We can save the bees, clean the seas, and plant more trees. We can be better.

I promise those who walked the Earth before me and those who will walk the Earth after me that I will not stand by and let nature slip through my fingers. I will not let my people stand by when we are destroying our own home. I promise to show that it is possible for humanity to live sustainably and enact positive change on a global scale. I promise that we will make it.

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Dear Tomorrow,

Be the person who shows up. Be the person who continues to advocate for change because change is possible – it is possible in the most partisan of politics.


Dear grandkids,

I believe this fusion of ecology and economy backed by the digital technology is our great achievement.


Dear Beloved Children,

As time progresses, there is hope that value will be placed on all living organisms, including humans, plants, and animals. Life will move at a slower pace, and being on your own time and moving at your individual pace will be the typical way of life. I consider this way of life good living, and I hope that future generations will live on this earth as it was once intended to live in peace and harmony.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to go to the farmer’s market more


Dear kids of America,

Please eliminate plastic everything


To My Dear Grandchildren,

Be assured that in the upcoming election, I will cast my vote for your future – for elected officials that recognize climate risks and are willing to promote and vote for legislation that will stop environmental damage and begin to heal our planet.


Dear Tomorrow,

Love, help and build a future in unison that benefits and protects the whole world.


Dear Tomorrow,

I am so sorry we didn’t realize this predicament sooner.


Dear Kids,

My mistake was thinking I needed to give you more to be a good Mom. Recently your aunt asked me what my favorite toy was growing up. I gulped, I didn’t have one- it was the outdoors, sliding down a ravine of leaves with my Dad, skiing and camping. Today is October 12th, 2021 and I am still going to be giving you a lot, it’s going to look a little different – love, experiences, education and a healthy planet.


Dear friends,

Rather than exploit it, destroy it, poison it, why don’t we just enhance the beauty of it, guard it, and love it?


For a child I am yet to know,

We are fighting for a shared cause, inspired by our strong and unwavering dedication to preserve the beauty and wonder of our natural world for our children, our grandchildren and their children, and for countless generations to come.


Dear A and C,

You are growing up in a time of immense change. In the last two years alone, we’ve learned so much about big and important issues including climate change and the systemic racism that runs through our institutions.

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