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To my Dear Children,

Always do your part and never stop fighting the powers that be when they are not serving your interests (the interests of people). Always remember that the corporate bottom line is what got us to this place – the over-production, the disregard for the air and the earth; the dumping of toxic waste into rivers and oceans and spewing emissions onto the air. The large-scale corporate short-sightedness in refusing to invest in green energy lest it cuts into the profit margin, is jeopardizing the lives of everyone on earth. This is what I am fighting against right now! The need to put pressure on governments at all levels to implement regulations that would force corporations to take part in the mitigation of climate change has never been more urgent, because big business will not necessarily do this on their own accord. I am working hard to minimize my own carbon footprint and that is where we can all start.

Much love,

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