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Querida descendencia,

Soy Macarena Nava de Argentina actualmente tengo 22 años, no tengo hijos aun.

Pasamos por una situación terrible en este 2017. Contaminacion, talas, incendios forestales ,muertes de animales y personas por contaminacion, cambios climaticos graves y devastadores, lo mas grave gbiernos corruptos y con sed de dinero a toda costa.Incluso a cambio de quitarle años a los habitantes de este planeta.

La mayoría de la gente en el planeta no logra entender lo importante de respetar el ecosistema.Se aferran a ellos mismos y piensan solamente en sus vidas y no se dan cuenta de quien los rodea.

Hay un grupo grande en todo el mundo que se da cuenta y trata de volver atras y solucionar los problemas de un sistema capitalista que esta terminando con nuestro planeta. No se si lo vamos a lograr o si van a empeorar las cosas. Lo único que se es que si fallamos nos perjudica a todos y si ganamos seremos salvos todos.

Escribo esta carta para perdirles perdón, si es que están sufriendo por su predecesores y les ruego que si todo se resolvió lo mantengan asi, no den nada por sentado.

En este planeta cada cosa se sustenta con la otra si el equilibrio se rompe todo se cae.

Hagan caso a las señales de la naturaleza y piensen en el futuro.

Inviertan en un futuro mejor.

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To my children – Chase, Maya and Harlan

I hope that we manage to change the system really soon, while there is still time. So that you are not left with the mess, and trying to fix something that you didn’t cause. I hope we figured out a way to be kind, and caring for others who will suffer more than us. A way to let go of the greed and look at ways we can help others rather than take from them.


Dear future child,

We’re presenting at conferences, writing articles, and organizing events with the goal of mobilizing our profession to act on climate, and to help them understand that it will deeply impact our mission to preserve history for future generations.


Dear girls,

I love you and I care deeply about your future.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to use my reusable water bottle more often


Dear friends,

Rather than exploit it, destroy it, poison it, why don’t we just enhance the beauty of it, guard it, and love it?


Dear Llewyn, beloved grandson …

I can only say that I devoted myself to doing as much as I could to make it better, to provide for a just transition, and to fight those forces that continued to exploit the Eaarth with extractive methods, methods that always also included oppressing some people–because those doing the oppression believed that they were better and deserved more.


Dear Gorasia descendants,

I will do all that I can, and hope my fellow inhabitants join my pursuit, to nurture this planet.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise when I start my baking franchise, I will reduce pollution made by it as much as physically possible.


To my daughter and son,

Surrounded by scientists who shared my fears and visions, I often had a hard time to accept that outside our small community climate change received marginal attention.


dear future people (:

I am writing this message to you guys. When I look outside my window today, I see a beautiful world that others and myself call “home sweet home.” The trees glimmering in warm sunlight, the air stirring a cool breeze, and the water flowing down rivers are parts of our home Mother Earth.


Hola Cariño,

Life is not easier being a believer but I would not have picked another path. Thanks to my Faith I found my passion to work to stop climate change for your future. Now go play outside and breathe clean air. Dios te bendiga.


Dear Tomorrow,

I’m not allowed to talk about climate change around family; as my mom warned me, “climate change is not something that people think about in Mississippi.” But I’m worried for my family’s future.

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