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To my Dear Children,

Always do your part and never stop fighting the powers that be when they are not serving your interests (the interests of people). Always remember that the corporate bottom line is what got us to this place – the over-production, the disregard for the air and the earth; the dumping of toxic waste into rivers and oceans and spewing emissions onto the air. The large-scale corporate short-sightedness in refusing to invest in green energy lest it cuts into the profit margin, is jeopardizing the lives of everyone on earth. This is what I am fighting against right now! The need to put pressure on governments at all levels to implement regulations that would force corporations to take part in the mitigation of climate change has never been more urgent, because big business will not necessarily do this on their own accord. I am working hard to minimize my own carbon footprint and that is where we can all start.

Much love,

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Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to educate myself and others about how we can protect and nourish our 1 PLANET


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise I will convince my family to switch their gas appliances to electric.


Dear Emilia and Tommy,

We, in our time, still have the chance to change course. We have the knowledge and emergent means, even the profitable technologies, to do so.


Dear Before The Flood team,

We can all be aware and sensitized to the problem, so that we are ready to embrace the solutions that will come our way. In doing so, we can all be part of the solution.


For my most dear and only daughter,

And I know life more fully because of you whom I live on through. 


dear future children,

As I write this, our world is slowly giving way to climate change.


Dear Levon,

I hope, as your father, I’ve done enough to instill within you how science is a wonderful adventure.


Dear Potential Future Kiddo,

To think that my choices of sustainable commuting, eating a plant based diet, and working on our City’s zero waste program likely pale in comparison to the impact of not having a baby is nothing short of devastating.  Does it make me a bad environmentalist to honor my maternal instincts?


To my future children,

I am doing everything I can because I want the footprint that I leave behind to be my feet in the sand on a beach and not a carbon one.


Dear Jack,

Right now you are only a little over 5 weeks old, but you have truly changed my whole world. Your Mom and I always say that we thought we loved before you were born, but now that you have come into the world and we met you, our ability to love just expanded exponentially.


Oh My Lovely Faizan,

I love you my son. You are waking up now. Hopefully tomorrow, more of us will, too.


Hey kiddo,

I’ll be here to tell you all the ways I have fought for the health of our home, and fought to protect all of the wide, open spaces for you to run in. When you’re old enough, we can fight together.

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