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To humanity in the 22nd century,

How are you? Are humans still torturing the earth? Are they still capitalizing on everything for the sake of money and not considering how the future generations are going to live in this catastrophe? Are they still oblivious that not only big corporates and governments, but their own everyday actions will affect the future of humanity dramatically? Are they still considering -or in the process of- moving to Mars instead of taking care of their own home, their own planet they were born in? I have a lot of questions; however, at the same time a lot of hope that humanity is stepping in the right direction, by not only advocating about conserving our planet to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide from big corporates, but also by changing their small habits for the better. Habits that I myself have been trying to incorporate into my life, including cutting back my waste by repairing and reusing clothes and avoiding throwing away food, using energy wisely, and using less plastic to lower my carbon footprint. Even if no one will answer my questions, I would like to think that humanity will become aware of the problems we are causing and quickly step up and take action.


Your 21st century human.

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Dear Birds,

will continue championing land preservation and the restoration of woodland, prairie and wetland habitats. I will not stop advocating for “bird friendly” legislation to make cities safer for your passage.


To my wide-eyed warrioresses,

Since my two daughters emerged into this world, all of my tomorrows have become more dear.


Dear residents of Bedminster, Bristol UK,

We hope we did enough


Dear Future Self,

I hope you got your dream job of using your business degree to reduce co2 emissions and promote sustainable energy.


Dear Beloved Children,

As time progresses, there is hope that value will be placed on all living organisms, including humans, plants, and animals. Life will move at a slower pace, and being on your own time and moving at your individual pace will be the typical way of life. I consider this way of life good living, and I hope that future generations will live on this earth as it was once intended to live in peace and harmony.


Dear Kids,

I know it’s long past time to wake up. You deserve a future in which drought, famine, and war are not all your children ever know; the choices my generation makes now will determine your future.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to buy organic food and run more and bike more! (I could use the exercise.)


Querido amanhã,

Eu quero esse mundo melhor para você, onde o povo tem voz, seja lá quem você seja, eu vou fazer se tudo para proporcionar um mundo melhor para você.


Dear Indigenous Persons with Disabilities,

Dear Indigenous Persons with Disabilities,


Dear Finley,

I wonder if in 2050 we will be looking at a future where fear from the changes at hand has caused people to hate rather than love and provide hope. Perhaps in that world we will we no longer comprehend the biblical texts in a meaningful way. Will climate change be the end of the epoch of God?


Dear Daughter,

I want you to be prepared for the world that the generations before you are creating for you. I love you Lucienne, and I will not give up. I will push you and teach you not to give up, either, even if others around you do.


Dear Seamus and Tuva,

So it’s 2050. If the good people are winning the greater struggle, fossil fuels are a shamefully long chapter of the past, and there has been a full scale awakening to the need for only renewable, clean energy.

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