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Hoje é véspera de Natal do ano de 2015

Hoje é véspera de Natal do ano de 2015, e por um instante comecei a pensar que tipo de pessoa eu quero ser e que mundo eu quero, para mais facilmente minhas intenções sejam compreendidas, transcrevo a seguir a fala do então ex presidente do Uruguay, José Mujica:

“O logras ser feliz con poco y viviendo sin equipaje, porque la felicidade esta dentro de ti, o no logra nada, esto no es una apologia a la pobreza y sin a la sobriedade..Pero como hemos inventado una sociedade de consumo, consumista, y la economia tiene que crescer, porque si no cresce es una tragedia, inventamos una montaña de consumos superfulos, y hay que tirar, y vivir comprando y tirando, y lo que estamos gastando es tiempo de vida, porque cuando yo compro algo o tu, no lo compra com plata, lo compra con lo tiempo de vida que tiviste que gastar para tener esta plata, pero con esta diferencia, la unica cosa que no se puede comprar es la vida, la vida se gasta, y es miserable gastar la vida, para perder la libertad.”

– Todos falamos de deixar um mundo melhor para nossos filhos.
– Por que ninguém tenta deixar melhores filhos ao mundo??!

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Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to educate myself and others about how we can protect and nourish our 1 PLANET


Dear Tomorrow,

I’m not allowed to talk about climate change around family; as my mom warned me, “climate change is not something that people think about in Mississippi.” But I’m worried for my family’s future.


Meus filhos,

Espero que vcs tb encontrem ,de alguma forma,um caminho para colaborarem com Nossa Mãe Terra, bjs eternos.


For my most dear and only daughter,

And I know life more fully because of you whom I live on through. 


Dear Lincoln,

I wanted to let you know that in 2019 that there were real struggles with the health of our planet.


Dear Evie of 2050,

I can feel the change happening — many people are working to transform the world.


Dear Jack,

Right now you are only a little over 5 weeks old, but you have truly changed my whole world. Your Mom and I always say that we thought we loved before you were born, but now that you have come into the world and we met you, our ability to love just expanded exponentially.


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I promise I will do whatever I can to protect and preserve mother Earth for future generations.


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What stories will you tell them about our generation? Will we be heroes or villains?


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Lucie, I love you more than you could ever know and I hope that my promises help contribute to a better world for you and inspire you to take action as well as you grow into the amazing adult I know you will be.


Dear Elliott,

We’re moving into uncertain times, and your dad and I worry. A lot. But you’re keeping us going. You’re pushing us to make better choices and not give up.


People of tomorrow,

Your path will only be as clear tomorrow as we have made it for you today.

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